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Samsung 65", 75”, 82” TU8000 4K UHD Smart LED TV $876.60, $1214.10, $1821.60 C&C @ The Good Guys


Best deal I have seen for these models.
Better than the JB Hifi deal I posted yesterday.
Icing on the cake: Includes 1 year Disney Plus worth $140!

[Edit 03/06] People reporting only pick up available, no delivery option. Title updated.

Credit to ozfanmel

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    Samsung tvs don't support DTS format. That's a dealbreaker for me. Also according to 4ktv subreddit this is one of the worst 4k tvs ever existed. Im waiting for good deals on Sony bravias.

    • +2

      What's a better alternative for a similar price?

    • What is basically wrong with them?

      • +1

        They're not bravias obviously

        • If you are talking about the Sony Bravia OLED TVs the LG OLED G1 is where it is at now…. you also pay for it… wish it was not so expensive for one.

          Also not sure why Blue Cat got downrated below, they are not wrong that these Samsumg TV's are not that good for the price and you would likely save yourself a lot of money by buying Aldi/Kogan/HiSense

    • If you care about DTS you'd care about sound quality so why run it to your tv?

      Why not just fork your DTS sound out from your source to a proper sound system rather than direct it to the tv, and let the tv only do it's 4k thing?

      • +1

        I think it's more the TV would be the DTS source (smart features) in which case you'd be losing out on the DTS signal.

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    No deliver neither stock in WA. Sad.

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    No stock in Melbs for 75 or 82 for delivery

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    Very decent review from rtings.com for the TU8000: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/samsung/tu8000

    If you do have one, make sure you calibrate the colour accuracy: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/samsung/tu8000/settings

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    65" Can't be delivered in VIC. Finally decided to bite the bullet for Disney+ and Free Shipping.

  • fooooooo… paid $1550 for the 65” last year

  • No stock in Sydney according to their website

  • Any good 55" alternative?

  • No stock of the 75 in Brisbane either. Nearest one is Toowoomba.

  • +2

    How do these compare to the hisense Q8 series?

    • +4

      I'd say the Q8 is much, much better picture quality.

      Probaby brighter so does HDR better and vivid colours, deep blacks, local dimming.

      Lexus vs Hyundai really.

      • What about the S8? Similar price

        • +1

          Q8 is much better than S8.

          • @placard: Ye I know. What I meant was how does this Samsung compare to the S8?

      • +2

        Samsung is the 1 series of the BMW world - top end badge with entry level performance.
        Hisense is the Stinger of the Kia world. - entry level badge with top end performance

        • -2

          Lol hisense isn't even in the same league as Samsung

          • @chris666: Definitely in the sub $1500 range Hisense sh1ts on Samsung's offerings

  • Blotchy black screen, I feel a refund coming on.

  • I am in St Albans 3021. Closet store that has the 65" one is Warrnambool. No delivery is available. Pick up is over 200kms!

    • Pack a lunch for your drive.

  • Limited or no stock in many stores. 🙄

  • Interesting that no one sells secondhand of these stuffs. Trying to find x9500h secondhand but no avail at all

    • X95H is a 2020 model. Most people don't change their TV after a year.

    • Sony eBay had 65" refurbs the other day, $1800 after code on the day. I'm still regretting not getting the 65 x9500g when it was down to $1800, Xmas '20 but the marketing on the j is starting to win me over, Shane that size excludes anti reflection though

  • So the good guys have the same deal for other TVs, which one seems best for netflix/movie viewing on 65"?

    Sony TU8000 $876
    Hisense S8 $895
    Hisense Q7 $1075

    • Also keen to hear views

    • You mean Samsung rather than Sony right? On the first one.

    • +1

      Hisense Q8 if you can stretch a bit more. They have been as low as $1300.

      • is Q7 vs Q8 noticeable for netflix/movies?

  • I've been struggling to find either JB, GG, or HN to deliver a 75" in Victoria from any of these deals….

    • Seems like the individual stores are clearing out stock whatever they have physically on hand, does not seem like they will transfer stock or restock…
      Been looking at several other +65" brands and models on sale at TGG, none of them have delivery option…

  • +4

    man! these things are getting cheaper faster than my Perth apartment

  • +3

    Even if it's crap, it's nice to see HUGE HUGE screens come down in price.

    Means the good ones, will be cheaper eventually too!

  • +1

    Samsung chat wouldnt come to the party, was a similar price last night if you combined with a soundbar.
    they now are $2899 for the 82" even though they say they have no online stock.

    • You are sure its not AU8000 which is this year but the deal is for last year model TU8000?

  • No stock of any deals in Adelaide……pooooh

  • How much is AU8000 better than this which is the current model?

  • Newbie question; I buy the TV then download the Disney app? And any other app I want, just like one huge tablet?

    • +1

      The TV should already have the Disney+ app already loaded, as well as Netflix, Stan, Prime, etc.
      You just need to create an account and use the redemption code to score the 12 months access.

  • I've had the 55" model of this tv for 12 months which I bought new for $800 and have been happy with it for the price. Replaced my 42" Panasonic plasma in the bedroom and mainly use it for YouTube, kayo and a bit of gaming on the xbox series s. The only real complaint I have is with the kayo app which can be a bit buggy.

  • All of them are unavailable for delivery.

    For pickups, only rural areas have stock.

    Please change title…

    • Updated. Cheers.

  • Would this be the best 65" under $2000?

    • No, of course not.

      Best value: Maybe.

    • If your 65" budget go up to $2000, this would be best Sony 65" X9000H 4K UHD $1999-10%. It has full array dimming, 200Hz plus a few other extra whiz bangs.

      • Its not available? Im interested in this TV for around that price but too hard to find stock anywhere that can match it.

      • What about $1000 budget? Is this TU8000 65" the best then?

        • I reckon so, especially with the the Disney Plus throw in, effectively $740, even less if you pay with discount gift cards. Putting it into pricing territory of lower quality rebadged brands like FFalcon, Linsar, Hitachi, Kogan etc…

          • @Buy2Much: Thanks, do you know if this is better or the S8?

            • @wildstone: The folks at Choice rated the Samsung TU8000 74%, the S8 66%. Samsung rated better in both HD and SD picture quality.

  • noob question: is this any good for PS5?

  • Get the display from good guys. $1100 75 inch

  • i got this yesterday from TGG $926 plus $55 delivery. i wonder if i can call and get the difference. but its coupon, what are my chances?

    • I actually looked it up today as it has been a while… apparently the price guarantee is now only for concierge? It used to be a well advertised price guarantee where if there is a lower price after the purchase, you can claim 120% of the difference.

      Gone are the old days…. but no harm trying, just ask.

      BTW, where did you get your 65" yesterday?

      • I got it from the auburn branch (delivered). fair enough ill probably give them a call, the difference is like $49 so not that much difference. i just got the disney membership email too

  • Thanks OP. Ordered 1 250km's away hoping for a store transfer, but they don't do transfers if it's above 22kg. Better luck next time! :)

    • +1

      Samsung online has them in stock again. Costs $200 more but you get free delivery and $200 discount on a sound bar system. And sign up their web site to get $50 off first purchase.

  • I'm coming from a 10y.o-ish 65" Plasma 1080p for which I paid $2500.

    Would I really be disappointed in this for $2k (I also have $400 in gift cards to go towards it so out of pocket $1600)??