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20% off with Coupon Code - Google Pixel 5 $799.20, Pixel 4a 5G $639.20 @ Google Store


Time to upgrade or time to switch to Google and take advantage of free photo storage as a Pixel user? This 20% off deal may come in handy.

I'm happy to share my promo code for whoever PM's me and I'm sure someone will add a comment here on how to share - I'm not up to speed with the current rules on sharing promo codes. Suffice to say, I have just upgraded and happy to share my code with the first request by PM.


You'll need one of the beautiful 23 character promo codes to take advantage of this.


The ultimate 5G Google phone.
Ultrawide lens
Wireless charging
Long-lasting, shareable battery
128 GB storage
IP68 water and dust resistance

‌Now $799.20 Was $999

The essential 5G Google phone.
Ultrawide lens
Long-lasting battery
128 GB storage
Now $639.20 Was $799

Deal ends 1 July @ 16:59 AEST

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  • +11

    Time to upgrade or time to switch to Google and take advantage of free photo storage as a Pixel user?

    No… It isn't… It's precisely no longer that time.

    • +9

      The free photo storage still applies for Pixels even post-1 June - except it's only for "High Quality" photos (not original quality photos).

      • -8

        Only for existing high quality photos/videos, so stuff uploaded pre-1 June. There is no longer any new free google photos storage that doesn't count towards your account's storage.

        Any photos or videos you’ve uploaded in High quality before June 1, 2021 will not count toward your 15GB of free storage.

        • +3

          No that applies to non pixel phones and future pixel phones.

          My 4a still allows unlimited high quality for life (nothings changed) and my new to me pixel 1 allows unlimited original quality too.

          • @SgtBatten: Do you know what happens if I have a pixel phone and a non pixel phone sharing the same Google photos account? Might be dumb but I should still get unlimited storage right? Considering getting a secondhand cheap pixel phone just for the unlimited storage

            • @Dealzallday: Yes i do. It is all dependent on which device uploads the photos. Photos uploaded from the non pixel device will now count against your storage. Photos uploaded before this month are exempt.

              • -1

                @SgtBatten: Oh Google is cheeky. Thought I'd found myself a loophole there but it looks like I'll just have to make multiple accounts and save the pics that way. Cheers

                • @Dealzallday: you mean to say you will make a new account every few years when you hit 15GB?

                  • @SgtBatten: Yeah, I think that's the only real option I have, Google photos is helpful in that it organizes the albums by people and saving all those pictures to an SSD would just be a jumbled mess

                    • @Dealzallday: I agree on it's amazing features. I do not see myself leaving the platform. The AI is too good.

                      There are other options though.

                      1. pay for storage.
                      2. upload photos from the pixel device.

                      Your solution would be option 3 i guess but I would add one extra element. Partner sharing. Partner sharing would enable you to have a new account using the 15GB allowed storage but sharing them to your one primary account. Storage is only consumed from the original account, not from both. If you delete the shared photos from the original account in the future the storage consumption would then transfer to the main account so don't do that.

  • +6

    Everywhere is 799 without TARGETED coupon. I don't see this as a real deal. Plus gift. Card can be used at retailers make it even cheaper.

    • Fair call - maybe post some links for those interested? I could only find the 'green' variant from a quick scan…

      • Top right of this page you will see "Related Products" where you can click on the specific item and it will take you to all of OzB's deal on it. It is the same as using the search bar.

    • +1

      An addition to the deal if you have it is the $30 off $150 spend at Google Store using Amex if you have the deal saved to your card.

  • Clearing stock for Pixel 5a release ?

    • +1

      Apparently 5a isn't coming to Aus though? Thinking of just picking up a 4a.

      • +1

        I heard 4a wasn't worth it due to poor battery so I'm waiting for 5 to drop to my tightarse-acceptable levels.

        • +1

          I'm pretty happy with my 4a battery life.

        • +1

          4a 5g is an entirely different phone to the 4a. Confusing, no?

          Battery life on the 4a 5g was insanely good at first, now it's somewhat average. I think I've got something stupid installed or possibly a damaged battery. Originally it outlasted my Z Play which has legendary battery life.

      • +1

        Really? Guess I'll wait to see if pixel 6 any good then

    • I understand Pixel 5a is not coming to Australia?

  • Check for Amex offer

  • +7

    How is this a deal for a 4A 5G compared to the Telstra deal for $549 that looks like it's still live?

    And the 5 was cheaper just 2 days ago:

  • What's beautiful about a promo code?

    can you write like a human instead of a sales bot

    • mate you should SEE those promo codes tho…

    • It's call satire, hence the 23 character reference… Tough day?

  • +3

    Clearing stock for Pixel 6 due end September or early October

  • +1

    upgraded from my MI9 to a pixel 5 a couple of weeks ago and Ive been stoked with it, beast of a battery compared to the Mi.

  • +5

    Here is my code if anyone decides to buy from Google: PQIOUN5FXYZ1LZVZ6LHZRQL
    Single use until 01/07/21

    • Wow… What are others doing

      • That's fine… I'm happy to get any spontaneous contribution on my Paypal account as I paid full price for the Pixel 5 months ago… LOL

        This is not even a good deal considering the price elsewhere. If it was $799 and 20% OFF that'd be a great deal.

        For those who are interested, the phone is pretty decent as a phone, not a flagship with amazing camera or processor (and not in the $2000 range either). Battery lasts forever, particularly after Android 12… Yesterday, I had 75% at 11PM, after reasonable use of the phone during the day. I am happy and don't regret paying full price for the Pixel 5.

    • +1

      Here's mine FWIW

  • +2

    I have a pixel experience rom installed on my non google phone and can get unlimited free photo storage too

    • Which phone? Thinking of doing that on my Mi phone.

      • poco x3 nfc

        • Thanks, mate. I'll give it a go on my phone. Fingers crossed! :)

  • -1
  • Hey can someone explain to me how this Google Pixel 4a 5G compares to the deal for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE for $500 from the education store from a week ago?
    As far as I can tell, the Samsung has better cameras, better hardware, better battery and charging, water resistance. The only thing you get is 5G and a slightly smaller-sized phone yet you have to pay more.

    • +2

      Best i can explain in one word is minimalistic. It is the pixel experience, stock android, no samsung bloatware, integrated google system i.e photos, calender, gmail. Clean, easy, simple.

      Hardly a difference between speed unless u are running heavy games or need heavy processing.

      I love my pixel despite knowing that samsung or other phones have better hardware on paper. I've been tempted as well but now that I've used stock android I don't think I can go back.

      • Thanks, this really clarifies it for me.
        As someone who uses and doesn't mind the OS of a Xiaomi, I'll probably wait until the next Samsung deal

    • If all you look at is the spec sheet then by all means go ahead and buy the S20 FE.

      • Honest question; what else should I be looking at (apart from stock android)?

        • +1

          the experience, pixel 5 is better than the sum of its part. it is probably at the correct price now vs when it came out but i don't regret buying it back then. It is super smooth, clean, and has good real world battery life.

        • +1

          The duration of updates is a good thing to consider too. I have bought pixels for a while because they had the longest update period of any Android phone (but still grossly inferior to the update period of iOS devices). Samsung has committed to a longer window of updates now than Google, with three years of Android updates and an additional year of security updates (a year longer than Google on both)

          Don't get me wrong, it's one thing to promise something and another to do it, but flagship Samsung hardware has for some time been better than flagship Pixel hardware, and with the longer software updates it's getting harder to find a reason to buy a Pixel. (The clean experience is great on the Pixel though).

  • +2

    Let me know if anyone wants a code, I have a few.

    • I wouldn't mind one, PM'ed. Thank you!

    • me too, PM'ed. Much appreciated!

      • Hey do you have a spare code by any chance please? 🙏🏼

    • All codes are gone now thanks

  • How is better than the 4a 5g deal with telstra? (providing you have a telstra account?)

    • Not better unless you need wireless charging.

      • yep was talking about the actual 4a 5g telstra deal @ $549 compared to this…. I dont think the telstra one is locked or anything right… and its still available I think

        • Telstra Pixel 4a 5g is unlocked, I got one from them. It's an excellent phone, but I'm coming to it from Samsung Galaxy and I really miss wireless charging. Thinking about returning it and getting Pixel 5.

  • Please, can anyone PM me a code? I tried to contact with Ash but failed due to newly registered user… Thanks in advance.

    • You'll need to turn on your PM first 👌

      • Hey Ash, I just enabled it. Still can't send due to 'Private message throttled for new user accounts less than 1 day old'… Hope I could receive at least. Thanks.

      • +1

        Just pinged you code 👌

        • +1

          Big thanks, mate. It worked like a champion. I have ordered my device :-)

        • Hey Ash,

          I am having the same issue as James.

          Is there any chance you could please send me a code too?

  • +1

    Hi all if anyone has a spare code would love one also as I cant get the Telstra deal to work like other people have and want to get a Pixel 4a 5G

  • +1

    Can someone pls ping me a code too, much appreciated!

  • I would like a code too please if anyone has a spare. Much, much appreciated!

  • Could someone please send me a code if you have one to share. Thank you, Julian

  • Would be great if anyone could PM a code if you have any to spare! Thank you!

  • Any spare code by DM would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)

    • Just realised I had PMs off! I've enabled them now if anyone still has a spare code :)

  • Could anyone share the spare code with me? highly appreciated, thanks so much!!

  • Anyone have a code they'd be willing to share? Thanks!

  • +1

    I've run out of codes too unfortunately -

    I'm sure people are getting good PM replies on this thread given the widespread distribution of codes initially.

    For those looking to help out / share a code, search your gmail/email for "get 20% off with the offer code below" from "[email protected]"

    • Who is it that is receiving the original codes?

      • I'm not sure exactly, I suspect it's either previous Google store pixel buyers or simply previous Google store buyers 👍

        • Cool, thanks.
          I'm still looking for a code of anyone has one they'd be happy to share. It would be very much appreciated! Thanks

  • If anyone has a spare code I'd be so grateful - been looking for decent phone at this price point. Many thanks!

  • Hey looking for code if someone could please PM

  • Ditto, would appreciate a code if anyone could share by PM :)

  • Could anyone share the spare code with me? highly appreciated, thanks so much!!

  • +1 for a code if anyone has. Please PM me

  • What are the chances of the Pixel 5 being this price anywhere else before the end of June?

    • I thought as much

  • I'd love a code if anyone has a unused one. Time to upgrade my pixel 3a..thanks.

    • +1

      Pixel 2 user here still holding the fort!

  • All codes posted here used. Anyone have one to spare for me (please PM) to replace me Pixel xl 2 from the old Telstra plan?

  • Do we need to create a Forum Code Request Megathread for this one? Just discovered the megathreads…
    …or are there no more codes around?

  • Still in the market for a code if anyone has one… 🥺
    PM me if you can help, thanks!

  • Does anyone have a spare code they won't be using please? 🤗🤗

  • Has anyone got another code to spare? PM me please :)

  • A spare code would be much appreciated! Please PM me. It looks like most Aus outlets are out of stock apart from Google Store.

  • Would love a code too please and thank you 🙂

  • If there are any spare codes going it would be greatly appreciated! :)

  • -1

    Would love a code. Whenever I browse or listen to music on my iPhone 7, yes 7, it drains at least 10% :(

    Definite need for an upgrade.

  • Anyone have a spare code please to help uncle?

  • Just wondering if anyone has a code they are willing to share? Thanks in advance. I really appreciate it.

  • If anyone has any spare codes left I would appreciate one too. Thanks!

  • I'm looking for a code as well if anyone has one to share? Cheers

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