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[Club Plus] 30% off RRP Storewide @ Supercheap Auto


Just saw an ad on TV 30% off RRP Storewide for Club Members @ Supercheap Auto starts tomorrow online. Saturday Sunday instore

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Supercheap Auto
Supercheap Auto

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        • They are supposed to, but bunnings staff are notoriously different with what they will do shop to shop, so even if someone confirms it won't help you much, just try

          • @Jackson: Not a trades person and being in city of lockdowns means no go

            • @sexy: Wow, lock down in all of Oceania, I missed the memo :)

        • I can confirm (see above). Bunnings argued that the price was not avaiable to the general public, but I told them that anyone could walk into Supercheap and join up and qualify for the special pricing. They gave it to me (end of March - Bunnings, Browns Plains, Qld).

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            @Andy01: Just confirming, I have been able to get a Karcher K5 with home kit from Bunnings Torquay for 472.49 instead of RRP of 749

        • I confirm, bought pressure washer from bunnings Eltham Victoria. No questions asks, price match straight away. Thanks Op for saving my 200$

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    If you aren't already a club member,. Put that in your cart for $5 and then complete the order. You will get a $10 voucher to use. Then go order what you want and you apply the $10 voucher at the payment page

    • The $1 deal ended last month…. That would've been nice to stack with this one!

      $5 off isn't bad though

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    Looks like the special order issue has been fixed and now at a 30% discount for special order items

    • Nvm I figured it out. Need to log in as club member to see discounted price

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    Thanks, bought Oztent screenhouse hex for $349.30 delivered, using $10 credit on my account.

    I forgot to use 2.1% shopbwack cashback for those still to submit orders.

    • Shopback has reduced the cashback rate from 2.1% to 0.5%. Don't know by how much time did I missed out the higher cashback.

  • Anyone else having issues? I was a Trade Direct member and upgraded yesterday to Club Plus membership. Paid my $4.50 and have the receipt. Still can't get Club Plus pricing this morning on their website.

  • This is nice, I've been looking to upgrade the factory cd player in my 2009 Hyandai with a Double Din Android Unit with reverse camera capabilities.
    Has anyone had any luck with the below?
    Anything from this list:

    Tied in with this:

    edit: I've been looking at what SCA, Repco & Cheaper Auto usually stock, which are known brands like Pioneer and Sony around the $400-$600 mark whereas I look at Amazon and can get a Android Double Din Unit + Camera for $200 but obviously you get what you pay for some cheap SOC Chinese brand which might lock up and fault whereas I'm happy to buy quality as long as the quality is there.

    • I think the Sony XAV-AX1000 would be the best option here. $349 at SCA.

      • I was looking at the 3000/5000 and they have very poor reviews regarding the android carplay - it seems like Sony can't get it right even with the more expensive models. Seems like the 1000 has no android support either.

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      Good if you want to double the car's value

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    Most of the club prices are already more than 30% off their "normal" price, so isn't this only going to apply to a very few items? edit: oh, sale online started already

  • The best on part is using a 10% gift card on top.

  • Like most people, SCA is my go to bricks and mortar autoshop, but it's been years since I have actually bought autoparts from them. They are so much less convenient and more expensive than online, especially if you are after budget products. To add insult to injury, they do carry budget products, but they are all special order, so the whole point of having a bricks and mortar store is a waste of time for people trying to keep an old car going

  • Anyone knows the quality ranking of their range of power tools?

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    ugh why is there always a special when i cant think of anything i need but as soon as i need something its RRP city…

    • I'm getting some oil, won't need it until September lol

  • I joined the plus membership for $1 but haven't received the $5 or $10 credit, does anyone know how log it takes?

    • mine appeared in the checkout process - linked to my account

      • Nothing in the checkout for me either.

    • I haven't received mine either and it didnt show up in the checkout window

      • EDIT: It's now shown up in the Checkout section under Loyalty Credit.

        • I joined last week and it still doesn't show, a $1 was deducted from my credit card straightaway.

          • @nadan: Happens if you were already a member/ used the same card to register

    • I wonder if their website is having issues. I processed an order this morning but didn't get the confirmation email, only PayPal receipt. Now I can't log back in to verify if it was a successful order or not (stating incorrect password but the reset password link doesn't send anything)

    • Took a day for mine to show up last time with the battery promo

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    Good time to get the wipers/refills.

    • I found cheaper wipers on ebay which is essentially half the price of the SCA branded one, but no idea about the quality though.

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    Got a wheelbarrow for less than 42 bucks (stacked with 15% off gift card), was too excited to forget stacking shopback cashback lol

    • Cant get cashback when using a giftcard anyway.

  • If only Bunnings was selling this product: https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/karcher-karcher-k3-press...

    Would have been good to price beat this.

  • 30% and I dont know what to buy :(

    • Batteries

      • how long do batteries last in storage?

        • Just don't put them in the freezer, she'll be right

  • Is it just for today or last until end of month?

  • Seems like today include Special order items…(checked yesterday it was excluded) time to order brake pads and rotors
    And also pay using supercheap giftcard from Suncorp benefits with 8% discount

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    Anyone know whether this sale is definitely on tomorrow as well - can't find anything online from Supercheap actually confirming the dates the sale applies to?

    • From SCA Facebook
      Supercheap Auto
      Hi Widarto, the sale ends online at midnight, AEST time tonight.

      Glad you asked because I now have 30 mins to order.

  • Anyone having issues paying by credit card?
    Have tried twice and comes up with an error. 'Your order could not be submitted. Please try an alternative payment method.'
    The $10 loyalty credit that I applied has also now disappeared and I can no longer apply it.

  • +1

    Was buying some jack stands for click and collect this morning and saw I randomly had $45 in loyalty credit. Apparently one of the Club Plus perks is if you buy anything that goes on sale within two weeks they'll automatically credit you the price difference. I'd bought about $150 worth of stuff over the last couple of weeks and now it's ALL on sale, so they just gave me back $45. I used it to upgrade to the nicer, heavier-duty jack stands so I didn't die under the car today, lol

    Not bad for a membership that technically cost me negative nine dollars with that $1 signup/$10 credit promo from a few weeks back.

  • Was meant to be saturday and sunday instore?

    • No. The op made a mistake listing Sunday.

  • Just went to add to my basket before processing and seems the discount has disappeared from online orders.

  • it's ended, sux

  • Ding party ended.


  • Went instore for the Saturday and Sunday discount. No discount on order.

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