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[LatitudePay] 2 x 12 Month PlayStation Plus Subscription $94.90 (Was $159.90) via JB Hi-Fi + PlayStation Store


Anyone with Latitudepay who has not redeemed their JB Hifi Spend $100 get $25 back, can effectively get 24 months of Playstation Plus for $94.90.

  1. Purchase a $100 PSN card from the JB Hifi website and remember to select Latitudepay as the payment method (cost $75). Currently these digital delivery cards are not excluded from Latitude Pay. The code will be emailed to you.
  2. Redeem the $100 PSN code into your Playstation account.
  3. Purchase the $59.95 discounted 12-month Playstation Plus subscription online through the PlayStation store (do this twice).

Total cost (2 x 59.95) - 25) = $94.90 (around 40% discount)

It is worth mentioning that it seems the 3 year stack limit people mention may not apply when buying subscriptions directly through the PlayStation store. I extended my Playstation Plus subscription to Dec 2025 using this method.


Original LatitudePay Deal
Original PlayStation Plus $59.95 JB Deal

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  • Damn i must've been a previous customer, as it still shows as $100 when checking out

    • +2

      The discount shows when you have selected Latitude Pay, and proceed to the Latitude Pay checkout.

    • +1

      You have to proceed past the checkout page into LatitudePay land and they show the $25 off

      • You're both right thanks alot

  • +2

    I actually did this on the day the LP/JB deal was posted. Thanks for the clear instructions.

  • +2

    This is a pretty juicy deal.

  • +1

    Can a new latitudepay customer avail this?

    • +1

      New and returning customers it seems - but can only be redeemed one time.

  • +2

    $99.90 with Afterpayfor those without latitude.

    • The post in that thread mentions that the deal is not available on psn credit so be aware.

      • +1

        Yea it works with Afterpay. You can buy PSN credits. I just tried it.

        • Glad to be corrected…more savings for everyone!

        • It says limit 1 per customer for the 12 month membership, I'm not sure if I'm missing something.

          Edit: Nvm I'm dumb

  • Am I missing something here?… if you have a $100 value PSN card… how do you purchase $59.95 twice? Thanks.

    • +4

      $75 at jb. The balance at PSN.

      • -1

        Yep figured as I typed. Thank you

  • Don't really use psn. Was looking for something juicy to go with $50 psn store credit so i could buy It Takes Two

    • It will prob be free with psn now haha

  • How does this work? U get 100 psn credit in jb for $75… then im lost. How you end up with 2 12 month subs?

    • +2

      Buy 2 years of ps plus through the psn store and Pay the balance ($19.90) through the psn store itself, bringing total to $94.90 as mentioned above.

      • +1

        Ah ok thanks for explaining.

  • -1

    Did this and posted it in a few deal threads here since the deal was available…nice to see a clear separate post outlining steps on how to do it and can vouch that it is the cheapest method so far over the deals presented in the past few days.

    • Why the neg? Care to share a cheaper method?

  • +9

    Title is misleading?
    Deal is for $100 of PSN credit via a JBHiFi digitally delivered card which when paid for by Latitude is $75
    What you choose to do with the credit is up to you.
    Ratchet & Crank is due for release soon

  • I went the AfterPay route, $60 + $42 item and got $20 off one year. It worked for the digital item despite someone saying in thread that it wouldn't, not sure if it still does etc.

    $82 for a year of PS Plus & $45 headset (+5% off headset).

    • +1

      Can confirm. Works with Afterpay if you have used up your latitude pay.

  • Glad that JB now lets us use latitude pay for these, as Harvey Norman don't anymore and it's what I prefer to pick up with these deals, thanks op

  • Thanks OP! Now I'm subbed till 2024 when the new PS5 Pro will come out.

  • I didn't even know there was a 24 month sub for PS plus thats so good

    already paid the 12 months though for 59 bucks.

    • There’s not. It’s two 12 month subs.

      • -3

        and it is misleading the thread

        you pay for the credit 75 and then can use it to buy two years sub 75 + 19 .

        or you can buy the credit 75 and buy just one year 59 from the 100 leaving 40.

        and wait for prime day to see if any amazon deals on subs which may work out cheaper. who knows?

        • You can buy the PSN credit and use it on anything from the online store; games, DLC or subscriptions.

          You can use the LatitudePay deal at JB Hi-Fi to get $25 off a lot of different things if your cart is $100 or more.

          This deal just outlines one option. The title is not misleading and the details are well laid out in the post.

  • I’m having trouble redeeming the PSN credit to my account. I click “Redeem Codes” and it just spins…

    • You can redeem a PSN code through a PC or Playstation - perhaps a different device. Just make sure you login to the correct account (if you have multiple).

      • Did it via my PS5, worked great, thanks. Not sure why it wasn’t working on mobile. Maybe it’s a problem with Edge.

  • Thanks! Sub is running out in Jan and was going to top up with the $59.95 offers. :)

  • Never used LP does it take a payment every week for 10 weeks or can you do it in one hit?

    • +2

      One payment every week for 10 weeks.

      The option to make extra payments exist but some people have reported getting their account frozen if doing this too soon.

      • thanks signed up anyways - will test it out with this buy

        • Never happened to me - I use Latitude Pay a lot with Catch. And I pay off the Instalments right away.

  • And I here I just purchased a year off Amazon…

  • Awesome! Thanks OP!!

  • Does Latitude Pay work with gift cards?

    • Does for some. And it does in this case.

  • -1

    Why do people buy so many years in advance? It's discounted every year.

    You're letting a business hold your money, instead of yourself.

    • +1

      I only stack multiple years when the deal is as good as this. Under $50 for a year is great. Usual discounted price is $59.95 and I haven’t stacked using that.

    • Last year was 30% this year is only 25% unless you get from Target that honours the 30% advert.

  • Can I buy 1x$50, 1x$30 and 2x$10 gift cards instead of buying 1x$100, I'd like to split and gift them to friends and family. Anyone tried this?

    • +1

      You can only buy one of each. I've done it like this:

      • 1 PS Plus sub $59.95
      • 1 $30 gift card
      • 1 $15 gift card
      • 1 $10 gift card

      You get the ps plus discounted from JB, and you get the rest of the gift cards separately. You can then use them as requried.

      • Then the effective discount rate goes down from 25% to 22.5% (based on your combinations)

        • +2

          The discount is fixed. You only get $25 off $100. I was just answering your question about using different value cards.

  • So that means it knows to pay the rest $19.90 difference after claiming the $100 credit automatically via credit card etc?

    Did anyone go instore to buy two 12months and pay with latitude pay to get same discount outcome,

    • Why go to a Store? You get the code straight away then PS Store will deduct the remainder

  • -1

    *Duplicate * pls remove

  • Was there a game where the villain an illiterate obnoxious arrogant E.coli thats abuses every living thing in its way?

  • In time for Yuffie upgrade.

    Ooh… Latitude Pay requires credit check! Didn't realize that

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