New Car with Best Resale in 4 Years in $25k - $35k?

I am looking to buy a new car for a couple (with rear being used very rarely) which we plan to sell off in 4 years. So I am looking at resale value as a big factor. My budget was below $30k but can finance and stretch to $35k if the math works out.

What I mean by math works out is, if I take say a Kia Stonic and CX-30 as examples.

e.g. Kia Stonic Sport - $25k may sell for $15k
Mazda CX-30 - $32k may sell for $21k

With lower total servicing cost and better fuel economy on the Mazda, both cars would end up costing around 10k for 4 years.
By this logic it makes sense to say get a CX-30 as I get a lot more car for 4 years.


Edit: Hatch v Sedan v Small SUV. Which will have the better resale?


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    Corolla hybrid.

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    Camry hybrid just on 35k

  • Hatch v Sedan v Small SUV. Which will have the better resale?

    • To hard to answer. If you compare a MG SUV with a Toyota hatch and a Kia sedan you will find it is probably the hatch. If you compare a Mazda Hatch with a Toyota SUV it’ll be close.

      The best resale will generally be from the most popular and reliable model.

      Don’t forget that while your resale might be for an SUV you’ll be paying more in fuel and tyres than a hatch so it might even out.

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      Yeah, good one. OP came here asking about hatch, sedan and SUV and you throw in a large, thirsty, superseded 4wd?

      Best return? E-type jag. GTHO falcon, 1960s Ferrari

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          We get it. You love your FJ, but it is not the right vehicle for a heck of a lot of people. There’s a reason they discontinued it.

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    I have a piece of string here and it's "this" long… And a crystal ball as well…

    Pick a reputable brand that has good customer service, is renowned for reliability and lower ownership costs

    ie: Used, very low km (ex-demo), almost new (up to 12 months old) Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid.

    InB4: We OnLy WaNt To BuY NeW.

    Yeah, well good on you, but if you let someone else eat that large chunk of initial depreciation, this will help with with savings further down the track when you look at selling it.

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      Used car these days are very expensive so your comment doesn't hold true today. Anyone who can wait yes must but I can't, have been waiting 18months.

      • So true, most of the time it's ~5k difference between old and new/demos, and the old ones are mostly out of warranty now. If you really want to save, need to consider 10+ years old models, again prices are over the roof for those as well.
        For the cx-30 you mentioned, isn't Mazda 3 hatch 5k cheaper with exact same specifications & features?

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          Ya the Mazda 3 is 3k cheaper for same than a CX-30 (not 5k).

          • @archieduh: Wow, here in our state it's 5-6k more

            • @NimNim: How can that be? For e.g. G20 evolve auto is 35k and 32k respectively

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        Must disagree
        Used is still cheaper than new - yes the gap has narrowed, but it is stil a saving
        Buy a one year old demo and save $5K - that is still a third of the depreciation over the next 4 years
        The less it depreciates due to current inflated prices - the more that initial saving is worth

        4 years is a long time so trends will change
        Presume availability for import won't be a factor by then - so new vs used will return to normal
        I would be looking at a hybrid if available
        Given the move to No petrol-powered cars for sale by 2035 or so I would expect they would be more desirable in 4 years' time

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          I see demo cars selling for the same price as new ones because they are available immediately. However, new cars need to be ordered with a waiting time of at least three months. At least in the OP price segment.

          • @Mistredo: Agreed. And nearly halfway through the year it's unlikely you'll see last year's "demo's". Used cars you will, but not a demo

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      The rav4 hybrids are hard enough to get new, you think the ex demo / resale ones are going to be even more abundant?

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    Hatch v Sedan v Small SUV. Which will have the better resale?

    You can easily do your own research. Look at how much a 2015 model of a car you want to buy goes for and work backwards to find how much it’s depreciated.

    FWIW, the common sense rules apply. Popular cars are easier to sell and generally have better resale, so I’d start there. Generally cheaper cars also depreciate less.

    To answer your question directly, my guess would be the hatch having the best resale. Lots of people (e.g. younger people, students…etc.) buy second hand hatches, so you’ll always have a good second hand market. Sedans are no longer as popular, and often if a model comes in both sedan and hatch (e.g. corolla) hatch does better.

    SUVs are interesting. They’ve become a bit of a fad, but my hunch is that people generally buy them later in life when they have a bit more money and are probably more looking at purchasing new.

    • Thanks for sharing.
      Separating real SUVs from the "Small SUV", latter seem to be very popular too? I know I am attracted to drive it but can resist the urge if the general consensus is Hatchs are better.

      Ps: Who says I haven't done my own research. This is another forum to get more thoughts (data in research).

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    By this logic it makes sense to say get a CX-30 as I get a lot more car for 4 years.

    Past performance is not indicative of future results. Maybe in 4 years time, the mazda market will be flooded or tastes have changed.

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      Or everyone wants electric and hybrid because fuel costs are going ever upward.

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    In the above example, I would get a higher spec Kia to match the price of the Mazda. Should have better resale from the same starting price if it's got better features, tech, warranty etc.

  • Any Porsche
    Although in 4 years electric will likely dominate the market so it's anyone's guess.

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    Many brands are adopting the "guaranteed future value" finance option. Try the calculators wherever you can (Toyota have it built into the pricing sections of their website) do determine which car the manufacturer thinks is a good option.

    Despite wanting new, I'd suggest looking for a Corolla hybrid from 2019 onwards, would probably be one of the least depreciating, with RAV4 hybrid being up there as well (but beyond your budget).

    I don't think a straight ICE car would be the way to go for maximising resale

    • Thanks. I will have a look at those calculators but I remember I did for Mazda and that was very very conservative like 45% value in 3 years. Nevertheless good tip.

      For used cars, the price is just through the roof so getting a used one with 40k+ kms already ticked and no warranty after 4 years makes them less attractive for resale.

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        Conservative isn't a bad thing, and it's trade value not private sale figures anyway

        Camry figures will be shit, but Corolla/RAV4 will be strong

        • Fair enough

        • Are you saying Camry hybrid Depreciate much more than rav4/Corolla

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    Toyota Corolla Hybrid !!!

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    Kia Seltos small SUV around 27k on the road. Comes with a 7 year warranty so I'd you want to change over in four or 5 years it still has a couple of years servicing left. And it also has fixed price servicing.

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    A hybrid, or second hand/used EV

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    Toyota has the very best resale values!!!

  • 4 years is when Norway starts banning the sale of new fossil fuel cars. Maybe other countries will start banning hybrids then. Word spreads worldwide & society turns sour on ICEVs.
    Think carefully about future resale value
    I suggest a used Nissan Leaf will have far better resale than a Corolla or Camry

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    Too easy to work this one out but OP needs to put thinking cap on first……

    Short list the cars you that suit your needs and then look at 4 year old (2016-7 model) used car prices

    But generally Jap cars have good resale values

    Mainly Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Mazda

  • Haven't you just done the math?

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      For the 2 cars in the example yes. Just wanted to get opinions on other popular cars.
      Knew Toyota Hybrids will always be.
      Next step would be to be able to add a poll :)

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    Mx-5s seem to hold value very well, but you need to be very sure you don't need the back seats.

    Teslas also holding value well at the moment, but I'm not sure that will continue over 2 years as they are ramping up supply significantly, also above your price range.

    • Love the MX-5 :( but can't not do with back seats at all.. do need the option

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      Need to make sure you can drive manual, too.

  • Mitsubishi with 10 year warranty sounds enticing.

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      Warranty doesn't equal resale

      Which model?

      • ASX MR or Eclipse Cross LS

        • Eww

          • @spackbace: :) isn't ASX a top seller?
            And was thinking if GSR variant not MR

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              @archieduh: Drive one and see…

              • @spackbace: I somehow don't like how Toyotas look.
                I know that's your suggestion.

                • @archieduh: Do you want best resale, or do you want the one that's your preferred to own and drive?

                  You may not get both, which kinda makes this post null and void…

                  • @spackbace: Umm it's not like Toyota will have 10% more resale than others.
                    You prefer Toyotas and I respect that. They are so popular that there is no stock so I have to balance that ball as well in this stock shortage.
                    Why can't I shortlist 3 and then pick 1 which may have a tad lower resale but still in top 10 and I actually enjoy more..

                    Again thanks for your time. Appreciate the suggestions.

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                      then pick 1 which may have a tad lower resale

                      New Car with Best Resale

                      Again, you've single-handedly defeated the point of this post. Which was inevitable, if it's something that you'd drive for 4 years or so, you'd have to want to enjoy it. You asked for what would have the best resale, of course it would be a Toyota and from there it would be hybrid. I've worked for other brands before, and there's no denying Toyota's resale values.

                      If you don't like them, that's fine, but don't ask for everyone's advice for best resale and then shove it aside and go for the car you'd want to drive anyway.

                      Not that anyone wants to drive an ASX!

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              @archieduh: ASX is a top seller due its price. Honestly, it is not a bad car, but it feels dated.

              • @Mistredo: Between that and CX3? CX-30? Juke?

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                  @archieduh: Personally, I would pick CX-30 from these options, but it is also the most expensive one. CX-3 is also not bad. Juke looks nice, but its engine is weak, so I would skip it.

                  • @Mistredo: Thanks. And which one apart from these would you actually prefer. Toyota or Kia maybe…

  • What do everyone think about the new Hyundai i30? Looking pretty good.. although there's no hybrid option i guess

  • What would have the least depreciation / be the cheapest to run over 3 years?

    1. New 2021 base model Skoda Scala auto - $28k + $1.4k for 5 years servicing
    2. New 2021 Mazda 3 GT25 - $36 000
    3. Used 2019 Corolla Hybrid odo 40k - $28 850 (capped servicing + has warranty)
    4. Used 2018 Corolla Hybrid odo 75k - $22 500 (capped servicing + no warranty)

    I want something that I can sell on easily (with minimum running costs and losses) once I'm financially a little more settled!

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      You should consider two facts.
      - Prices of used cars are inflated, and used car bought today will depreciate a lot once the market stabilizes.
      - Rise of EV cars will impact depreciation of ICE cars in coming years.

      With all that said, if you want a hatch I would go with a new Kia Cerato S for 26k D/A with 7 years warranty.

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      Used 2019 Corolla Hybrid odo 40k - $28 850 (capped servicing + has warranty)

      Why would you even consider that when a new 2021 model is $31,000 drive away (depending on state)

      • It seems a nw one is a no brainer, except $28k now vs $31k plus the lead time for a new one.

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          Could get a hybrid sedan, same price, within a month

          • @spackbace: Do they come with the bowls hat and tissue box for the parcel shelf?

    • Didn’t release how small the gap was. Definitely would go new if I go the Corolla.

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