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AIO Deepcool Gammaxx L360 V2 RGB LED Liquid Cooler $79.20 @ Amazon AU


Good price on a 3 fan All in one. And it has RGB’s so running it on blue makes it cooler obviously.* does say 2-5 week wait on delivery.

*note, what colour RGB’s you run has no impact on temperature performance whatsoever.

Have fun and don’t forget thermal paste

Usually dispatched within 2 to 5 weeks.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +6

    +1 as blue make it cooler lol

    • +2

      The nerd in me says red would be cooler, because red LED's require significantly less current to light up.

      Clearly makes NO difference in actual measurable amount; my nerd brain just started contemplating the hundredths of a degree it might affect.

  • Whilst i wait for my 3080, I need this to cool my on board GPU + CPU

    • If it’s from techfast hopefully it won’t be too long I got mine last week and I wasn’t in the initial galax shipment.

  • +1

    Cheapest 360mm of all times. I don't need that but I bought that.

  • Bought one to replace my D15s

    • Any reason in particular? I switched from a D15S to a more expensive 360mm AIO and it's a downgrade in every way except looks

      • Just make more space for my video card. I will put 2 12/8mm fans on its back.

        • Must be a small case, I didn't have issues fitting mine with a 3080

      • +2

        a 360mm aio is an upgrade to a d15 in term of cooling performance

        • -2

          It's a minor upgrade at best for people doing overclocking, and negligable to anyone else, where the noise level difference is significant, and that's on a $280 AIO, not this one

          • +2

            @kille745: Any 360mm aio is better than a d15 especially if you run high tdp chip like 5950x, or intel, even more important if you're considering overclocking

            That's why people rarely do air cooling for high end build, a 360mm aio is essentially just a custom loop.for cpu and dual loop builds are quite popular

          • @kille745: I keep my fans at constant 35% on my 360aio and it's silent. Keeps my 5800x cool just fine even when playing fallout 76 for a couple of hours at 4k.

  • price matching mwave btw

    • They charge for shipping though

  • Damn it would've snapped this up

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