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Herman Miller - Embody ($1630) & Aeron ($1590) @ LivingEdge


Hi all,

Noticed there was a 'deal' on the HM Aeron but got taken down yesterday. Looks like the deal is back up?

Aeron - $1590 (https://livingedge.com.au/shop-in-stock/herman_miller-aeron_...)
Embody - $1630 (https://livingedge.com.au/chairs/office-chairs/herman_miller...)

If you are familiar with the Embody's pricing, you'll know this is a crazy discount (quick glance, sees pricing at $2K min for the Embody).

I just visited my local Living Edge and put a deposit on the Embody, ETA end of June/early July.

I was informed that the sale will end on June 30.

Good luck, sorry this is my first post - hope it comes out OK!

UPDATE 16/06/2021

I received the below update from Living Edge. Not ideal, but I'll probably just keep my order in. Keep this in mind if you are considering ordering.

We have recently been advised of another COVID-19 outbreak in the Guangdong district. This has shut down the shipping line without notice and our containers never left.

All our Embody stock that was due to arrive in mid-July has now been pushed back to mid-September.

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  • +1

    I miss my Herman Miller chair from my last employer, it really is disappointing going back to an old foam office chair. Unfortunately my budget does not stretch far enough to buy a HM myself. I have however found a pretty good clone at Costco for $170

    • +3

      is it any good? sometimes looks similar but when you sit on it it is much different

        • +1

          Good link from RoeJogan, this is the American site showing the US price. 2000+ reviews from people, mostly good, some bad.

          Interesting similar reviews for the Herman Miller chair

          Just shows people have different preferences.

          Just thinking about it, to me value wise the $1,600 Herman Miller feels like a $1,000 chair and the $170 Costco chair feels like a $500 chair.

      • I have a chair with a similar back, i usualy like to lean back into my seat and the plastic frame at the top digs into my back. I need a pillow between my back and the plastic bit. I would say its not good.

      • I find the Costco chair really good. The Herman Miller will always be better, but for me this is 80% as good for 10% of the price. Will be different for everyone, but Costco also has a satisfaction guarantee.

        The Herman Miller itself takes a bit to get use to, especially if you are coming from a foam covered chair. If you like the Herman Miller you should like the Costco clone.

        I have tried other look-a-like chairs but this is the only one I have found that comes close.

        • thanks so much. when did you buy it? I can't find it on Costco website. don't know whether they have stock or not in Perth

          • @RichardF89: I purchased my original one a few years back and it stays in the office. I tried to get another one for home about 12 months ago but no stock. Finally saw them back in stock in February 2021 and grabbed one to work from home. (In Vic so always in lockdown)

            ****Please note, I have just reviewed my receipt and the one I purchased this year was actually $199.99. So it looks like the price went up $30.

            Product code: 1900079

            • @deal88: can't find it anymore. I think it is out of stock

              • @RichardF89: @RichardF89 I was at the Epping, Victoria store yesterday and there were lots in stock, but bizarrely not mention of this chair on the Costco website.

  • +2

    I have bought so many chairs before Embody from Ikea, Ergohuman etc. but none was comfortable enough for me because I have scoliosis. Finally spent the money and bought an Embody. It has been one of my best purchases. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a chair. It comes with a 12 years warranty as well, so it will be money well spent.

    • I have heard good things about the Embody. If I had the money I would definitely be reviewing the Embody against the HM.

  • +7

    A disclaimer before I fawn over these chairs: At the end of the day if you are not using your home office for a full day none of these chairs are actually 'worth it'. You're 100% better off getting a $300-500 basic, breathable, adjustable chair and wear a 'posture corrector' for an hour a day. You'll save $1000+ and get a worlds worth more 'wellness' by spending that on monthly sport massages, gym memberships, strength training and/or yoga/pilates classes.

    Now in saying all that above I have both chairs
    These are both excellent chairs, and quite customisable. I've had both the Aeron and Embody and they're very comfortable, I much prefer the 'task chair' nature of the Aeron as the back comes up past 90º and there's no give in the adjustments. I tend to sit upright and forward, so have a backrest that 'pushes' forward into my back rather than me have to lean back into the chair feels way more natural for me. The Aeron allows me to tilt the seat up as well, which forces you into a better posture, although could put pressure on the hips perhaps but I've never felt it in the years I've had one.

    I don't think the embody is true 'task chair' that's suitable for very heavy use (that's 8+ hours of constant sitting). It's still an amazing chair that moulds magnificently to the back when you lean into it but for heavy use it's still the Aeron for me. The real issue with both is if you're not prepared to deal with Living Edge (who are probably Australia's biggest/busiest designer furniture store) then you're a bit out of luck. Also if you don't want all black then you're playing like $600-$1000 to colour match your office with some basic palettes with them…..you can call them to choose your own colours but the price just skyrockets into the 3k+ then. Was obviously much cheaper before 2020/2021 but I guess it is what it is. Looks better than the Aeron for sure though, like miles better imo.

    Newer Herman Millers are made in China nowdays, but I've seen absolutely no difference in quality from the old ones to the new ones. I'd go so far as saying the newer Aerons are better anyway given they had a slight redesign and lumbar update a few years back.

    Other alternatives are the Howarth 'Fern' which I've heard amazing things about from colleagues (but again the back has too much give from what I'm hearing if you sit like me)
    and the Steelcase 'Gesture series' which is probably Herman Miller's closest competitor in terms of comfort and adjustability. Plenty of people I know rate Steelcase above Herman Miller too, I've not ever sat in a Gesture before, but they look amazing and you can customise them on the US site and they'll at least try and do a deal with you (Howarth Australia will also do this)

    The Herman Miller Cosm is dreadful for anything other than conference room meetings (imo*). No adjustability, only comfortable for a few hours. but looks unreal….

    • +1

      I use Embody for more than 8 hours a day. It is really nice and comfy. I don't have an Aeron so I can't comment on how much better / worse it is compared to Embody. I have mild scoliosis, so the fact that the pixelated backrest hugs my back/body is a big plus.

    • ffs I was all set to get a COSM but now you've thrown me back onto the AERON.

      Can you elaborate on your COSM/EMBODY thoughts?

      I have tried all three

      • Cosm looks somewhat similar to the Setu which I also have and the Setu is nowhere near as comfortable as the Aeron. Everyone is different however so if you've tried them all and preferred the Cosm then that's what you should get IMO.

        • specifically the high back cosm with leaf arms. they were all great but the adjustments of the aeron made it the safe front runner.

      • +2

        Garbage was way too harsh in hindsight, but the Cosm doesn't hold a candle to the Aeron or Embody imo. The Cosm just isn't a 'task chair' for what I need or like functionally, and the leaf arms drive me wild in a short sleeve shirt. I hate the feel, may as well be resting my elbows on cheese graters on that mesh. Long sleeve you won't have a problem though…I'm being a bit pedantic probably.

        It also has no adjustability as it has a 'one adjustment fits all' thing going for it. Which is fine for many people, but for me I need to be exact height and positioning up against my desk or I notice it…which is probably a bit weird sounding but to me sitting in someone else's chair is like sleeping on someone else's mattress, you know? you can always notice the differences and you're never truly comfortable. I find that with the Cosm, even if I'm the only one constantly sitting in it.

        Cosm looks absolutely stunning though, if you're getting it to compliment a space you can't go wrong there aesthetically. It's a piece of furniture design art and it's probably HM's best looking chair imo, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying something that looks amazing in your space, even if its not as 'functional' as something else.

        However, for pure function I'd take the Aeron or Embody above the Cosm always.

    • +2

      who are probably Australia's biggest/busiest designer furniture store

      I hate that these chairs are sold like this.

      I went to their store many years ago and looked at their stupid ridiculously priced "artsy" furniture and don't think this product selection matched the HM ergonomic chairs.

      Most of their products are overpriced crap for people who like luxury goods. Whereas the ergonomic chairs are not luxury and and purely good for people wanting to buy a functional product.

      Anyway, I didn't end up buying because the vibe was weird and the staff attitude weren't to my taste.


      I'll see how I go moving from a Life Chair to a Leap v2. I think they're more bang for buck now that the cost of an Aeron has almost doubled in the last 9 years.

      • …the cost of an Aeron has almost doubled in the last 9 years.

        They've certainly increased but they were around $1500 when I bought mine in 2006

        • Not quite doubled in 9 years, but could get the Aeron under $1,000.

          OzB confirmed..


          • @deal88: Yes but you can't compare a heavily discounted temporary sale price to the regular price.

            • +2

              @apsilon: @apsilon This is OzBargin. The sale price is the only price. : )

              • @deal88: Yeah and unobtainable deals get unpublished. If you can point me to where I can get an Aeron today for under $1k I'll buy a heap and sell them for a profit.

                • +2

                  @apsilon: What are you talking about? No one here is talking about unobtainable deals.

                  point me to where I can get an Aeron today for under $1k I'll buy a heap and sell them

                  Wat? I don't see the relevance to you wanting to buy something from a deal posted in 2012.

                  • @watwatwat: I was responding to a claim that the Aeron has doubled in price since 2009 which it hasn't as they were $1500 when I bought in 2006 and ~$1750 today. deal88 claims they essentially have as they were once available for under $1k so I was pointing out that's not an obtainable price today and so is irrelevant.

                    • +3

                      @apsilon: $990 in 2012 and $1590 plus postage with the current deal. That's a huge increase in price and inflation for a chair that hasn't really hasn't changed much at all. No R&D money or effort in to improving it and meanwhile they can find efficiencies and economies of scale to manufacturer reduce cost to make it and increase profits even higher.

                      • @watwatwat: $990 wasn't the regular price though, it was a temporary sale price. Of course sale prices are cheaper but that doesn't mean the price has increased by 60%. If it was $1450 and is now $1750 11 years later that's not an unreasonable increase over that time IMO.

                        BTW the chair has changed. The model on sale now is the "remastered" that came out in 2017, there's been several tweaks to the design. Are the changes worth it? That I don't know not having sat in one.

                        • +2


                          Of course sale prices are cheaper but that doesn't mean the price has increased by 60%.

                          We are on ozbargain and for the purposes of my conclusion, I am comparing reasonable sale prices.

      • +2

        I guess it's what you're prepared to pay for and all that economics yahoo. Some of the designers they stock are very well regarded though, and many of the items are pretty 'exclusive'.

        Furniture from designers like Le Corbusier, Walter Knoll, Eames, Arne Jacobsen, Vitra etc don't just hold they're value, they increase at rates that are absolutely mindblowing in many cases, especially if you have one of their influential pieces (Eames Lounge Chair or Arnes Egg chair are good examples of this). Furniture collecting is probably one of the most lucrative hobbies and comprises easily one of largest group of collectors in Aus, probably only trumped by auto groups.

        I agree that much of the stuff that gets sold as designer is essentially overpriced, non-functional brittle 'bakelite' but some stuff (if you can get your hands on it and treat it well) will not only make your space look elite and make you happy, but also net you big $$$ when you flog it off to pay for something in retirement.

        I agree about furniture store staff though, I try not to deal with any 'designer' furniture stores by anything than over the phone until payment. For the exact reasons you mention :D

    • +1

      Great post Zavala. Sounds like I sit on the Aeron like you. You have explained it perfectly.

  • Deal also at bad back. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/627684

    To be honest though I think it's a bit rich for Living Edge to offer such a poor discount

    • +1

      People who bought this will be living on their edge as they will be broke.

  • Anyone receive email the available date for embody change to 12-14 weeks? On order comfirmation was states 4-5weeks

    • Yep. My confirmation email says 3-4 weeks, but the email says 12-14 weeks.

  • Does anybody know if any shop in Adelaide sell the Embody? I can't find any info online.

    • +2

      both the ones listed on herman millers website. the one in netley has all four HM chairs, estilo website did not have the cosm but best to call forward.

      • Thanks mate, I'll give them a call and hopefully they have one for a test drive :)

  • I just fomo bought Embody but have no idea which is better between it and Aeron.
    Will have to go to a local shop to test. hopefully they can change orders if change my mind.

    • +1

      Don't count on it. I purchased a chair which had a 12 week lead time. 4 hours after purchase I emailed to change the order and they said ' Sorry, it has already been put in production at the factory'…

      • really? where did you buy?

        • LivingEdge

          • @mwalks: you tried to swap from embody to aeron?

            • @impoze: No. I purchased an Aeron and wanted to swap for another chair… but they had by that stage already claimed the chair I ordered 4 hours ago was already in production at the factory in the USA.

              • +2

                @mwalks: Wow. Already in production is a super lame excuse. Not doing their store any favours with that sort of response.

          • +1

            @mwalks: their customer service is pretty bad. Fortunately, I didn't place the order on the first day. At first, I thought to place the order first and then go the store to test the chair. I can always cancel the order as the ETA is about 1 month at that time.

            • @RichardF89: i thought about ordering as well to get ahead of the queue but going to try the chairs out first to make sure I pick the right one.

  • +6

    Interesting new video of chair comparisons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpIPhAGHSV4

    • +1

      so leap would be the best one to buy due to the cheaper price?

      • +1

        I guess it's all relative and personal preference. The recent deal for leap v2 at $940 delivered is making it sound pretty good value compared to $1590 + delivery for Aeron.

        • the leap doesn't deliver to Perth. So sad

    • I ended up ordering a Leap in the not so boardroom looking platinum colour. It's a fantastic chair, and best of all received it two days after ordering.

      • Do you find the cushion too hard?

        • +1

          No not at all - I'd call it comfy but supportive

    • Great comparison video.

      I also wonder what was that huge Sony monitor the reviewer was using.

  • +4

    went to Sydney showroom and it was quite busy,
    tried out both aeron & embody for quite some time and ended up choosing the embody for how I sit.

    I asked about the 12-14 week time, and the sales person said aeron B is in stock, and embody is mid-July. So not exactly 12-14 weeks.

    • I was informed today that although they thought it would be July, it actually isn't. Got a confirmation that there is no batch arriving in July, it is in fact August.

      • ah ok, will just have to wait it out.

        • Yeah sounds like it, unfortunately. Good things come to those who wait, I guess.

  • +7

    Just tested the embody and Aeron at Living Edge in Sydney . The Aeron is 1000% more comfortable for me , Embody feels like a normal chair . The Aeron feels like you’re floating

    Ended up spending $2160 for the polished aluminium size c Aeron , walked in only wanting to spent $1590, in the end the bling got me and if I’m keeping the chair for 10+ years, may as well splurge a little

    • they are very different, and quite dependent on how you plan to use/sit in them I found.

    • I think that's a really nice finish. But is that price discounted? I thought only the graphite is discounted.

      • No discount, paid full price :( bloody impulse buying is not a good habit

    • Good buy, and also, with the polished aluminium finish you got you won't constantly be thinking ' I should have sprung the extra few hundred'.

      In 10 years it will still look and feel new, too.

    • on a side note, anyone want to buy my secret lab titan, only a few months old and may give you back pain, but hey…. you will get street cred if you own a gaming chair

      • +4

        I’d rather sit on the floor.

  • Anybody able to buy in white frame and black fabric for the Embody?

  • Thanks OP, got my husband one :)

  • I got the herman miller chair from living edge and it is making a knocking sound and does not feel as fluid as it should when reclining to inclining. I am chasing them up on warranty support but its not an easy process. Good luck to those buying from Living Edge. Its much hard to claim warranty from them compared to claiming insurance for a car / house / travel.

    • are you able to upload a video?

        • yeah, am quite sure it's not meant to sound like that. Honestly thought you were hitting the table at first.

          Let us know how the warranty process goes

          Which living edge did you deal with?

          • @specks: hey so the owner of living edge in Victoria said the same thing. He has never heard that sound before and decided to replace it but have to wait till September as thats when a replacement of herman miller aeron will arrive. My aeron arrived end of jan 21 but tried contacting living edge to organize for a tech to inspect the chair. Due to lock down etc, all communication got lost and i had to chase them up 3 weeks back which they then sent a technican to come by a week after (again due to lockdown). he came to inspect and tried fixing it but the next day it came back, so got him to come round 2nd time and he tried fixing it, this time it got worse (hence my video) and so i emailed the owner today and he said he will replace it under warranty but i have to wait till sept for the new chair.

            but yeeah it all worked out in the end but im really unlucky if im the only one with this defect as it can happen to any of the dec/jan 21 models according to reddit

            • +1

              @khoed792: at least its good news they're in an agreement with you.

              on the other hand, have you been enjoying the aeron?

              • +1

                @specks: yeah its an awesome chair otherwise. Perhaps im just an unlucky one. We'll wait and see what happens in Sept eh. Are you planning to buy one? You could claim it back as home office expense so i think its worth it

                • @khoed792: Yeah am planning to buy it in the next week or so. I own a business so will be deducting it, which is one of the main reasons why I am going new over used. Although, will have to wait 10 years or so to reap the entire benefit.

    • I chatted with them today regarding interstate warranty claims and they said they have contracted technicians in my city who will take care of it, but reading your comment I don't know how easy/difficult that would be!

      • yeah i had their technician came by twice to try fix my issue but the problem still persist on this herman miller aeron model. Got offered a replacement as it aint normal and seemed like a defect

        • +1

          OK cool, at least you were offered a replacement. I might bite the bullet then, but 3 months wait for Embody is hard!!

    • +1

      I have had nothing but a pleasant experience with Living Edge.

      • Bryan was nice to offer a replacement in the end. So it worked out but man it took 2 visits from the technician (who was very nice) but really the whole process was a drainer for everyone

        • @khoed792 Looks like the issue got resolved very quickly after you posted about it here. Was that a coincidence?

          • +1

            @Ronney: hahaha it could be …. perhaps everyone started enquiring about the warranty aspect of the sale and living edge starting lifting up their pants

  • +1

    I paid using Amex and realised they’re part of shop small so 3 points per dollar spent.

  • How long does it take to get it delivered?

    • +1

      I was sent an email saying that I was allocated an Embody on the shipment that arrives in Sydney approximately 27th of August, so I should get it about a week later since I'm not in Sydney.

      • August :(

        when did you order?

        • +2

          Just a few days ago on Friday. I had to try really hard to convince myself that I need a $1700 chair LOL

  • On the key image of the Embody on this page: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/herman-miller-embody
    there is a head rest attached.

    Is this an official part? If so, I could not find the option to add it. Any pointers, please?

    • The chair in the picture isnt an Embody.
      However in saying that, looks like the company Atlast who makes aftermarket headrests for Herman Miller Aerons are developing a headrest for the Embody.

      • The chair in the picture isn't an Embody.

        Gah! I should have looked more closely.

        Thanks for the reddit link.

  • Hi all, just a heads up - major delays due to shipping out of China.

    Received the below from Living Edge. I will be keeping my order in (not sure if they're allowing refunds).

    Unfortunately Living Edge have been advised of further and ongoing shipping delays out or China.

    We have recently been advised of another COVID-19 outbreak in the Guangdong district. This has shut down the shipping line without notice and our containers never left.

    All our Embody stock that was due to arrive in mid-July has now been pushed back to mid-September.

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