How to Get New GPUs on Release?


Looks like some new RTX Ti cards are coming out. I've never bought a gpu when they're new/just out, so looking for any suggestions for picking one up before they're all sold out this time around.

I'm aiming to get an aftermarket 3070ti card for the improved coolers, which may take a bit longer to release than the June 10 'release' date?



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    no way to 100% secure a buy. the prices will be murder though scorptec & centrecom, umart all have 3080's in stock for 2.5 - 3k and 3070s in stock for 2k
    thats more than double msrp, likely hold that stock at that price to drive up the new ti prices

    best way to boost your chances, multiple sites open @ launch spamming f5 on all and take off any secondary steps for payment authorization on transactions
    keep in mind the bank transactions dont secure que or card cash > paypal > credit card are king

    also if you miss out on day one, sub to the reddit stock alerts. during the 3080 launch, about 100 to 200 3080s were listed on reddit within the 48 hr window i got my card - while the idiots on this site were spamming sad faces in the 3080 thread here

    and key point, payments do not secure a place

    if some idiot bank transfers for a card and the card is in stock, and being held for payment, and payment bounces card just returns to stock not into mythical que
    people getting told they are in postion whatever in a que is for inbound stock only, not returns/mistakes/idiots having multiple orders over multiple sites etc

  • Thanks!

    Yeah ok, so getting on it midnight release day? Will aftermarket cards be available at the same time?

    They reportedly rrp $949, but I didn't realize they're likely to sell way over… I don't think I'd pay double that so might be disappointed.

    • You will be disappointed.

      Supply and demand.

    • There is no $949 RRP, so lose that thought straight away.

      Cards go out of stock within 2 mins or less at midnight, you can try but dont be suprised the moment you click checkout it says its out of stock. Chances are extremely likely you wont get one.

      As for used or scalper market…This is definitely not the year to be getting into the newly released GPU market. RRP prices are out the window, expect to pay triple RRP. and don't bother with choice, you got none, you get what overpriced GPU you can snipe in this market.

      If you can go without for now, the best decision you could make is to not buy one at all.

      Tell me now, are you willing to buy that 3070 Ti for $2,500? Instead of $949 RRP?

      IF you think that's bloody outrageous then you already made your decision, give this year a miss for buying new GPUs

  • ahh man, from memory they had some bs raffle for the FE cards and aftermarket came a day or two later
    i dare say this launch will be equally messy as the last one

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    Hey OP. I'd focus solely on PLE and would focus on EVGA cards only. Date and time listed on the link below. That's where U wanna be at launch time (and unfortunately so will everyone else)

    1) payments made either secure you a stock or a pre-order where you'll be placed in a queue. Limited preorder spots this time unlike the first launch so no waiting for months (worse system imo)

    2) all orders are fully refundable and cancellable.

    3) all the other retailers scalped customers from launch date on previous launchers.

    4) great communication, and queue system you can see moving.

    P.s received my EVGA FTW3 Ultra 3080 for $1259, free shipping and free brace included from them Great support and customer service everytime I emailed or called in. Am a happy customer. Ordered Oct received March though.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks! Looks like 3080ti is going tonight, so glad I asked now! I assume similar process next week for 3070ti.

    Only PLE? Is that for best price/stock (along with your other reasons)? Any other retailers worth checking? I figure others may have stock and improve my chances a bit?

    Also, only EVGA? I've had gigabyte cards in the past and never had issues.

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    don't even bother staying up IMO. If prices were actually decent, sure but hard to see how they would be remotely sane. Retailer sites are likely going to crash too. You'll likely spend an hour hitting f5 to find out the card you want is out of stock and going for 50%-75% more than RRP.

    Join a stock drop discord or if you have your eye on a particular card from a particular retailer set up alerts with Might take a week or two but you have a much higher chance of nabbing one as stock flows in as opposed to launch night.

    • Yeah fair point! Any suggested stock drop discords?

        Aus Instock (Free, but slow and doesn't ping)
        Stock Updates (PAID SERVER, Fastest update and pings, but most expensive)
        Easy Drops (PAID SERVER, fast but slower than Stock Updates server, but CHEAPER)

        Basically, the situation is so bad, its now a marketable service to just provide a system that tells people GPUs are in stock. And you still have to actually buy the GPU in time.

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    Ignore PLE as they'll have 0 stock as they're allowing all unfulfilled orders from 2020 to upgraded half an hour earlier before everyone else gets access, meaning they'll already be gone even before you can get them.

    • Still unfilled orders from last year? wow!

      • Not just unfilled, some don't even have ETA's as well, unfortuntately some people picked cards that weren't actually going to be supplied

        • Yea I don't play the "preorder" game at all, so don't see this stuff first hand…. but I reckon after 2 weeks max if I didn't have item or a guaranteed delivery date I'd be out

          • @pharkurnell: With the amount of orders it's not surprising, just for reference I ordered mine at 12:30am on the 17th of September and got it two months later, where other people who ordered that night still don't have theirs yet

  • I just picked up my eVGA RTX3080 XC3 Ultra from PLE. Ordered on launch day, so that's almost 9 months wait. But I got it for $1,184 inclusive of a GPU support bracket and package discount. Right now, PLE is selling that same GPU for $1,769 (though not available for order anymore). Other places are $2000+. Insane.

  • ETH ATH will be 8.5k this year. Pay the GPU premium and the GPU will pay for itself by Christmas.

  • You've got about the same chance as winning Lotto. I have seen a few 3070 and 3060 in stock this week though so maybe things are starting to improve. Then again those 3070s have been around the $2k which is at least double what they were supposed to be but if you're desperate and have the money then they are available.

  • Looked at several stores online, all were sold out when listed.

  • Snagged a 3080ti Asus strix oc from scorptec

    • how much? how long it took?

      • The cheapest I've seen was $1900 which is surprisingly reasonable given 3070s are selling for around $2k. Most expensive 3080ti seems to be around $3500 which is what, $500 above the 3090 launch price.

        • that does seams reasonable if compare to 3000 price tag and no avialibilty

  • AMD releasing a new GPU details on 8(9) June.

    • not a consumer card, like nvidia's quadro or so

      • Probably yes, "Some thing BIG is coming. 08 June 21" - AMD

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          its confirmed. the URL on the email mentioned it.

          "it says in the url that you are redirected to from the email utm_campaign=2021-06-03-consumer-radeon-pro-w6800-w6600-pre-announce
          so its radeon pro w6800 / w6600"

  • So how did that go for you OP?

    ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3070 OC, 8GB

    Warranty: 3 year
    ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3070 OC (Boost: 1905MHz), 8GB GDDR6 (14000MHz), PCI-E 4.0, 2x HDMI 2.1, 3x DP 1.4a, 2.9 Slot, FanConnect 2, RGB LED
    1 Graphics Card per household. Payment secures queue position. Learn more
    Delivery In Stock
    Pickup At Supplier


    so it puts you in the queue - or they are in stock ???

    • Hey, I'm holding out for the 3070ti next week. Sounds like it's gonna be a shit show, but I'll give it a go.

  • Last night with PLE actually went pretty well. Managed to get a EVGA FW3 3080ti at $2299 and the current ETA shows 17/06/2021. Hopefully can get it on time. For anyone still interested in getting one, CPL just loaded their stock online. I can still see some cards at $3099 instock as of now. The price is not as good as EVGA at PLE but still much better than the resale market (currently asking for $3900 above). So be quick if you still want one.

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      I can still see some cards at $3099 instock as of now

      And at that price they can stay there. :(

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        they should just rot in there with that price

      • They didn't, they were sold out within 2 days, possibly sooner but that's when I next looked. I think things will slowly improve over the rest of the year. I could've bought the 3070 I wanted last week (I have a need of a 2 slot card which somewhat limits choice). It was $990 at release late Oct, last week when it was in stock it was $1999. It's now listed for $1699 though out of stock. By the end of the year I think it'll be back to release price.

        • They didn't, they were sold out within 2 days, possibly sooner


          By the end of the year I think it'll be back to release price.

          As we have seen for last 12 months - people are willing to pay up the arrrz for them… why would any smart business lower the price?

          • @pharkurnell: Basic rule of supply and demand. Prices are currently inflated due to short supply. As supply returns to normal prices will also return to normal. Sure some will try and hold on to high prices for as long as they can but the market will find it's balance.

            BTW, as I said above, businesses are already lowering their prices. $300 drop in a week on that 3070.

  • So I had a FF addon to refresh several pages (PLE, pccasegear, scorptec, mwave) at between 10 and 20 seconds while searching for a string on the page then beeping. I can tell you with certainty that most of the cards appeared online directly out of stock or they were gone in 20 seconds max. The only ones that had stock were the ones that were at $1500+. Pccasegear never had anything on stock. PLE had some things available but they all sold out.

    Basically no human probably got one. GG everybody.

    • ok, PLE stoped even pretending they had the $959 cards, they are now gone from the website.

      • I managed to get an Asus TUF 3070ti in the cart off the bat, but hesitated because I wasn't expecting to see a card so low (~$950) and did a quick google then it was gone haha!

        I did manage to get a pre-order in for evga 3070 ti ftw3 @ $1380. Bit more than I wanted to pay, but at least I got a spot in the queue. No expected time yet.