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Karcher G 3000 Petrol Pressure Washer $454.30 (Was $649) C&C /+ Post @ Supercheap Auto ($408.87 with 10% Price Beat @ Bunnings)


Great price for a brand name Petrol 3000PSI Pressure washer.

On top of that, went into Bunnings this morning and got them to Price Beat with further 10% off to $408.87
Link here Bunnings - Karcher G3000 Petrol Pressure Washer

Thanks to O/P Ciab for positing the 30% off at Supercheap Auto

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    Can this be used to jet blast toliet drain blockages?

  • I've been using the now discontinued model G2800 for a few years and never miss a beat, mainly for washing cars and occasionally washing driveway. I would love to get one with Honda engine but never seen a discount on that model.

    • What's the advantage to the Honda engine, are they higher pressure or more reliable than Kärcher? Considering they're known for pressure washers I'd have thought it would be better but maybe the Honda does something this doesn't?

  • Anyone know if this Karcher petrol model will accept the attachments that fit their electric models, eg patio cleaner, rotary brush, etc, as I have spent a fair bit on Karcher attachments over the years, but fancy the extra power/ mobility of the petrol one.

    • I'd be kinda scared man, 3k psi isn't something you want to mess with.

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        Piece of pssi man.

        • Just had a lot at a few of the attachments, 1750, 2100, 1600, 1250 max psi ect

    • This uses the "quick connect" attachment systems.
      Looking at the K5 from bunnings for example; it will not fit onto this system (k5 has a insert and twist function - not sure of proper name but its probably like a K series attachment)

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        Yes, my attachments are all the push and twist type, shame they won't fit this; this is what sucks when you get trapped in one manufacturer's "eco-system".

        • Though I'm not sure whether you can change the fittings on this petrol pressure washer to fit into the K series attachments..
          I know when I bought a foam canon - it did have different attachments to suit different pressure washers
          However finding the exact answer for this seems quite tedious

    • Short answer - no ! The petrol machine has a ¼" quick connect fitting on the end of the lance which is different to any of the electric lances. Also, none of the domestic electric models go above 2650psi, so none of the accessories are rated for 3000psi.

      Get one of these - it is about 30% bigger and better made than the little yellow one that comes with the electric machines.

      • And if you are looking for a longer extension hose, the G3000 hose has M22 14mm fittings on both ends.

  • Just spoke to Bunnings who say they won't match club prices. Has to be an advertised price to everyone.

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      I bought mine this morning. I said Club Membership is free and anyone can join. Showed them on website and they then said ok. It also doesn't say anywhere on the website about not having to sign up to anything.

      Refer here:

      In Stock: Tick
      Pickup: Tick
      Exactly the same item including product number: Tick.

      I would go back and push them hard, or you will be calling consumer protection for misleading or false advertising of price beat.

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        Thanks. Just spoke to another store who says that they can price beat. Worth calling around.

        • It is a price that everyone can access - they just have to walk into a Supercheap store and sign up first.

          Bunnings tried to pull the same stunt with me in March when I bought a G3000 on price match during the last Supercheap 30% deal. It took 3 people before I got a person to (very reluctantly) agree to price match when I told them that they could walk into Supercheap, sign up and get the same price.

          • @Andy01: Yeah, just got an email saying they can't price beat anymore… Jeez. Will send another email to see if they will budge.

      • Got the same story at Maitland Bunnings and after dealing with 4 people they reluctantly gave it to me at SCA member price but would not give 10%. Can upload receipt if it will help any one bargain. Also noticed when there that they had the Dewalt 3200psi petrol on special for $545 if I recall correctly. Not sure what normal price is.

      • Got Bunnings Vermont South (VIC) to approve - received a text this morning of the refunded amount (difference between bunnings original price and the price beat of SCA with 10%)
        Bunnings Nunawading did not approve

        • Hey mate,

          Who did you spoke to? Tried a few stores already but no luck - same excuses "can't price beat promotional item"

          • @vash12: Spoke to Hunter but he was asking Kate at click and collect

            • @ahxching: Get someone with a PowerPass to visit store (entry allowed during lockdown if you have a PowerPass). Easier to get the deal if in store. Most larger stores in Melbourne still have stock. Check first.

              • @rifter: Not sure what power pass is, however only tradies are allowed to go into the store, us commoners have to click and collect lol (so whatever you buy has to be thru the website)

                • @ahxching: Time to learn about the Bunnngs PowerPass

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    Luckily this is one of the rare items at Bunnings which doest have the 'special Bunnings product number' so it can't be price matched.

  • I tried the bunnings 10% price match but they said at non club prices. Then they said I can get it at $600 right now but I said no thanks it's $150 cheaper down the road lol.

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      See above. There is nothing fancy about "club prices" - anyone can join at any time.

      • I should of argued but couldn't be bothered. Lost $50 but still saved a fair bit at supercheap.

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          Time to hand in your OzKaren card

        • Get the Karcher surface cleaner at Bunnings for $88 - good price and works like a charm on the driveway.

          • @Andy01: Yeah I checked that out it looks so good, will get tomorrow! I'll also get the petrol foam cannon and a 10M extension too, need to clean the roof in summer to prime and paint.

  • Will this be too powerful a pressure to wash a car without damaging the paint?

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      Depends how close you put it to the paint, it's usually safe but if you have chips you could accidentally make them bigger with this.

  • Just seeing if anyone who bought the Karcher has tried it yet….initial thoughts, pros+cons, etc.

    • I set it up and turned it on for about 5mins yesterday, set instructions were not the best (in relation to connecting the hose/filter setup) but otherwise it was alright.
      Instructions also stated to add supplied oil til it reaches the desired point on the dipstick; just empty the whole bottle in..
      Watched a few videos of other petrol pressure washers and they said to make sure the water is turned on prior to starting the washer, did this but engine died after first spin because I had one of the adjustments in the incorrect setting, this lead me to jam up the puller cable (thought I broke it already), turns out I needed to release the pressure by pushing the trigger.
      After this the washer ran fine with no issues and pressure was nice, exhaust cover was smoking but nothing to be concerned of, I don't think.
      Washer was quite loud however I did start it later in the day and washer didn't seem to run too smoothly but that could just be my lack of experience (this is my first petrol pressure washer).
      Forgot to mention build quality seems quite good, however the hose from the washer to the gun is a screw on type and the first tiny bit of thread has slightly been mangled, so I'll just leave the hose connected from now on
      Hope this helps…

    • Very happy with mine. Ripped thru cleaning a very dirty brick wall in 15 min that would have taken me well over an hour with my electric 2200psi power washer.

      Hose at just under 8m is a bit short so have purchased 20m hose for $30 from ebay. Also waiting on a 3000psi turbo head to really see how powerful this thing is.

      • Are you able to link me to the hose and turbo nozzle that you have purchased for this washer?

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          $30 offer accepted. Arrived 3 days later. Hose received is labelled 5800psi as shown is ad image. Not sure why their ad says 4500psi/40mpa because 40mpa is equal to 5800psi.

    • Thanks for the low-down; forgot to ask……is it a German made engine or is the whole thing made in China?

  • Merged from SCA Club Member Discount for Karcher pressure washer and Bunnings Refusal to Price Match

    Check the listing 05/06 so I don’t have to repeat myself. After emailing Bunnings head office and complaining about my experience they have offered me a $50 gift card.

    • +9

      good job karen

      • how do I +vote this comment another 10 times? lol

    • Why the upvotes? Ozb wouldn't be what it is without enforcing price matches

      • i dont know the story but from the title, he tried price matching SCA club price @Bunnings….SCA club price is a paid service..bunnings dont do that in the first karen did what karen does best, whinge until they get what they want

        • Don't know who Karen is and neither do I understand why your comment is relevant to the thread or why you care, perhaps you can enlighten me. I ended up getting the washer from Bunnings for $404.30, appears to be bargain to me.

  • It's like a $5 club tho.

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