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[Club Plus] eufy Video Door Bell Wireless Inc Home Base 2 E8210CW1 - $244.30 Delivered @ Supercheap Auto


Same deal as last time in April - $244.30 for Club Members ($349 normal price),
Currently $274.99 @ Amazon; $349 @ JB.

  • 2K,HDR and 4:3 ration image quality
  • 180-day battery life
  • IP65 Weatherproof
  • Human Detection Technology
  • Pre-buffer provides 5 seconds of footage prior to the alert
  • 160° wide angle lens
  • 2-Way Audio
  • Local storage - No Monthly Fee

Can also be wired for power or used wireless with built in battery. All footage is stored on Homebase 2 (16GB non expandable).

What’s included: Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered), Screw Hole Positioning-Card, Mounting Bracket, 15 degree Wedge, USB Charging Cable, Extension Wires (for Hardwired Connection), Screw Packs, Doorbell Detaching Pin, HomeBase, Power Adapter (for HomeBase), Ethernet Cable (for HomeBase), Quick Start Guide.

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    Expect to recharge the battery once every 20-25 days if motion detection is on, and once every 3 months if motion detection is off (I'm still testing this part but so far 85% charge after 12 days). Don't know where the 180 days comes from.

    Also don't expect this to replace an intercomm, the delay is quite bad. By the time I get the notification and get the footage loaded the mail man is no longer there. As a doorbell only it's fine as the Homebase will ring as soon as the button is pushed.

    • Glad its not just me that seems to be re-charging it constantly. Not a bad product, but its not as ideal as advertised. Good to get notifications that somebody is at my door before the bell is even rung.

      • +4

        Yea I'd still buy it again though, it serves my intended purpose even if not perfect, besides I don't think any other brand will be any different in terms on delays as it all needs to pass through their servers.

        Also as another fyi for anyone getting this, if you let it die down to 0%, mine won't turn back on unless I leave it on charge for at least the entire day. I thought mine was broken when this first happened, ended up just leaving it plugged it for a couple days while going through return process then it just came back on. Ever since then I just made sure I charged it as it dropped towards 10% which is where my 20-25 days comes from.

        • This is strange to hear coming from someone who has the chime version (not the home base version).

          The intercom is good enough I can have conversations with the person ringing. The delay is no more than 10 seconds while the stream loads up. Maybe the Homebase makes the delay worse?

          I do however need to charge every 2 weeks with high sensitivity motion detection on.

      • Another one here who is charging every 3 weeks. I get like 9000 detections per charge because my front door is street facing. That's even with turning down detection sensitivity. Might just hardwire the bloody thing.

        • I have the E8220CW1 AKA Video Doorbell Slim Wireless 1080p with a lower advertised battery life of just 120days, but I often get more than a month use (sometimes close to two) between chargers. I have motion detection enabled with detection type : Human only and sensitivity at 3. My stats right now show that I have 55% battery left after 17 days of use, 1682 total events, 1597 filtered by AI and 85 saved events.
          If you have Human detection in your camera, try turning it on, that may reduce the number of saved events and reduce battery use slightly. Although you get almost 5 times the events I get, so it may not make a huge difference.

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      Interesting. I have the Xiaomi video doorbell. Pictures and detection are great but the notification and video load are too slow to realistically use. It's basically a glorified door bell. The Xiaomi uses AA batteries.

    • I've got motion detection off for my garage bell and it has been in place for over 6 months now without needing to be recharged and is about 50%. It isn't used much, so it is on par with expectations.

      I got one last week for front door, and motion detection is off…. let's see how long it lasts, but pretty good so far.


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      That doesn't sound right…. I get around 3 months out of mine before I need to recharge. It's not the 6 months that it's touted to last for but 3 months is reasonable.

      • +1

        do you turn on the motion detection ?

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          Not the person you're responding to, but we've had our Eufy doorbell installed since April 4, so 2 months now. Battery is still sitting at 4/5 bars so it seems like its gonna last the 6 months before a recharge.

          We have motion detection on with Human Only.

          Our doorway is in a little nook though, so only people who are on our property and in the direct line of sight of our door get detected - YMMV depending on if you have Human Only or All Motions detection and if there's heaps of activity around your door way.

          Also we've been able to speak directly to several delivery drivers and asked them to leave packages at our door, the delay is around 1sec once we get the Eufy app loaded (around 5 seconds maybe?)

        • Mine is about 3 months, with motion detection on.

          • @vvaaa: Mine is at 53% after 97 days. It was chewing through quicker before I enabled Balanced Surveillance (Beta).

        • +4

          Mine is on 53% after 37 days.
          It is set for "Optimal Surveillance".
          Motion Detection: Human Only
          Sensitivity: 3

          Detected events: 1287
          False events filtered by the AI: 465
          Recorded and saved events: 822

          • @WalterBiH: Mine has the same setting and at 30% after 60 days used.

          • +1

            @WalterBiH: You had 822 humans visit in the last 37 days??? Must be a lot more popular than I am!

            Mine is 60% after 123 days.
            Set to "Optimal Surveillance"
            Motion Detection: All Motions
            Sensitivity: 3

            Detected events: 318
            False events filtered by the AI: 29
            Recorded and saved events: 289

            Maybe I just got lucky with the battery/motion detection.

        • Yep. I have motion detection turned on… set to level 3 sensitivity which manages to pick up (from what I can tell) all humans going past my lot and some of the cars too.

          EDIT: I should note that I take a gander with the camera from time to time which will drain my battery faster. I should be able to get more than 3 months if I wasn't such a sticky beak.

    • Wasserstein 2.5watt solar panels are available from amazon for about 41ish to 43ish AUD (bought from Amazon AU, took 1 week deliv from Amazon US)

      I bought one and it works fine so far

      In hindsight, could probably just have aliexpressed a cheapo solar panel and at 5W too + a decent right-angled microusb cable with decent wire thickness (AWG) and length.

    • +1

      Mine is about 3 months with motion detection on. (That includes it recording me for minutes at a time mowing the front lawn).
      Detection is really good and notifications are pretty quick.
      Ie: Could see the Auspost delivery guy through my window, he left the package and rang the doorbell and about 2-3 seconds later had the alert on my phone…

      • +2

        hmm… the bad posties will ring once, put the paper unable to delivery and turn his back walking away.
        all in 3 secs.

        • you're lucky you even got a ring

          • @BoomTetrisForJeff: you're both lucky.. my postie just always leaves package. Never brings to post office.

    • I've had it for about a 10 months, charged twice, so with motion detection it's been 4-5 months per charge for me.

    • +1

      I was getting around 30 days battery life with motion detection on. Then last month I changed the 2.4Ghz wifi channel on the router and for some miraculous reason the battery life improved significantly. Maybe there was some issue with interference.

      On the current charge there is 85% left after 27 days.

    • +2

      Yours must be defective… Or you live on a super busy street and you haven't masked an area

      I'm at 51 days
      Sensitivity level 5
      1084 detected events
      788 filtered
      296 recorded
      And still have 74% battery left

      One of the best devices I've ever purchased

    • +1

      I charge mine once about every 4 to 5 months even with motion detection on.

    • Strange, My old man got one for Christmas and still hasn't had to recharge it. Has motion detection on too

    • Mine lasts a bit better but I’m not street facing and I just checked my battery is 57% after 48 days since charge. I do have motion detection on but set to the lowest sensitivity and human only and a small activity zone which may also help.

      Agree with delay on doorbell but is useable.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jcd-GqCPLNE

      This review is showing the delay is quite good though, and best out of any of the door bells he tested. Also shows the battery usage in the comments, and Eufy comes out on top (14% left at 90 days with 14 days heavy usage).

      So yes, not 180 days, but seems better than the rest

    • mine has 2000 false events within 2 weeks too, my front door is tuck inside, quite far away from the main street and only on sensitivity 2, no idea how it works, might be faulty

  • on this topic, what is the cheap reliable door bell alternative that use normal AA or AAA (not the other weird one shorter/button cell as they are expensive).
    i tried the ones without battery but it slow and at stop working after a while.
    mainly just so i know the mailman is coming (no need to see/sensor)

  • So I have an existing wired doorbell that goes to a transformer in my roof space, and most of my network equipment is in the garage.
    a) can the doorbell get power from the existing wires, but talk to the Homebase over wireless?
    b) is the actual bell/ringer replaced by the Homebase, or can they both be used? I wouldn't be able to hear a bell in the garage.

    • i have a ring version of this ( battery version). I wired my existing transformer, and works a charm. Never have to charge the battery. Just need a couple of alexa from amazon one upstairs and one downstairs for notifications. downside is i have to $40/year for recording.

      • Ring is cheaper around $115 and performs much better and videos stored on the cloud. This leaves $129 for the subscription that will last you 3 years ($120) !

        Ring is better option imho.

        • You would have to add the chime @ $59 RRP to get the same notification functionality as the homebase on the EUFY. Correct?

          • @Limbot: Yes unless you want to use your phone or alexa

      • Eufy sell a wired version of this doorbell which is a little cheaper and runs better. That is the preferred one to use if you want to use your wires.

      • Ringer connects wirelessly with homebase. Homebase is the ringer, but every phone with properly setup eufy app is also the ringer.

    • +2

      I have the battery version running off the existing doorbell transformer, works great.
      You have the option to use doorbell ringer or Homebase ringer or both.

    • +1

      a) Yes, you can power it using existing wires (8 - 24V)
      b) Happy to be corrected, but I believe that ringer is replaced by the Homebase

      I actually originally wanted wired version, but realised that this "wireless" version supports both options. So I've installed it as stand-alone using battery and won't bother running wires unless battery life turns out to be really bad. So far so god.

      The only negative thing I found is that the actual doorbell/camera can easily be removed by anyone using the simple pin. Another advantage of the "wireless" version is that footage is stored on Homebase, so at least you get to keep the pic of the thief ;)

      • +2

        You do have the option on the app to select Homebase or doorbell ringer or both.

        • You are absolutely right - just found that option in the app :)
          Even has option for Digital or Mechanical chime.

  • Do these work ok if you have to mount them 90degs from the door? I.e I have no way to mount these looking straight out from the door which would obviously be ideal. I'm trying to gauge whether the wide angle lens is enough or its just not worth it.

    • +3

      It's wireless. You can mount it on the floor if you like.

      • +8

        you'll get arrested for that ;)

        • +3

          In my defence your honour, I come from the Land Down Under.

    • +1

      For what it's worth, I have seen a wedge-type mount that will allow you to 'angle' the doorbell so that it's facing the right way. I'm not sure whether it comes in the box or whether you have to buy them separately. Someone else might be able to chime in.

      • +1

        It comes with a 15 degree wedge.

        • I totally overlooked that in the list of stuff, thanks for highlighting that!

    • I also want to know this

  • Installed a unit a fortnight ago and I'm very happy with its performance. Too soon to understand battery recharge needs but the beauty of this model is that it can be wired if required. The motion detection notifications are super handy as the device also acts as a security system. I've got a EUFY Touch Lock Wifi that I'll be installing soon to compliment the system.

  • +4

    This is just my thoughts

    Over priced technology, if you research on AliExpress you will find better deal far cheaper than this one, different brand though… For Ex. Tuya brand doorbell which support Google smart display for around $60… Branded companies just making them over priced…

    • +1

      Thanks for this. Can you link to one? I tried to look and there seems to be a million varieties

        • cheers mate. do they have other cameras too that go with it?

        • Wait..so this one actually displays on your Home Hub when someone rings the doorbell? If so I'm grabbing one.

          • @kuruptz: I am sure it shwos on google hub… But pls confirm with the store… From the photos on the aliexpress it's looks like it's shows on smart display… I was about to buy but still its but expensive for me…

          • +1

            @kuruptz: If you look at those pictures, it appears to me that it does exactly the same thing as Eufy - ie, it will show on Google Display if you ask Google "show me the doorbell". I would be surprised if it displayed automatically when you ring (happy to be corrected, as if it does, it's better than Eufy).
            Eufy issue with Google discussed here.

            I have workaround for mine. I run Eufy app on android tablet which normally shows picture frame sideshow when idle. I then run Macrodroid, and created routine which automatically opens Eufy App as it gets notification of the bell ring. Works a charm and I get near instant stream of the front door on Android tablet if someone rings. Can then speak to them as well if I wish :)

  • Stupid question, but is this easily stolen? Can it be screw mounted to a brick?

    • I also have this question for those of you with wireless solutions. What’s stopping someone from just prying this off the wall?

      • +1

        I read around, apparently this brand is very easily stolen. Apparently lots of them stolen in USA.

        Some said the thief's image should be recorded. But that is only if it is backup up to a nas. Because if they reset the camera and linked it to amother base, it will delete the footage from yours.

        • someone said eufy will provide free replacement if it got stolen ?

      • Exactly and what's the point getting one of these. I'm just gonna stick with wired door bell. I have no need to record strangers at the door

    • There is a mount that the camera 'clicks' into.

      You release it with a pin akin to mobile phone sim slots, but longer.

      Not massively secure, no, but if you have detection on, then the footage should be stored on your home base anyway (until it is reset and added to the thief's homebase)

  • has anyone got it to work with homebase 1? Does the homebase 1 work as the chime?

  • +1

    Standalone doorbell is $187.46 (https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/eufy-video-doorbell-2k-w...)

    To the extent you already have an existing security camera setup with a homebase, can't the doorbell just be hooked up to that existing homebase?

    Any ideas on what the benefit is of having 2 x homebase?

    • +1

      The only benefits I could think of would be extra storage and being able to place additional Home Base elsewhere in the house.

    • EDIT: Standalone has reverted back to pre discount price of $249.95.

      • +1

        Looks like it's because it's "Special Order" now - so probably no local stock.
        If you log in, still shows $187.46 (as part of 30% store wide).

        • +1

          Thanks Walter, you are correct, still the discounted price when you login!

          I am currently considering whether it is worth the extra ~$56 for an extra home base (noting that I have the camera setup with the Homebase 2 already).

        • But not 30% off $187 though, it's 30% off $249, so I wonder how the website come out with $187 shown?

    • Thanks for this. Was about to buy it from Amazon for $207.

  • Question…. if i am going to buy the Eufy 2C with 4 camera, it come with the Home Base.
    is this Home base work with this door bell too ?
    if so, i can buy 2C with 4 camera + Home Base, and buy the door bell only, right ?
    Thank you….

    Edit : bought this package… then wait for the 2C package

    • +1

      Yes, you can sell off the extra Homebase but can't claim warranty, I tried. Eufy won't deal with me and Supercheap wants the Homebase along with all bits and pieces back.

      • Thanks Zorrt.
        will keep the extra homebase… if i can buy the 2C package at very good price..

  • +1

    I will remind people that anyone with a Macquarie account can buy gift cards for 5% off. Plus when you join the supercheap club for $5 you get $10 to spend instantly.
    In the end, using $220 worth of gift cards (costing $209) plus the net $5 from joining the club, I spent $228.30 - i.e. you can save an additional $16.

    • +6

      8% off gift card , from Suncorp benefits.

    • Do they send the $10 code immediately or next day?

      • +1

        I did it as two separate purchases.
        First I signed up and spent $5 to join - set password etc all that stuff.
        Then I logged in using my newly activated membership and bought the Eufy.
        On the final payment screen is all the payment options - card, credit, voucher etc.

    • +1

      10% off for those with rewardgateway.

  • +1

    Quick Q if anyone knows - with this wireless version, I understand that it can trigger your current mechanical doorbell chime if you just connect the two wires, but do these two wires then power it - meaning no need to recharge every couple of weeks?

    EDIT - confirmed it does after reading manual.

  • +7

    F.Y.I: Eufy had a major security breach a few weeks back: link . I have the E8220CW1 AKA Video Doorbell Slim Wireless 1080p which was also affected. Even though the problem got fixed within a couple of hours, this breach exposes a major security flaw in their system; which is lack of end-to-end encryption. As I have mentioned in one of the other Eufy threads, encryption is such an essential part of data security, any company who doesn’t encrypt sensitive data in 2021 either don’t understand data security or simply don’t care. So keep that in mind when buying this doorbell.

    PS: That 9news article has got some facts wrong like Eufy is owned by a US company Anker, when in fact Anker is a Chinese company. They have also said the problem affected thousands of people, however Eufy says it only impacted 712 people (but I wouldn’t really trust that figure either:) ).

  • +1

    Any renters out there who are looking for wireless doorbells? Any tips/tricks to actually get it installed while not damaging/physically affecting the property?

    • +2

      Since your profile says you are in VIC according to new rental laws:

      A renter can install any of the following items without permission,
      • picture hooks or screws for wall mounts, shelves or brackets on all surfaces except exposed brick or concrete walls
      • wall anchors to secure items of furniture on all surfaces except exposed brick or concrete walls
      • removable safety devices such as alarm systems or security cameras as long as they:
      . . . • do not impact the privacy of neighbours
      . . . • can easily be removed from the property
      . . . • are not hardwired to the property.

      So technically you should be fine screwing in the camera to a wooden door frame or the door itself if you have a wooden door. Besides, repairing a small screw hole in a door / door frame is also relativly simple to DIY job with some wood filler and colour matched paint.

    • Look up the "Doorbell Boa" and/or equivalents/ripoffs of it

      Here's the one I bought and installed:


      I grabbed it off amazon au (via amazon us, 1 week to ship in) for ~$55ish which was compatible with my outward swinging screen door (inward swinging door + mount position is more secure)


      I tried googling for alternatives too + search on aliexpress but could not find something cheaper.

  • Get the wired version. IIRC, you can self-install since it's low voltage.

    • +4

      The Wireless version outperforms the wired version in a number of categories. AND you can HARDWIRE the wireless version. It has the exact same electrical contacts on the back.

      • Wired is 10fps, Wireless is 15fps
      • Wireless comes with the basestation
      • Wired has 4gb internal storage, Wireless has 16gb stored on the basestation. If the hardwired gets stolen, the footage goes with it. If the wireless gets stolen, the footage is on the basestation.
  • thanks OP!

    missed out on this deal last April by a day and almost pulled the trigger on the amazon one for 277.

  • Think I'll jump on board one of these, with their next generation of video doorbell. Whenever that is.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Only just broke ground on my new house this week, but I can at least get this going and intergrated into my "smart" home system at my rental before we take possession (hopefully something heaps better and cheaper doesn't come out before then) and easily move it. Strangely (and not intentionally), I ordered originally with membership ($5 cost) to get the special price and the $10 credit but for some reason my payment bounced. Went into reorder everything (inc membership), but I had a $10 member voucher available to use, so cost me $234.30 all up ( oh plus me $1.22 cashback) :)

  • Awesome doorbell, very happy with it.

  • +1

    And the icing on the cake. EUFY is running a promotion for this month. Just won a 2K indoor camera. Dont' know what I'll do with it but it's "free" :)


    Good luck everyone !!!

  • Looking to buy - Eufy Cam Security Kit - 3 X 1080P Eufy Cameras + AI Homebase, T8804CD2 from supercheap. This seems to have homebase 1. Any suggestions please?

  • +1

    I have had this model for around 3 months and paired it with multiple Eufy Pro 2 cameras (2k resolution - USA only models) and is amazing. Doorbell has roughly 1500 detected events over 90 days, set at 120 seconds of recording and still have almost 60% battery.

    Great quality video both day and night.

  • +1

    Finally decided to bite the bullet after tossing and turning about it. Worked out to be $215.37 after signing up to clubplus for $5 to get $10 credit first and then paid it all by 10% off SCA gift cards. If shopback tracks then an extra dollar my way but i don’t count on it. Not a bad deal!

  • Does the homebase have to be connected to my router with an ethernet cable? Does it have wi-fi connection?

    My router is at downstairs but I want to place the homebase upstairs, the internet socket doesn't work upstairs.

    • Yes, Homebase 2 works on Wifi too.