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Boost Mobile SIM Starter Kit $200 150GB Data $160 + Bonus, $300 240GB Data $240 + Bonus Delivered at Auditech


We have EOFY sale for Boost SIM starter kits with bonus, use code BONUS at checkout

Boost200 + Voda30 - $160
150GB data (activate before 5/7)
100GB data after 5/7

Boost300 + Voda30 x 2 - $240
240GB data

Considering the cheapest offer for Voda30 is $8 each, the deal brings the Boost200 to $152 and the Boost300 to $224. The Voda30 SIM (infinite data for 28 days, 500 international mins to 37 countries) doesn't have expiry date, which is handy when the need arises.

We also have a Boost300 + bonus Boost30 offer:
Boost300 + Boost30 - $240


Further discount applied for volume pricing. Boost SIM expiry date 10/2022. SIM starter kit cannot be used for recharge.

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  • +1

    will this work for existing customers?

    • +6

      Not usually, thats why the voda sim is included. Port out, then back to boost to activate the starter kit…

      • -1

        How does the Vodafone SIM helps to keep your existing number?

        • +4

          Port to Vodafone for a couple of days. Then, switch back to Boost.

    • +2

      I just literally did it today, and I am an existing boost customer. So yes, this does work for existing customers.

      • how did you do this?

        • Just chat to Boost customer service and they will do it for you.

          • @bruc3: Did you buy the $300 sim first, or they gave you the deal?

            • @Harold Halfprice: Of course he bought the sim first, you think they give discounts over the phone?

              • +2

                @nikoris: Yes… it wouldn't be that ridiculous nor unheard of for customer support to be able to apply the deal to their account.

                Anyway, it was just a question..

            • @Harold Halfprice: I bought the sim first, then spoke to customer service.

      • +2

        Can confirm this works with existing customers you just need to chat to boost and they'll make it happen.

        • I tried to do this with the Cellmate deal a couple months back. I'm not sure if CellMate gave me a botched sim or something, but just saying, I don't have my old Boost number anymore (number I've been using for around 10 years). They initially had system restructuring issues with transferring my number from SIM to SIM, then I gave them a month or two. I called back, and basically got nowhere - passed around BOOST and Telstra, with BOOST telling me its not their responsibility and getting confused between porting my number from other providers to BOOST and BOOST to BOOST. Telstra telling me that they can't access BOOST system etc. Two of my calls - BOOST CS was asleep after picking up, and one of them wouldn't listen to me and transferred me to the same number even after telling them that the number had transferred me back to BOOST. So now I'm left with a random number with the starter pack activated, and my old number might have been taken already.

          Worst thing is, I got the exact same deal with a recharge for my old number close to the end of my previous prepaid plan, but didn't want to do it since I had already ordered the starter pack.

          • @ProdigyInspired: If they didn't manage to port the number, all you need to do is to recharge the BOOST SIM account and it will keep the number active and under your name. You can then try to transfer to another SIM Provider.

            • @bobokingdom: I just called and the case is being escalated for the third time, this time they 'told the supervisor' as well, so fingers crossed. I've tried to check for my number under the BOOST Sim and it isn't valid.

              • @ProdigyInspired: Hope it will work out for you.

              • +1

                @ProdigyInspired: I had a similar nightmare experience a while back going from Optus > Telstra. Ended up being literally a 2 month+ ordeal. The port in process was essentially stuck, and neither Telstra nor Optus wanted to accept responsibility.

                Optus customer service would send me round in circles, saying I need to submit a new port in request, saying my details with Telstra are wrong or it's Telstra's responsibility etc etc. I went through the same process countless of times with different people, they'd all give me their standard textbook response and they just didn't care when I'd explain I've already been through the process with them, have checked everything and it keeps failing.

                They eventually agreed something was wrong and raised tech support tickets, and assured me I'd be called back. Then I found out the tickets were being closed off internally without being actioned. Every time I'd ask to escalate, they'd either assure me they will personally follow through, or they'd pass me onto the "supervisor" which I'm pretty sure now was just the person sitting next to them. I was talking to a "supervisor" once, I asked to speak to the manager, was told okay, and they just transferred me to another "supervisor". Seems like they're all supervisors there.

                Eventually I lost my shit at them on the phone, finally got escalated to the actual manager, who profusely apologized and assured me the issue would be fixed today. Amazingly, the port in process was finalised 2 hours later, and he called me to make sure it went through.

              • @ProdigyInspired: Hey..did you manage to get your number back. I'm in the same situation as you and concerned I will loose my number.

                • @0zyt0zy: Nope, still going. I call them at least once every two weeks or so.

                  • @ProdigyInspired: Did you raise a ticket to TIO? I had similar experience on 17/6, raised a ticket with TIO straight away, and then wait until 2 weeks until they follow up with Telstra. I finally got my number back today after speak to the right person and they contacted their supervisor to get this sorted.

        • How do you "chat" to boost? Online chat or over the phone?

  • Deal seems pretty good.

    I tried to port from Kogan to Boost and it’s been over a week of waiting for no outcome so far.

    Worst experience of any provider. Support doesn’t answer - it literally says ‘this number not available’ then hangs up. Boost online message chat sticks to script and zero support from Telstra Bangalore.

    TIO complaint now logged.

    • +2

      Damn! That's dodgy as hell. I ported my number from Optus last week and it took literally 2 minutes for the signal to be cut from my Optus sim and the new Boost sim worked right away. Feel bad for ya mate.

    • +3

      That's not encouraging to hear. I'm ditching Kogan also, & waiting to try Boost mobile (but sim starter pack not arrived for me yet).

      Why am I ditching Kogan mobile? Got sick of the constant, less-than-1Mbps 4G mobile internet speeds. Absolutely horrendous 4G speeds, both cities I have lived in here in southeast QLD (Wide Bay), with Kogan. 3G speeds are faster than their 4G. I have to force my phone to use 3G all the time, where I still only get between 3-7Mbps.

      • +2

        My wife moved from Kogan for Boost. Took 4 days. Sydney train dead spots now work fine for her on Boost. Agree Kogan coverage sucked.

    • +1

      I just ported from Kogan to Boost and it took almost 2 weeks. I had some success calling this number - it's the Boost/Telstra back-end team I think - they were able to "escalate" the port for me, and I got ported a day later. Still frustrating, you would've thought that a week's delay would have escalated it already! Anyway here's the number: 1800 631 334

      • +1

        Thanks mate. I tried calling but my Kogan service just ended. I thought porting 10 days from expiry was complete overkill. It wasn't. No service at all now.

      • Oh my lord. I called that number from my work phone (as Kogan has now disconnected!), they said:

        "It is already raised to the IT team. There is no estimate for when it will be done. There is nothing we can do. There are many numbers that are stuck in porting. Telstra and Boost cannot do anything."

        Awful stuff Boost.

    • +1

      That sucks, I managed to port from Telstra to Boost last Friday, took about 5 minutes to do the port and 30 minutes in total using chat.

    • +1

      Most telco's are trash but above all Telstra is by far the worst experience I've ever had… my advice, if you need something from them make a TIO complaint right off the bat, because they are utterly (profanity) useless and you'll spend weeks trying to have the problem sorted to then just have to make a TIO complaint to have someone from Australia actually deal with your problem.

  • My $150/80GB plan is about to expire.

    That was my first year on plan, can I still purchase an $150 recharge voucher (from supermarkets) to extend my existing plan?

    • +1

      You should be able to renew through the app. Next year you will have to upgrade to a new plan

      • And it'll automatically be the exact same plan? 80GB?

        • +1

          Yes should be the same as last year's as long as you activated it before Aug 10, 2020

      • Is it confirmed that we wont be able to recharge $150 next year?

        My plan expires 5 days into 2022, so it might be worth it for me to recharge earlier if that is the case

    • +2

      If you are on the 80GB / $150 plan then you can just recharge normally through the Boost App or on the Boost website.

      I am on the same plan and did it that way but Boost had Text'ed me a Bonus 60GB if I recharged by my expiry date which I had done so got 80GB and 60GB bonus data.

      Prior to that year I was also with boost and ported out and then back as I bought a 80GB plan starter pack on Gumtree for $100 and then ported back once done.

      • How close to expiry did Boost send you that offer?

        • I just asked them in the chat if I was eligible for bonus data and they agreed. This was 1 month out from expiry. My data was all used so I needed to recharge.

          • @akpv: Thanks. I'll hit them up on chat if I'm not offered anything before expiry.

        • I think it was a couple of weeks to a month before my year was up they sent me the Bonus info.

          The same thing happened to a mate who was on the 240GB plan, he too got the same offer of Bonus Data and again, around about a month prior to expiry.

          • @zztrader: Thanks! I'm just inside my last month now so I'll hang in there and see what happens.

  • Still no esim?

  • 237.50 with eBay plus .
    But no bonuses.

  • +1

    Hey OP can you make it cheaper without bonus.

  • What's the benefit of the Boost $30 prepaid bonus?

    How would I make use of this?

  • +1

    Is the port from Telstra straight forward?

    • Not sure whether it has changed, but porting from Telstra to Boost requires a special blank SIM. Check with Boost support first.

    • +1

      I just ported from Telstra to Boost this afternoon and it took about 15 minutes all up. That was keeping my existing number. From what I'd heard I was expecting a hassle but it literally couldn't have been more straightforward. No blank SIM required.

      • Thanks for the replies, will give it a go :)

        • I should mention I did it through Boost's chat, not by going through the menus on the website. I just told them what I was doing and gave some details and I was switched over really quickly.

    • I just completed the port in process from Telstra.

      I received my $300 sim. Spoke to Boost chat and they handled it all for me. Took 10-15 minutes all up and I am now on the $300 Boost plan. There was no need for a "special blank sim" as they can process it internally.

  • Looking to switch away from Optus, was with Kogan prior and had much better reception/internet despite coverage maps. How does Telstra compare to Vodafone?

    • +2

      Telstra is heaps better. I use to be with Kogan and calls are always cut out in Melbourne. Never had any issues since I switched to Boost

    • +1

      No comparison in my opinion.

      Speeds are much faster with Telstra, easily hit 100+mbps on 4G, highest has been 200mbps. Coverage is also significantly better. I'll usually have a stronger signal than my friends on Optus/Vodaphone, and I'll be the last to lose reception when we go camping. Telstra's network is superior, but generally more expensive.

  • -2

    OP… After spending 3 years with Boost it is now time to get real deal… Seems like you lost touch with fact not everyone need 100gb data…. So increasing price and give more data doesn't make sense to many users… Boost used to provide affordable plans.. !

    I Will be moving to Coles Mobile $99 | 12 Months Expiry | 60GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Overseas* | Optus Network | @ Coles… !

    • hank you for patiently waiting. I understand you may have seen this on a forum but the legitimate boost offers are on the website

      You - 13:43
      Thanks - if thats the case - I will port my number to coles - thanks

    • boost getting expired today - can I still port to coles?

    • +7

      To enable call waiting on your boost mobile, simply dial *43# from your handset (like you're making a phone call) and press call. You phone should then shortly advise you call waiting has been activated.

    • +1

      I have call waiting on my Boost Sim…

  • -1

    My Boost $150 plan expires at the end of June. I had the 80Gb plan with a bonus 40Gb data thrown in. I will still have close to 80Gb data left by the end of the month on my current plan. If I renew thru the app/website does the remaining data roll over?

    Or do I just ask the Boost support team to add a bonus 40GB like some did as above?

  • How do people recharge it after starter pack days expire?
    Normally recharge is at normal price.

  • +2

    $226 ebay plus ($246 and take $20 off with PAPPSS2 code). No extras though.

  • I bought this deal in March. Just tried to activate it and Boost tells me my serial number is invalid. Expiry is in 2022. What's the go?

    • PM your order number if you purchased from us.

  • I bought it last time and it worked great

  • Cheers.

  • The pack says 4G and on the Whirlpool FAQ for Boost (https://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/boost_mobile) they advise no 5G yet. Google has somne info that appears to state that Boost does have 5G but I couldn't see it on the Boost coverage map site. Is anybody 100% certain about 5G one way or the other?

    • +2

      You might looked at Boost US. Boost AU doesn't have 5G yet.

      • Thanks - that is most likely correct. As mentioned, I did some searching and checked whirlpool (no 5G). Google had some mentions of 5G - must be from the USA Boost.

  • I activated an old $150 boost sim package voucher but I only got $20GB and not 80GB because it was not activated in the promotional period. Very unhappy because it was printed 80GB in big print

    • Was that an recharge voucher or a new sim package?

      • new sim package

    • Did you contact your seller? If you purchased from us, please PM me your order number.

  • +1

    My 240Gb Boost plan expires on 21 June. I only used 112Gb so far, so decided to go for 150Gb plan instead. Good pricing.

    • +1

      Smart move.

      • Unfortunately Australia Post is playing silly buggers ….. stuck at their local facility for like 5 days …. Very annoying.

        • Sorry about the delay. PM your order number I will lodge an enquiry with AusPost.

          AusPost is very slow recently, possibly due to large volume from the EOFY sale. Even their eParcel system has been down since Tuesday after the long weekend, too many users… huge impact to lots of sellers and customers.

          • @Auditech: That’s fine. I’ve sent email to Auditech support and they have raised a ticket with Auspost.

  • +2

    How about this one ?
    Any idea … is this good ?


  • OP, can you give some idea how long shipping to Melbourne is likely to take for this?

    • Regular register post takes about 5-7 business days. Delay is expected by AusPost due to lock down in VIC. Use express if you can.

  • Can I still buy the $150 1 year recharge voucher at Colsworth?

    • +1

      From the Web site:

      Why is the $150 & $100 vouchers being removed from sale?

      To continue to be able to offer great value products we’ve had to remove these products from voucher sales.

      You can continue to recharge $150 and $100 using your credit/debit card or paypal on the Boost App, boost.com.au or #111#.

  • Hey OP, ordered on Sunday and still haven’t received any shipping notification (standard shipping), is there an approx ETA when this will be dispatched? My current plan expires 28/06 so will need it soon.

    • All good OP, literally just arrived. Great stuff on the registered post.

  • Can you receive and make calls when overseas?

  • would help if the title was anything resampling a proper sentence.
    its just a bunch of words and number that don't make sense If you try to read it out.

  • Can I port from Aldi mobile (Telstra) to Boost without changing SIM?

    • Also I run out on the 2nd July any chance you can help there?

      • Use express post if you can, not guaranteed it will arrive on time though

    • You can port to Boost from AldiMobile directly.