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LG 65" A1 OLED TV $3235.50 C&C /+ Delivery ($0 for VIC) @ The Good Guys


LG 65" A1 4K UHD Self Lit OLED Smart TV


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The Good Guys

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    Important to remember that this set lacks HDMI 2.1. Better off spending the extra on a B1 or C1 or even looking for a 2020 model.

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      Hdmi2.1 is not too big deal if people don't gaming at all. Otherwise wait for a better deal for c1 maybe later b1 even better grab a cx if you can still find stock. Sadly TGG does not deliver cx to my place. I just have to go with bx. But considering my situation, I am happy with that.

      • They inflated the price for the bx so it’s back to nearly retail. Bought the c1 yesterday at jb for $3600 plus 5% off wicked Wednesday so i’m pretty happy with it. You really have to know your prices and luck with sales people/store manager. Every jb is different. Originally bought cx 65 “ display for $2900. Glad i was able to cancel and went for the c1 instead.

        • I won't buy any display at the first place. Secondly my JB giftcard brings the price down to 1180( with 5% off) actual out of pocket for 55bx. I can not justify more than double the actual cost to get a 55c1. If cx is available at JB, I will go cx for sure. Otherwise i think it's not too bad.

          • @ce5himm: Where do you get your gc’s from? Suncorp only gets you $1000 a week

        • By the way, did you buy the extended warranty for your tv,? Worth it?

          • @ce5himm: No. Comes with 3.5 yrs warranty already with jb so extending it is not necessary. Plus acl as well.

            • @Izefyre: Good to know, 3.5 is the result of negotiations or just comes as it is? The sales told me just 1year LG+1 year jb for under $2000 and 1lg+1.5 JB for above

  • I have trouble with the new naming of their TVs. What is the new version of the CX?

    • C1

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      2018 c8
      2019 c9
      2020 cx(10)
      2021 c1

      You got the point

  • There are too many LG OLED designations these days, please eliminate three.

    PS. I am not a crackpot.

  • Why do people write self lit OLED, when all OLEDs are self lit ? Is it to try to clarify the difference between OLED and QLED ?

    • Perhaps it is a selling point.

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      I think it is, you need to understand so many people out there do not know how led works, how oled works. They don't even know what are those and what's the difference. For them, Tv is just tv.