This was posted 6 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Club Plus] 30% off RRP Storewide @ Supercheap Auto


Just saw an ad on TV 30% off RRP Storewide for Club Members @ Supercheap Auto starts tomorrow online. Saturday Sunday instore

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  • Facebook confirms this.

    *Discount is off regular retail pricing & while stocks last. Sale is online tomorrow / in store & online this Saturday. Excludes gift cards, services & tyres.⁣⁣⁣⁣

    • Batteries included?

      • Would like to know this too…

        • I still haven't picked up my battery from the 25% off sale. I wonder if I could cancel that order and buy at 30% off.

          • @0lllllll0: I'm sure you could.

          • +1

            @0lllllll0: If you are a supercheap member you will get credit for the different anyway

            • @Rob-4x4: Yep I just realised this morning. Do you know how long it usually takes for the credit to appear? I'd like to be able to use it during this promo..

      • Yep they are, I've just picked up a Century car battery with no problems.

      • Yes

    • How about clearance items?

      • -1

        Facebook post says RRP.

      • Yes looks like clearance is included :)

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    The last time I managed to get Bunnings to price beat a 3000psi petrol Karcher pressure cleaner - from $649 - 30% = $454, less 10% at Bunnings = $409. It was a good deal.

    • Do they do the matching with the club member pricing?

      • Karcher K7 will hopefully still be listed.

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          Supercheap hasn't had K5 or K7 for quite some time. That is one of the reasons I bought a petrol. I needed to replace my old K5.55 and this petrol is a beast - much more powerful, and a lot cheaper (with this deal).

          I got the 3000psi petrol for $409, 20L jerry can for $18, Karcher petrol machine surface cleaner (which is 30% larger & much better than the little yellow one that comes with the electric machines) for $94, & a 10m extension hose (for a total hose length of 18m which is great) for $30. Total price = $551 vs around $750 for even the K5 at Bunnings. The petrol is a bit more fiddly to use and noisier, but no cords to worry about, and it has a lot more power and less moving (with the extra hose). It uses about 1L of unleaded per hour.

          • @Andy01: Is 3000psi safe for exterior car cleaning?

            • @Cheap Rich Guy: lol totally unnecessary. Any of these pressure washers are overkill for cleaning vehicles… you'd buy them for cleaning things like your windows on your house or large areas of outdoor flooring or brickwork etc. (even questionable usefulness doing those things)

            • @Cheap Rich Guy: I use my 3000psi petrol Karcher to clean my 3 cars all the time. I use the snow foam gun, and use the 45 or 60 degree nozzles for the pre-soak and wash down.

              Just dont put the nozzles right up close to the paint or fragile plastics like the mirrors etc, but you can go closer on wheels, wheel arches and the underside of the car.

            • @Cheap Rich Guy: Never tried. As mentioned, I think it is overkill for cars - unless trying to wash off some serious mud from off-roading. I would think that the white nozzle (40°) should be OK though because it is a decent fan spray.

              As mentioned, just don't get too close and don't use any of the narrow fan jets - I reckon the 0° jet + 3000psi would strip paint off (or chew up old concrete).

      • Very reluctantly. I spoke to 3 people, and they said to me that they only match prices available to anyone. I explained that anyone could walk in to Supercheap and join there & then and qualify for member pricing - she didn't say anything and put it through at the reduced price.

      • Just confirming that they do

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    How is the power tools in SCA? Rockwell, Worx, Toolpro? Are they comparable to Bunnings' Ozito?

    • +4

      Better I believe. Ozito are tempting but pretty hit and miss. I have heaps of toolpro 18V stuff that I get only on sale and I have a worx blower/vac I got on amazon. I'm not sure of rockwell.

      I can't fault the toolpro range.

    • +2

      I’ve got a Rockwell DA polisher which works well for car paint swirl removal.

      • Link?

    • the toolpro dremel punches way above its weight

  • Dam my $10 credit expires today

    • can you buy a voucher with your credit?

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      You can buy anything now and will get credits back.

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    Shame they don’t sell BlackVue. Might be time to stock up on some 5w30 tho

    • This.

  • RRP is interesting, might exclude a few things?

    • SCA have been pretty lenient whenever I've tried negotiating stuff

  • I don't want to make another forum post about this because there are a lot, but can someone actually recommend me a pressure washer for $500 or less. Cleaning the driveway and using it to wash my car.

    Tones of options and it is overwhelming! Thanks

    • +2

      For washing a driveway I'd recommend a petrol powered pressure washer for it's power.

      For your car I'd recommend an electric one because it isn't as powerful and won't damage your car. Also it isn't noisy.

    • The higher the volume the better.

      • +1

        Any model that you recommend?


        • No idea sorry, I just have a little gerni which has been going like a champ for years, but isn't very powerful. There is infor around as to how many l/min for different tasks, but the basic rule is that the higher the flow, the quicker your work will get done.

    • +3

      I've just been using a Karcher K2 for the past 8+ years now without a problem.
      I do the cars once a fortnight or so, I do the deck (quite a large area) once or twice a year, the sandstone pool paving (decent size) every year, and usually my tin roof (a f'n giant house) probably every second year… and it's never missed a beat.
      Not sure I'd try running it for 8 hours straight, but would probably do an an hour or two comfortably before I start to get tired myself!
      I also don't use any detergents in it, whether that makes a difference?

      For a few extra bucks, you can step up to the slightly more powerful K3 also.

      • Thanks Snoop. Will have a look into those two. Cheers

        • Agree with Snoop. I've had a Gerni with metal pump (important for longevity) for around 5 years and use it for occasional cleaning of the concrete drive and paths, and vehicles more regularly. Wasn't the top of the line but next model down at the time. Detergent goes in the wand bottle.

    • The Karcher 3000psi petrol with the extra surface cleaner. As per my post above, if you get a price match from Bunnings on the cleaner it would be $409, plus $89 for surface cleaner = $498.

      The petrol has a lot more power than K4, K5 or K7. You would just have to be careful about which nozzle to use (I think the white one) on the car. The surface cleaner attachment is about 30% larger than the little yellow one that comes with the electric machines, so with the extra power and the bigger area, it cleans about twice as quickly.

      • I have been seeing not very good reviews for Karcher? but is that because I am looking at which has a habit of only being neg reviews?

        • Can't say. I thought I saw some pretty good reviews for the G2800 which is almost identical. I have used mine for about 20 hours and it literally starts first pull, and runs well.

          There is no comparison between this and a K4 - the K4 is like a toy by comparison. It would be fine for washing cars or a small area of concrete etc, but the G3000 with the Karcher petrol 38cm surface cleaner will clean a driveway in half the time of a K4 or K5.

    • Karcher K4. All you need. Dont waste time on a K2 or K3. K4 as a minimum. K4, and buy the foam nozzle to foam up the car too

  • +6

    8% off gift cards at Suncorp Rewards.

    • +1

      10% rewardgateway

    • Flybuys also offer for x0,000 points but they are physical so you'll have to wait

      Worth it if you're not going to use it for anything else

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    Sweet, might grab some more 12v toolpro gear. Love the size. Using it more often than my brushless 18v ozito gear!

  • +1

    do the 30% including tyres as well?

    • +2

      "Excludes gift cards, services & tyres."

  • Thanks OP. Time to change some tools in garage

  • +1

    Please add "INCLUDING SPECIAL ORDERS" in capital letters in the description… :) JIT as I need a few items listed as special orders… thanks OP

  • Anyone suggest something worth getting? lol

    • A new car battery. Winter is here.

      • Had to buy two other week when the truck died :(

  • Does anyone know what time "tomorrrow" is?

    • Should be midnight eastern time?

  • Hopefully sca stock rupes 1 day

  • I guess it's somewhat obvious but also sort of not clear, I am after a car cover that sells at SCA for $133 ( but the RRP is $159 ( does this deal really mean it's just 30% off RRP, i.e. $111.30? Cheers!

    • Should be 30% off SCA normal price so 30% off $133 = $93.1

      • Ah okay. RRP is a funny one as it's certainly not "the" RRP, but hey, still good. Cheers!

        • 30% off regular retail price, not Recommended Retail Price (RRP). Saves them from paying a large fine to the ACCC.

    • Geez must be a bit rich to think that someone will cover an AMG GT with a $150 car cover haha. People buy those things to display them.

  • starts at midnight?

    • Yep, is live now

  • Does anyone know how to get the price of these "special orders"? Trying to buy the Wera Torque Wrench -

    • You'd probably have to ring the shop on the weekend and get them to order it

      • Would the 30% discount still apply though?

        • Yeah, in store Saturday and Sunday

          • @whitelie: Thanks. Just rang them this morning. Said were not available :(

    • +1

      When I added a special order item, once you go through checkout you select click n collect and choose the store you want the special order to go to.

      It seems though people have mentioned for whatever reason it is currently only taking 25% off special orders so may be worthwhile waiting until they perhaps fix that nor clarify what the special order discount is.

  • +2

    I just paid for and activated by sca club membership - haven't got the $10 off email yet?

  • Does anyone know how much they charge to install a Head Unit replacement if I bring it in?

    • I don't think they install headunits.

      • +2

        lmao, wtf is the point of your reply?

    • +1

      Super Cheap Auto - Installing a headunit

      Does supercheap install head units?
      If you'd like to upgrade your car stereo but aren't confident in your ability (or lack of the time to install a new head unit yourself), then you can take advantage of our installation service. It is available in a range of locations and can be booked in-store. Ask any of our friendly staff whether installation is available through your local Supercheap Auto store, or check online when shopping for your new head unit.

      How much does it cost to install a head unit in a car?
      Regardless of which type of head unit you choose, if you carry out the installation yourself, then you can keep the costs to an absolute minimum. You may need to purchase a wiring harness adapter, but other than that the only real investment will be your time. If you’d prefer to leave it to the professionals, Supercheap offers an installation service at a wide range of locations, with prices starting from around $100.

      Super Cheap Auto - Audio Solutions

      Direct Head Unit Replacement** - $129
      With Steering Wheel Control** - $188
      Direct Speaker Replacement** - $69

      How much does it cost?
      All installations are for products being replaced with new products of the same type eg. Single Din replaced with a Single Din. Both Single and Double Din installations are $129 inc. GST and Speakers $69 inc. GST. Note: additional parts and accessories may be required to complete the installation and these may attract additional charges.

      • Thank you very much for your help!

  • Q85 battery $251 not including 8% gift card usage.

    maximum of 3 gift cards can be used

    Not bad

    • Noticed that this is a non-MF version of the battery and is $50 more than the MF.

      Do you know any benefits of picking this over the MF version?

      • Im not sure actually. Personally I got the Panasonic Q100 battery about a few weeks ago because their was no sales on the Q85s.

        The one I linked is as close if not same as original battery

      • MF designates “maintenance free”, what that means varies a little between brands, you’d probably want to check with the manufacturer.

  • Good sale

  • I'm like Hold on, I don't have true 30% off price.

    • I bought 2 product both at 25% off, I've been cheated

      • It's a lie, all special orders are 25% off. How can everything be 30% off everything except exclusions if special orders are only 25% off.

        • Yeh hopefully it's just an error they have made and gets fixed to be 30%. Otherwise like you said it specifically states 30% off everything including special orders.

          • +1

            @Schumi5: Can confirm it’s fixed. Added something to cart but fell in sleep last night and in the morning price reduced by another 5%

  • Does Bunnings do the 10% price beat on SCA club price?


    • Apparently. Some guy above used it on a pressure washer.

      • Can someone confirm? Tx

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