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Xbox Series X $749 (in-Store Only) @ The Good Guys


First post. Good guys have had a restock on series X stock IN STORE. Just picked up mine from my local store. Check for instore stock on their website and give them a call to confirm/place one on hold. If they don't have one in stock at your closest store, ask them to check other stores around the area (How I found mine)

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Artarmon and Chatswood both showing stock right now, nice find.

  • Good find.

  • All stores near me seem to have stock - Tempe, Alexandria and Moore Park.

    • Not a single store near me.

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    If we pay cash, will they slash the prices?

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      Theremin noises

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        I saw Mike Love doing the Beach Boys old songs a few years ago. I still can't hear that song without associating it with the good guys now.

  • Microsoft has too

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      Remember to use the spend $400 get $80 offer (AMEX offer) at Microsoft - for those that got and saved the offer.

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        Bought one from Microsoft yesterday, added the additional warranty for a total price of $804.20 and split the payment over 2 Amex cards. $160 back. Win Win.

        • I think amex offer is on time $80 back

          • @Tonyz123: Redeem the offer on two AMEX credit cards.

        • How did you split payment? Is it doable on Microsoft online?

          • @FOX: Firstly, you will need to add 2 credit cards on your Microsoft account. Add the Xbox in your cart (if in stock), and any other item to get over $800, and then call support.

            They will take you through the process of purchasing $400 in Microsoft gift cards on one card and then redeeming them on your account. They will then charge the other card the remaining balance.

            Good luck.

    • Link?

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    • Does anyone know if Shopback 5.5% works on this.

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    Also as an FYI, the Elite Controller 2 is popping up at my local JB Hi-Fi's and EBGames and I picked one up yesterday, so might be a whole bunch of Microsoft goodness that got delivered to Australia.

    The Elite Controller 2 is expensive but its a really nice controller.

    • yep saw one at my local JB hifi when I bought cold war xbox series X edition and the microsoft wireless xbox series X headset.

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      That's awesome that they got one, Sony missed the boat.

      I can get a custom PS5 controller for $300 with back buttons, smart triggers. It would of been nice if Sony had done something like an elite controller.

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        Sorry did you just say $300 for a controller? Wow that's almost half the price of a new console. What technological advancements does it have that made it cost that much? I can understand an console actually has all the electronic parts in it that cost 750$ but a controller?

        • Hardware wise, it has paddles on the back and different sticks and D-pad to swap for individual preferences. It is also customisable with button mapping, stick behaviour changes, trigger locks, and storing game profiles. It probably has a fair bit of mark up but there isn’t much competition.

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    got mine from telstra, yesterday it was delievered I have to say game pass is the best thing ever!! I also bought cold war on this!! amazing!!

    I recommend the micosoft series X headphones as well they are relaly good for the price.

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    So many xsx restock recently, maybe we will see the usual bundle sale not too far away.

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      my local tgg has stock , but i am not in hurry. let the wind blow

      • See my post below. Stores showing stock do not actually have any. All 3 closest stores to me have this issue.

        Sydney seems to be Artarmon and Caringbah only.

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    Scalpers, assemble.

    • Are ppl scalping XBOX too. Desperate times man.

      • going for 900+ on evilbay

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    Now Xbox series X everywhere!

  • Looks like the website is not showing correct stock. My local store (Auburn) shows in stock on the website, but they tell me they have no stock. They got some Wednesday, sold out Wednesday. Other nearby stores (Blacktown, Wetherill Park, Bankstown) all show stock but I don't believe they have any.

    They are suggesting Artarmon or Caringbah - 'they seem to have some in stock'. I am assuming they are checking the system directly and trying to direct me to a store that does have stock.

    Meanwhile as I am typing this I got a call from EB - my preorder from March has finally arrived, so I will just go and pick that up in the morning instead.

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    Why are these things starting to pop up everywhere yet PS5 still rarer than a unicorn

    • because PS5 cost is way over their sale price hence they are no rush while waiting for more game titles avail + shortage of chip affecting them differently

      • The PS5 is making a profit for every console sold starting this month.

        It’s basically offer can’t meet demand.

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          LOL, you believe Sony's little presentation. If the PS5 is hard to get in Australia it is because they are prioritizing other markets.

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    I called three GG down here in VIC (Chadstone, Bayswater, Nunawading) they said no stock even if the site showing stock :(

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      The staff are holding onto them for mates ;)

    • Yep, Nunawading is my local.
      No love for the Eastside.

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    I called a bunch of the Brisbane/GC stores, even though the website is showing they have stock, they don't have any.

    And then they would tell me a different store definitely had stock, and I'd call that store, and they'd say no.

    In conclusion, the GG stock system is a complete mess :)

    • Same with my nearest store in Sydney, got my hopes up :(

      • Call some of your local JB HiFis - some of the Brisbane ones have stock.

        • I can confirm that I rang two JBs (Nunawading, Forest Hill) and they said they have stock of PS5 and XBOX SX but since VIC metro is in lock down we can't buy it in store and can't click and collect them because it's not live on their site yet.

    • I got mine at the macgregor store after originally calling Oxley. Maybe see if they still have them in stock? good luck!

  • Mine local says
    Xbox Series X 1TB
    Coming soon - not available yet. Check again soon.

    Dande/Franga/Mornington etc - none.

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    JB Hi Fi Maroochydore received stock. We just walked out the door with ours.
    Good Guys Maroochydore did not have stock.

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      I rang JBHi Fi at Kedron, they have stock, and put one aside for me.

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    Gen 1 sucks. Mine keeps turning off. Was mostly online gaming now it's moved to do it randomly

    • Warranty that mofo. I have one from the original launch batch and have had very few issues, the issues I have had were software I believe.

      • Yes, the games unplayed noted the issue and it's meant to be patched. Streaming Stan the other day it just completely went off as well. Machine was cool as a cucumber.

    • Mine used to turn off every time I played Dirt 5 but it hasn't happened again since last year.

      • Your A button stuck yet?

        • No, my controller is still working perfectly so far.

    • Gen 1? Have they made a revision?

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    For anyone in doubt, best just to call your local store. Called my local and confirmed 2 in stock.

    Good chance there'll be 0 by the time I'm down there this afternoon, but worth a go.

  • I just got like 25 god tier Xbox one games on facebook marketplace ready for the xbox series x to arrive next week. Here we go boyyzz

    • Centerlink?

      • I put them on the shelf and mire them, like my goosebumps collection. No such luck as getting centrelink.

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          Same as me 😁 like buying them, don’t get much time to play

          • @DisabledUser40256: I've installed ghosts of tsushima on the ps5 last night. Today I might actually play it - fingers crossed XD

            • @Budju: 🤞 quick resume helps keep you gaming, you gonna love that on the X.

  • Any stock in Victoria?

    • This just in: we in lockdown, stores are closed!

  • Thanks for the heads up. Have opted to go with the Telstra All Access deal as I will be using Ultimate anyway considering Bethesda exclusivity now.

  • Merged from Xbox Series X $749 (in-Store Only) @ The Good Guys

    The Good Guys has the Series X again. Stock depends on individual stores. Grab it before it's gone.

    • None of my stores have availability. Heck I don't even know if Victorian stores are open yet?

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        I am in Brisbane area and all the stores nearby have it.

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          Ok but that doesn't really help my point lol.

          Might help QLD folks I guess..

    • No stock in ACT as far as I can tell :(

      • I live in QLD. All the stores near me have stock: Macgregor, Brown Plains, Oxley.

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      What's the hash rate?

      • the same as the Series S which is cheaper / faster ROI

      • you joke but I'm fairly sure someone in the world has broken the security to the point of being able to mine with it.

        • you don't need to break the security.
          just pay Microsoft $20, then you can turn your xbox into a developer machine.
          after that, you can code up (or for us, compile opensource software from github), sign it with your id, and install it on your console.

          better off doing this on a series s though since it'd get the same hash rate but cost less.

          • @idonotknowwhy: Pretty damn sure if it was actually possible to mine with it, we'd have seen someone doing it by now.

            • @Vinodra: seen?

              Have you heard of industrial miners?

              idonotknowwhy: I've heard the cooling on the S is not as good for certain purposes being discussed.

              Developer mode doesn't give you the full unlocked power afaik.

              • @Zorlin: I saw someone on discord had a proof of concept miner for the xbox one x with the GPU a while ago.
                While it's possible, but probably not economical. Miners seem to buy a tonne of GPUs for 1 motherboard
                The overhead for running 1 console per gpu probably wouldn't be worth it?

                • +1

                  @idonotknowwhy: Eh, the CPU is fairly efficient. I've ran farms before with single GPU miners and it's still been extremely worth it.

                  Keep in mind that the extreme drought of hardware affected the miners too - even if they pretty much caused it. Desperation is a hell of a drug, and some money is better than no money - consoles start to look mighty tempting, especially when 60MH/s would be a reasonable lowball figure for the XSX if properly optimized (due to the very high memory bandwidth). Turns out the XSS (ha) has a much thinner memory bus to the GPU so wouldn't be great anyways.

                  This is all speculation, but I know with pretty high confidence that industrial miners who routinely buy actual metric tons of equipment tend to be creative and resourceful, regardless of what you think of what they do. Well, enough of them are to do interesting stuff, at least.

                  Regular dev mode is essentially LHR in a way, you only get 45% of the gpu power and a fairly small segment of memory and VRAM, plus you're limited to UWP with some native extensions.

                  Even as someone who's vaguely in the space, I'm extremely thankful the XSX wasn't publicly cracked for mining, and I'm starting to wonder if some of the drought was from industrials.

                  • @Zorlin:

                    Regular dev mode is essentially LHR in a way, you only get 45% of the gpu power and a fairly small segment of memory and VRAM, plus you're limited to UWP with some native extensions.

                    Thanks for the info, pretty much all news to me ^
                    Pretty impressive that they got Dolphin and PCSX2 running then.

                    regardless of what you think of what they do

                    No problem with miners at all, that's capitalism and they're not even entirely to blame for the gpu shortage.

                    I don't mine and don't want to buy any Gen 9 consoles (other than my hacked switch) but I too am glad these aren't being used for mining.
                    I'd have hated it back in the day when Halo 3 launched if I couldn't buy an Xbox 360.

                    • @idonotknowwhy: I'm not strongly for or against miners, and technically am one myself.

                      People tend to lump them into one group though. Someone with 1-10 cards is not the same as someone with 10,000 cards, especially if the cards are sometimes used for gaming and cuda work, imo… Industrial miners combine with scalpers to pull most of the hardware off the market.

      • $50 a gram

      • +1

        Do you work for Gerry Harvey?

    • +2

      Lol what a wank every store zero stock. Click bait indeed for Victoria. Also there phone system sucks.

    • +2

      By the time this console becomes available to all that want it, it'll be time for an upgrade again!

    • +2

      For those in Victoria I finally spoke to a helpful person, 4 phone calls to different branches and he said there is 1 only showing in hoppers crossing so who ever lives around there perhaps try them. Who knows you might get lucky.

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    FYI, not Good Guys but JB Hi-Fi Greensborough have XSX stock in-store only. I picked one up this morning. Recommend calling your local JB, they got some during lockdown.

    • Thanks, called nearest JB (Maribyrnong - VIC), they have some in stock. I bought one !

  • I am after one and can't find it in any of the local stores. I am near postcode VIC 3030. Happy to travel if anyone has any leads, please! Thanks in advance!

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