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Breville The Dual Boiler Espresso Machine $899 C&C /+ Delivery ($855 in-Store Negotiated) @ Good Guys


Found Breville Dual Boiler machine for 899$, cheapest price online. Worth the price over Breville Barista Express.

I also can confirm managed to get it for 855$ in store.

I have attached the invoice it might help to price match with stores:


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          Definitely. I've had the previous model to this, the BES900, for about 10 years now. I've had it in for service once where I had some seals and the main pump replaced. The guy who serviced this really like the Breville machine, but they are built to a price, and so you don't get professional grade pumps etc, so they do wear out. But he said for what you pay, you get a quality machine, you just have to service it regularly.
          The only difference between the BES900 and BES920 is the descale function. The BES900 didn't come with that.
          In the end, paying a few hundred dollars every 3-5 years is cheaper that buying a new machine.

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        Yeah, using filtered water is fine, and ensuring that your water hardness is about 50-70 ppm is good. Water in Sydney is no problem (50-65 ppm), I'm still on my Oracle's original seals, sensors, etc for 7 years without issue.

        The problem happens when you use reverse osmosis water (hardness of almost 0 ppm), or if you live in Melbourne, which has very soft water of about 10-25 ppm. You start getting corrosion.

        If you live in Adelaide with hardness of 80-160ppm, then you will be replacing the in-tank filter/ion exchange resin more frequently. But as long as you replace it at a suitable time interval and clean the boiler with citric boiler cleaner once a year, it should be fine.

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    if you are making multiple diff coffees for the family, it takes too long between shots with a single boiler.
    double boiler eliminates that

    • I have single-boiler Barista Express.

      I can do one shot after another. If only I had two portafilters. (And people to make coffee for).

      • With the double boiler, you can steam milk at the same time as when you are pulling a shot. My routine is to keep the milk steaming as I make enough for 5 cups in the morning, and then grind and pull as I go along. I have 2 portafilters and basket sets to use with the single group head. The double boiler is worth it if you do 2 cups or more in a session.

        The alternative is to pull all your espresso shots first. Then do the milk for all those coffees last. Not ideal, but better than making a few coffees and letting them go cold while you prepare the remaining ones.

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          steam milk at the same time as when you are pulling a shot

          Yeah, that's true. But the previous comment suggested that a single-boiler machine can't do one shot after another. Which is not true in case of my Express. Hence my curiosity.

          I don't feel a need to spend extra to speed up my 4-minute routine to pull two shots and steam milk.

          Also it's interesting that there's enough space on the tray to make espressos and let the milk steam - noted that.

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            @pizzaguy: The Express doesn't have a boiler though. It uses a thermoblock. That heats up really quickly, without having to wait the 5-10 minutes like with the Dual Boiler/Oracle.

    • Solved that issue by telling my family that they can have it as it comes or make their own. All seemed to decide that a strong-ish flat white with half a teaspoon of sugar was worth the inflexibility on the part of the Pater-baristalis. Yes, I made that up. Soz.

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    For those who do buy this machine, make sure you get the following for maintenance. Not my links, I just picked some randomly from google so that you know what they look like.

    Grouphead cleaning (once a week)
    Cafetto Espresso Cleaning powder: https://www.cafetto.com/sa/product/espresso-clean

    Boiler descaling (once every 6 months)
    Food grade citric acid powder: https://ecowarehouse.com.au/products/citricacid-foodgradeper...

    Water softening (replace it based on the duration described in the manual)
    Breville in tank water filter (get the same type that came with your machine)
    Old: https://www.amazon.com.au/Replacement-Filters-Breville-BES98...
    New: https://www.amazon.com.au/Replacement-Filter-Cartridge-Brevi...

  • Had mine since 2017 Bing Lee sale for $749.

    Use it 4-5 times a day and it hasn't missed a beat. It's just a solid performer matched with the Breville bur grinder your won't be disappointed exorcisms if you like the manual control.

  • Team this machine up with the Baratza Sette 270wi and a set of scales and you can make some damn good coffee.

  • Excellent coffee machine. You will save $'s once you learn how to make you're own coffee. I'm onto my second one now. First one lasted me 7 years with no hassles.

  • https://youtu.be/e0kQ5WqjcU8

    I think this is the same machine as reviewed by the coffee guru, James Hoffman…..called the Sage overseas.

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    I get it. I want it. But as someone with limited bench space, the idea of having this machine AND a grinder stealing precious room scares me.

    I use decent pre-ground coffee on a less than stellar Sunbeam that turns out okay coffee. I want to upgrade. What's the alternative?

    Are the Express and Pro really that pathetic compared to this machine?

  • Um, the post title still says Dual Boiler but the links are pointing to the Barista Pro. It looks like the Dual Boiler has been removed from their store, only the bundle with the grinder is left :(

    • edit reverted now, looks I mistakenly put in the wrong URL.

  • Called my local and they had two in stock for $899. So even if it seems like it's out of stock and missing from GG's website, call and check if you're still keen on buying it.

    • Did you manage to haggle to $855?

  • Anyone know if this model is being discontinued?