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[VIC] Free Nursery Equipment Program: Car Seat/Booster Seat, Cot, Mattress & Mattress Protector @ DHHS VIC


The Nursery Equipment Program is designed to improve the health and wellbeing of a child through the provision of
a safer physical environment.
There is strict eligibility criteria for the program.


The Nursery Equipment Program provides for one cot ensemble and one car seat for a child who:
• is under the age of 12 months and engaged in the Victorian Maternal and Child Health Service.
• has an identified safety concern on the revised Safe Sleeping Checklist that requires the purchase of new equipment
• is part of a family with low income, * mental health issues, drug or alcohol dependency or family violence issues, which adversely impact on their ability to provide safe nursery equipment.
• Note: children who are known to child protection are eligible to receive equipment under the NEP unless they are on a court order and have access to brokerage funding for the same purpose.

Talk to your local council for more details.


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