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NUX Loop Core Deluxe (with Extra Pedal) - $162.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


These go near this price 2nd hand.
The description is a little iffy, with no pictures of the foot controller and it's not listed in the Product Features & Specs……although it is mentioned as part of the "Bundle" in the standard cut/paste description.

The pedal is sold separately so I suspected this might not have it, it was just too cheap in comparison to everyone else.

I bought it and waited.
Got it yesterday and can confirm it is the bundle with the pedal.
Happy Days !

IMO - These compare with the Boss RC-3
Good recording quality
Good drum tracks
Extra foot controls over the Boss and cheaper

This seems to be the regular price for this particular listing, but people may be avoiding it thinking the extra pedal isn't there.
Sharing the confirmation in case you're hesitant.

(not sure on delivery without prime, but suspect it's still cheaper than around $240 combined regular price)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Any idea how these compare to JamMan Solo Pedal (https://www.digitech.com/discontinued-products/JamMan+Solo-....)?

    I have a jamman and have never really been able to make it work for me (disjointed loops etc), but also I may just be crap at looping technique.


      Those are getting pretty old now (not saying it's bad)
      The newer pedals on the market seem to have a built in sync feature to avoid bad looping technique.
      …although I cant remember if it applied to this one or not.

      JamnMan, the 4 button version, was on my hitlist for awhile.


        Thanks for that I'll do some googling / youtubing.


    I just bought this one -


    • hopefully arrives Monday. A lot more expensive at $419 but has an XLR input.

    From what I've read these Nux loops work really well - particularly with the extra pedal - there are reviews and videos on the artist guitars site for it.

    it could be the disjointed loops issue is something that you can set to eliminate with setting these to all fall into line with the length of the first loop or on a particular tempo but the idea is to be able to click the loop pedal in time after practicing for a while, I am imagining it will take me a LONG time to get this right but it's the core skill for loop pedals.


      Just looking it that, man it's a monster !
      Love Boss stuff.

      this is my first looper ever, it'll do me for some time yet.
      considering it's still in the box, it might last a lifetime.. :S


    I bought a Nux distortion pedal from ALDI. I barely used it and it stopped working. As in, the digital screen works and I can select between distortion models, adjust knobs and the screen reacts, but it does nothing, no distortion at all. I don't rate their quality.


    Is it an extra pedal? Or just a 'foot switch'?

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      Ah yes, foot switch.
      ….wrong terminology, whoopsie


    Buy a stereo jamman secondhand. Regularly come out for this price. Can loop in stereo, reverse and has XLR in.