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[XB1, PS4] Cyberpunk 2077 Day One Edition $24.97 @ Costco (Membership Required)


$24.97 for an excellent game. Or maybe a horrible game. I loved it but if you don't, I'm not judging.

Cheaper than last time for Xbox One and PS4. Saw this one at Marsden Park, NSW.

PS: I took a photo but posting on mobile and Ozbargin won't let me upload the photo

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    You can upload a file by clicking "My account" then Files. You can then copy and paste the url of the file into your deal post

  • Thanks. Hmm at $25 this may be worth it.

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      This game will never run well on XB1 and PS4. I really wouldn't bother.

      Ignoring all the bugs, cut features/content, etc, the game engine simply can't run well on older consoles, and it's ridiculous they had the balls to put it out for sale on these consoles in the first place. It shouldn't have even passed MS and Sony certification, which is why they were so quick to offer refunds for purchases through the Xbox Store and PS Store.

      • Oh I totally missed it was for XB1 and PS4. Yeah you're right.

        • how about an XB1X?

        • Same version still runs on XBX, XSS, XSX, PS4 Pro and PS5.

          My personal experience even from launch on XSX was that it ran quite well, and from what I've seen on Digital Foundry Youtube it that isn't too bad on One X/PS4 Pro either, but YMMV.

    • I honestly think it’s worth $3.50 on any platform as a texh demo. The game is a lemon. Even Deus Wx Invisible War is much better.

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        The cyberpunk genre in general has been a let down constantly. The last great cyberpunk game was the original Deus Ex.

        Would love to see Arkane take a crack at it. Prey wasn't quite cyberpunk, but was a brilliant sci-fi RPG

  • How does this go on a PS5?

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      Still a few glitches but other than that, it's great on PS5

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        Thanks, JB price matched for me

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        I always thought it was more designed for next gen consoles and they just had to find a way to market it down for last gen but didn't actually care if it worked or not.

  • Great price !!

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    waiting for it to hit sub $5

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      It will get there by 2077.

    • +1

      It might be worth it then

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    Day one edition and over 200 awards? Something doesnt add up.

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      200 most anticipated game awards over the years it was in development

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      Something doesnt add up.

      Sure it does, gaming "journalists" and critics operate on a pay-to-win basis just like most F2P games.

      • there are very few cases where the critical acclaim doesn't match with the player acclaim though, I don't understand how this game reviewed so well but i'm not sure that i'm convinced the scores were just bought, or it would be so much more rampant.

        You can however look at the reaction to the Gamespot review, the reviewer got death threats for giving it a 7… the problem is gamers are the bottom of society.

        • I reckon most of them were in fact "most anticipated game" awards and pretty much anyone can give out such an "award" which is why you can have 200 awards on release day

          • @FireRunner: sure, but i do believe he was referring to the the score, which is what most people are complaining about about when they say "gaming "journalists" and critics operate on a pay-to-win basis"

      • Sad but true.

        Skillup on YouTube is the only game critic I trust nowadays.

        It also helps that he is Aussie, been into games for decades and is damn entertaining too.

  • Can anyone comment on how this runs after a million updates on the base ps4/slim?

    • Haven't tried it myself but everything I've heard says that it's still not worth it on base.

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      no amount of bug fixes will fix the fact that the game is completely lifeless and needed at least another year of dev time.

  • Does this play ok on ps5?

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      I have the PS4 version that I downloaded and played via the PS5.

      Is it glitchy? Sometimes, not as often at all. Then again, majority of the issues are with PS4 & XBOX playback compared to PS5. I find the PS5 handles it wonderfully. Only glitches I have come across were dumb stuff like sometimes, you can't pick up an item from the ground because the angle to access it isn't good.

      Do I recommend it? yes but its still pretty subjective. I seem to have a taste for failed but fixed games. My last complete playthrough was with Watch Dogs 2 and Watch Dogs (The original) if it matters at all.

    • Mostly yes, except the crashes.

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    This is getting a free PS5 upgrade sometime isn't it? So I guess not a bad price for a new PS5 game.

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      believe it when we see it

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    I got it on pc last year and play on high/ultra with a 3080. Never experienced the bugs people report.

    It's just so boring and gameplay is clunky it's so uninvolving. Played a few hours and never went back to it. I wouldn't even rate the graphics

    • +7

      Graphics are pretty good imo
      Gameplay is very "unpolished"
      Story is hit and miss
      Driving is absolute garbij
      Car sounds are pretty bad (didn't expect that from cdpr, coz they've worked on some racing games before)
      Overall, its meh

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        Ironic, the lack of polish, given CD Project Red is, you know, Polish.

        • Duplicate

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          I think this is a case of, all Polish and no shine?

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            @Knightelf: As a Pole, I apologise to everyone. It has brought great shame on my country 😒

  • to be honest the PS4 version isn't worth anything to me it is the most buggy version of Cyberpunk you can get.

    I advice avoiding it. and getting the PC version.

    • +3

      I disagree with this. I only had a small amount of visual bugs when playing on an initial release PS4. Zero game breaking bugs.

      I thoroughly enjoyed the game and recommend others give it a go for themselves.

      • +1

        Zero game breaking bugs? Technically yes, but it's still pretty bad, especially if you don't have a PS4 Pro.

        Digital Foundry have a pretty good review of the 1.2 patch for consoles, which is more positive than my opinions, but still basically says this isn't good enough. Also, the way they improved performance on console? They just ripped out more content so there's less to render.


        • -1

          I found it no different to playing a Fallout game which has bugs.

          For this price I highly suggest people give it a go.

          • @Spootage: Yeah its weird that Fallout games gets a pass for all of its bugs. Fans are so accepting that even Todd Howard can make jokes about it. I suppose that all changed after Fallout 76 was released and it was just a shit game. Personally, I didnt have too many issues playing CP on PC. I hope they fix all the issues and polish it because there's a lot potential already there.

          • +1

            @Spootage: this is super disingenuous. there was a Fallout game that was ridiculously buggy, 76, and it was rightfully panned. while the Fallout 3/4 and Elder Scrolls games are buggy, they are still complete games, which CP77 absolutely is not.

            Oblivion is 15 YEARS OLD and the NPCs in that game are orders of magnitude more lifelike than CP77's.

            • @noodlesfordaddy: Absolutely spot on. CP77 isn't a finished game. It's missing a heap of content and features that were promised, and demoed, but never made it into the game, because they rushed it out the door to capitalise on the new gen consoles.

              And the funny thing is, the patch that improved performance on XBone and PS4 did it by removing even more content/assets from the game.

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            @Spootage: On PC I've found it more buggy than a Bethesda RPG (not that they aren't much better). In general I was seeing multiple bugs every game session, and in the early days of the game was getting crashes literally every hour.

            But while Bethesda might push out buggy games, what CD Projekt did here was hype the shit out of it with a heap of very specific gameplay features and content, a large amount of which never made it into the game. They flat out lied right up until the game was released.

      • My experience was based on the release version of the game. the PS4 version was removed from the playstation store and refunds were issued because the version was so bad. Sony is still issuing refunds to people that did buy it.

        I don't know if Sony banned any software updates for the game or not but I really doubt its any better than it was on release.

        PC version however had none of the issues the current PS4 issue has.

        the general consensus of the ps4 version was that it was unplayable.

        • Mine was also based on the release version. I picked up my copy on day one.

          Several updates have come out for the PS4.

          I really honestly do not understand the hate. Did I just get extremely lucky and not have any major bugs?

          • @Spootage: All I will say is when I bought the PS4 version on release day I got a refund from sony because it crashed to the point where it wasn't playable. Then I got the PC version of cyberpunk with NO ISSUES AT ALL and it was playable. millions of people had pretty much said the same thing about the realease verison of the PS4 verison.

            you much be the 1% of people on PS4 that had no issues.

            • +1

              @kungfuman: So weird how people are having such different experiences on the same platform.

  • +3

    still $23.97 too much

    • +1

      100% agree the buggy unplayable mess of the PS4 version especially is not even worth a dollar

  • +2

    If you are playing the PS4 version on PS5, I tried it on release (and then was waiting for the PS5 version to come out) and it plays about how you would expect the PS4 Pro version to run, it runs at 60FPS and looks average. Not to be confused with how it actually runs on PS4 Pro, which is barely in some places.

    If you want to play the game on PS5, I'd recommend it, just don't expect fancy raytracing or other fancy graphics, just expect something on par on what you would expect a modern Bethesda game to run.

  • Would target price match? Are games and toys and he same?

    • It's worth a try, somebody above said they priced matched theirs at JB HI FI

  • +1

    Runs great on my Xbox Series X, but waiting for the "next gen" patch before I go for a play through

    • This is me too, XSX ready to go, I'll buy when they give it the next gen treatment. So much on Game Pass to keep me busy in the meantime.

      • +1

        Gamepass is amazing

        • Yup, not a fan of digital usually bit can't argue with the value. $100 for a year of games vs Sony charging RRP for a single download.
          Skipping the xBone helps with a full generation of games to catch up on

      • @dvstec - I have XSX. Do you know when that patch will be released? I have only just started playing it and haven’t found any bugs. But it’s still early days.

        If you are open to pre-owned you can get it for cheaper. Took 40 minutes to install and then another 35gb update which was annoying.

    • Yep same. Keen to try it on my XSX. But not bothering with the "current gen" version

    • Are you playing it on 1080p monitor or a 4K TV? From my experience playing on a 65 inch 4k tv sucks. The controls suck so bad.

  • When they were 34, 0.34 was my target. Glad now I am $10 close. Keep going.

  • Worth picking up now for that price. It's value will no doubt rise again once the next gen patches come and the narrative around the game shifts to be far more positive.

  • +1

    Please watch this before buying for Xbox One or PS4


  • +3

    Bought this game in actual day one.

    My two cents: not worth $24.97

    • I agree with you.

  • This seems to be a price error- just went to Costco Ringwood and the price in their system is still $49.98
    Looked up Marsden Park inventory - they had 9 in stock at the time of checking on the Xbox at $49.98.
    Hope this helps.

    • Confirmed not available at Costco Crossroad.

    • pretty sure i saw it at docklands for $35 a few days ago

  • Cyberpunk 2077 Day One Hundred and Seventy Six Edition

    • Wow time flies…only seems like yesterday when I got ripped off buying this game. Still overpriced at $24.97. Might try playing again in a few years when the bugs are ironed out but it feels like this generation's E.T.

  • +4

    One of the most disappointing games I've ever played. Felt like a half-finished alpha version

  • +2

    I still find it quite amazing how they went from the polish and finesse of Witcher 3 to THIS…

    I would say CP2077 would be a great game if it was made by a small indie studio and I would gladly tolerate the “low quality” bits. But, knowing that the same people who made Witcher 3, also made THIS, just tickles me in a very funny way.

    • +2

      W3 didn't exactly launch without issues, and W1 and 2 were plagued with issues. W3 is amazing because they spent a long time working on it pre and post release.

      This was a whole new beast. Is in 1st person not 3rd which is usually their bag, and has physics for a whole lot of elements they have never dealt with before.

      But if they ever get to a third Cyberpunk game, it will be incredible.

  • The PS4 version is really expensive for a paperweight.

  • Turn off the "noir" effects the game is awesome. My favourite thing is I just run in and cut people down with a sword while they are frantically shooting at me. I play it on PC. Worth it.

  • +2

    best i can do is $20

  • The trade in value for this game was $48 @ EB games with the 1.5x trade in a month ago. What a shame that's over.

  • I'd only buy for PC, not gonna risk it knowing the issues it has with XBOX and PS4.

  • +1

    The modern day E.T.

    Destined for landfill.

  • Curses, just got the eBay deal

  • +2

    I've sunk almost 90 hours into my first playthrough on PC - I know it's super polarising, but I absolutely love this game.
    For the most part it looks amazing, it has some really great characters with stellar voice acting (though more interaction with a number of them would have been much better) and the gunplay is really satisfying (especially with some OP pistol craziness).
    I've also experienced almost 0 bugs the entire time I've been playing.
    But yeah, the driving is absolute ass. Thank god it has fast travel.

    It does need more story content, though, as a lot of the little side quests are very repetitive and samey.

  • It's cheap for a reason 🙃

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