How Long Did Your Dyson Vacuum Last?

Our first dyson v6 animal was bought in April 2018 and this weekend, I found it doesn't charge well anymore. It has been charged all afternoon and only lived for 5 seconds. Then I put it back on charge and it worked fine tonight. It makes me think it's a time to purchase a new vacuum cleaner or get its battery changed.
It also makes me wondering how long does your dyson vacuum last? Is it worth to get a new one or its time to try a xiaomi or dreame?
Our v6 animal was used once or twice a week for a full cleaning.
Thanks in advance.

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  • Bought my V6 Fluffy in 2016, vacuumed frequently and never used the Max mode (which only lasts 4 mins on full charge when new). Battery lasted 4 years and finally died when my gf at the time used Max mode and killed it in 30 seconds.

    I also never put it immediately back onto the charger whilst the motor/battery is still warm. Was under the belief the battery’s useful life will be longer if charged 5 mins after the vacuuming / allowed to cool first.

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    My Dyson battery sucks.

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    Rumours say it’s gonna die soon

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    Mine lasted for nearly 3 years. Got new battery for 43 bucks from amazon and replaced it. Its giving higher output now that new one :D

    How to replace the battery

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    I hope people realise rechargeable batteries don't last forever - they have a recharge lifespan. After about 2-3 years you might find a significant drop in battery charge time.

    Just like the phone, eneloops etc

  • I now just purchase new generic eBay battery every two years.
    It's just like getting a new vacuum cleaner again for about $40

  • Have a V6 for work, lasted 4 years, then red blinking light of death.

    Replaced the battery and works great. Stock battery is 2300mAh, aftermarket "8500" mAh $40, so far been good.

    • Have you seen a dramatic increase in usage time since moving to the larger batter? My V6 lasts about 20-30 mins max when using full power mode and the stock battery.

      • Cant really say but so far so good I guess. Its en ebay battery so their numbers are optimistic at best. Still for $40 its cheaper than the Dyson OE battery think they wanted ~$150, which is crazy because I bought the vacuum for $199

  • Sounds more like a question of how long a rechargeable battery lasts. You can buy replacement batteries fairly cheaply.

    • Yes, planning on doing that. Thanks :)

  • This is such a coincidence.. our V6 was actually blinking red on the weekend .. Thought us a problem with the charger.
    Turns out this is quite common with the life of a battery. I bought an aftermarket from ebay. Will find out soon if it works again.
    Our last probably 3 years only used for 2 or 3 times a week.

    • Same, can't believe it happened to you too

  • Some cordless shark brand from Harvey Norman. Still going strong after 7 years with no battery replacement.

    It was only around $120, it's crazy that $300+ Dysons are dying that soon.

    • I know. I paid $399 for it. Can't justify $1000+ on a new dyson now.

  • Mine lasted about 6~7 years? DC59. Got it for cheap, used it as my main vacuum cleaner during my uni years.

    I mean I can technically still use the old battery, but it's kinda at the point where using the turbo is out of the question due to how the battery is old.
    Got a new battery, works OK for now.

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    Why would you chuck the thing when you could Change the battery. Its designed so that the stick itself will last for years.

    • Didn't know changing battery can be an option before I post this

  • DC-35 from 2014 still works. got the original battery, but i got another second hand one to battery swap, so I don't have to wait.
    We use ours about 5 to 7 times a day to spot clean, kids are fkn messy.

  • I’ve had my v6 animal since 2015 and it’s still going decent. The only issue I’ve really had is with the head and hair getting stuck on the side so the head won’t spin. But I’ve been able to fix that but taking it apart. Battery still lasts long enough for me to do whatever I need.

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    Dyson are the apple of Vaccum cleaners.

    • Very true

  • Got a V6 in 2017. It's used at least weekly. Still on the original battery with maybe 80% capacity left. We don't use the dock and only charge it when it's flat. We also don't use it to vacuum the whole house (Dyson support specifically told us it is not designed for that), we have a plug in Dyson for that.

  • I had the v6 animal since 2015 and it is still going strong. We use it around 3 times a week and about 5 to 10 mins each time.

  • Yeah, dont think ill get another dyson after this though. Because we also have the cord dyson vacuum and the motorhead also stop spinning after 3 years. Which wasnt covered under warranty…. Wasnt cheap either. So Dyson only good when is new.. but not that reliable overall.

  • Got v6 around 2014. In 2020 battery only last 5 mins. Bought 3rd party compatible battery from Ebay and its like new again. Lasts 15mins easily on max/turbo mode.

    • From my experience the ebay ones are good for about 6mths. Hopefully you'll have better luck

  • We’ve had a V6 since it was new. One new battery in that time. Filters need regular cleaning. Dyson has always been excellent with their responses.

  • Yeah my V8 bought Jan 2018 last about 10mins on a single charge. MAX doesn’t even last a minute. Reckon its time to change the battery too.

  • I don't use my Xiaomi Dreame as much anymore so I stuck a piece of thin folded cardboard in the dock as a contact blocker so if I only use it a little bit I won't charge it. Until it gets down to say 1 bar. Same with my power tool batteries.

  • If we're talking handhelds, ours is a DC34 from 2012. Battery no longer felt that it was holding a proper charge for quite a few years but we still kept using it anyway. It wasn't really a huge issue as the handheld was really for occasional spills and messes and not the primary vac at home. Finally bought a generic battery from eBay in 2019 and it's been night and day. Wish I didn't endure all those years of poor battery life. Anyway, the generic battery has been going strong and have no complaints.

    For AC powered models, I have a DC14 from 2009. It's motor died in 2018. Bought a replacement generic motor from the UK and it happily plugged away until 2020 until that too failed. Kinda disappointing that the replacement motor only lasted a little under 2 years, but purchased another replacement motor and that one is still happily sucking away.

    We also have a DC65 from 2018 (bought because of the DC14 motor suddenly failing). It's still in great shape and haven't had any complaints or problems.

    • How much do the motors cost? Is it a fiddly task to change them over?

      • The first one I got for 48 and the 2nd I got for 43 shipped. But there will be a huge YMMV. Most of the sellers I saw were UK based and the item motor itself is only around the £15-20. Shipping is what usually inflates the price for me. At around the time I was shopping for the 2nd motor, most sources were selling it for $98 -100 shipped. Which is why I actually went and bought another vacuum. It was only when I found a price that I could accept, a few weeks later that I decided to repair the motor again.

        With regards to the actual replacement, for my particular model, yep, it did feel quite a bit fiddlier than other repairs I've done. Not impossible though. I did need a special longer torx driver though to get at one screw.

  • DC04 lasted well over 15 years inside the home and is now my garage vac. Had a few spares along the way though.

  • We bought a V12, 12months ago, already lost about 5-10% of max battery, it dies with 1min left on medium

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      There's no Dyson V12….

    • How can you have bought a v12, 12 months ago, when it seems like it only launched in Australia about a month ago?

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    I’ve had 3 dysons die a few weeks after the 2 year warranty. I’ll never buy another one.

    First one an upright the motor blew up.
    Second a stick vac they says yeah that’s a bad model have $50 off a new one. Tried a new battery but it had no power and didn’t hold charge.
    Third one a normal vac just stopped working.

    Customer service told me too bad for all 3.

    Meanwhile vax replaced my wet dry vac motor for free over 6 months out of warranty without me even asking. I just let them know it stopped working.

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    DC59 here since 2014 bought for $360 from an Ozbargain deal no doubt.
    Works great
    Battery did die though. Make sure you dont throw it away just buy a new battery!

    • Another DC59 here bought from OZB. I went for an aftermarket battery which crapped out at 13 months or so. Don't waste your time and just buy the Dyson battery, it may be more but it was worth it for reliability.

      • how much was the original dyson battery? I bought aftermarket from amazon a year ago for $40 and has been fine so far

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          It was 70 bucks. Hope the amazon ones kicks on for you better than mine did

          • @madseason: My DC59 lasted 4 years before the battery died.
            It cost $90 for the original dyson battery, and it's still going strong 2-3 years later

      • I replaced mine with a genuine dyson battery and it stopped working after a few uses. YMMV.

    • DC59 here as well, bought 2015 from Ozb deal. Passed it off to my parents who use it still. Same battery and charger no issues.

      I've moved on to the Samsung Jet 90 now, was 60% off from EPP sale. This one has a removable battery.

  • V8 Animal bought 5 years ago,
    works great still
    got a new bigger battery from Ebay 2 years ago for $60, Ordered a new brush head from dyson yesterday $35.

  • Have had the DC29 going strong for maybe 9 to 11 years roughly. Still probably has around 80% of the suction it had on day one.

  • Still got the same corded one from 2008 it's on its second motor tho

  • Our vacuum is made in the USA like a Tesla designed to last and after 35 years of abuse and sucking cement etc it is still going like a charm!

  • Bought a v6 Animal in 2017, still going strong on the original battery after 4 years and I leave it on charge 24/7.

  • Dysons last for ages if you just buy a new battery and filter every 1.5-2 years.

  • I have a Dyson DC19Y and after 12 years, it's still working perfectly. Never had to change any parts but I did change the hepa filter cos I felt like it needed a change after 10 years.

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    Just change the battery, it's not that expensive

  • I inherited (literally) a DC35 in 2016. It started performing poorly in about 2019, and I eventually looked up the flashing error code - sure enough, battery. I bought a third party replacement online, and it hasn't missed a beat since.

  • 10mins max when I have Dyson Vacuum on the strongest setting

  • Have a DC59 and replaced battery and wand once each. Still going strong.

  • Dyson replaced our battery for free on our V6 animal. It was just after the 2 year warranty though. Great service - worth a phone call I reckon

  • We had a poor experience with Dyson vacuums. They're just not reliable at all and google searches found we weren't the only ones.

    I'd never purchase one again.

  • same here also animal v6 battery died just after 2 years, quite light use throughout, managed to get a replacement one from Dyson so happy for now, but yes looks like their batteries are not lasting long

  • I still have the handheld DC34 purchased in 2013 with it original battery. Only had to replaced to a different brand charger as the Dyson one failed or not charging correctly. Use it weekly.

  • Batteries die over time in general. Replace the battery and problem solved.

  • Mains powered dyson going strong for over 12 years. Animal still k going hard 2 years.

  • I have a Dyson V7 Animal Origin, battery lasted about 14-18 months before (same problem as you), it would last for 5 seconds after charging overnight. I called Dyson support who told me to stop using 'max' mode where possible and it now works again. Now, about 1 in 5 times it will only last 5 seconds again

  • Had my V6 for about 4-5 years now… I think. Still works fine.

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    Hi my dyson battery shit its self after the 2 year warranty expired. I emailed and said this is not a reasonable amount of time for a high end product to stop working… blah blah
    They caved in and see their email below
    "Hi Braxton,
    Thank you for your email.
    We have ordered a new battery for you. Usually this part would be chargeable as you are well outside of your 2 year Dyson warranty, however we have ordered the part free of charge as a one off good will gesture from Dyson. Please allow 7-14 business days to delivery via Australia Post. You will also receive a tracking number for your order as soon as it is scanned out of our warehouse."

    I pulled the orig dyson battery apart and found 4 perfectly working 18650 batteries and 1 dodgy one that had no voltage. They are great for head lamps etc and worth about $8 -$10 each if you buy them on ebay. so i suggest to keep the battery pack. You can get generic battery packs for $40 on ebay and take about 2 minutes to replace. Good luck

  • Get a new battery

  • Our V6 is probably around 5 years old and still works very well.I Had to replace the battery last year. ($80-90)

    We also have a large corded Dyson that is aprox 10-12 years old and still works like new. Had a motor and all the filters replaced about 4 years ago($150 all up by Dyson)

  • We have had our battery replaced twice under warranty now. Just get in contact with Dyson, they might help you out.

  • V6 bought in late 2015 and still going strong. I use it daily, had some broken parts replaced at cost but really happy with their vacuum.

  • Dyson V6 - 4 to 5 years. It still works, needs a new battery and filter. But the noise was on high mode is ridiculous, and the connections to the wand and attachments became loose.

    Got a Dyson DC29 which goes well. The motorised head died quickly, and was poorly built.

    I'd buy more, but got a Xiaomi V9 Dreame to hold me over and it works really well for less than half the cost of a V11.

  • Not long. My parents had 2 dyson vac for about 10 years and had to throw them out because the plastic housing keeps falling apart. cheap plastic that becomes brittle over time. Parents now owns a newer VAX.

    I have this old VAX that my parents bought in the 1980s and it still works great to this day. I also own a Devanti handheld I bought from about 5 years ago and it has been working great very well without any issues and on the same battery it came with.

    It's strange things that was built more than 20-30 years ago last longer than things that are made in the last 10 years and if it is a known brand, they fall apart more often than cheap non-name counterparts.

  • Have you (a) replaced the paper filter on the back and (b) properly washed the washable filter in the middle?

    Also the unit simply stopping is most likely something blocking the intake at the top of the want (just as the air enters the main unit). Can be tricky sometimes to see that something is there blocking airflow.

  • It has been charged all afternoon and only lived for 5 seconds. Then I put it back on charge and it worked fine tonight

    Have the same problem with my V6 which is four and half years old. Still on the original battery and has been used extensively since it's the only vacuum cleaner in the house. The battery seems to charge and work fine every alternate charge cycle, which is a bit weird. I'm going to replace the battery this week and hopefully that will prolong it's life.

  • Thinking of replacing the V6 battery.
    Do we have better batteries than the oem in the market which improves performance

  • V6 Absolute from 2015 still working well and no issues with the battery. Cleaning the purple filter on top helps. I pray it won't die on me.

  • not long, i just replaced it with a kmart knock off dyson and works the same way. so when this break, i won't cry like i did with my dyson.

  • I have a wired Dyson for the last 8years without any issues and hope to get another 20y from it.

  • I had a v7 die after two years. Well the motor in the head died, pulled it out and it was seized badly. Picked up a cheapy head on Amazon that works just as well, could probably have got inside the motor and fixed it but wasn't worth it.

  • Had a V6 for a tad over 2 years before the battery died. Replacement battery off eBay was about $45 for a knock off. Conveniently double capacity versus the original.

  • I'm still using my DC59 from 2015, the battery died but I have since replaced with a generic one.

  • Lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries should never be run completely flat, although a good BMS should cut the supply when the voltage gets too low, having said that you should get approx 1000-2000 discharge cycles on each battery, this is roughly 3 -6 years if fully discharged every day, the problem might be just one cell is reporting lower voltage than the rest, in this case you might be able to resolve the issue by fully discharging the battery and recharging. I have no idea about the quality of the BMS in the Dyson, but I would be trying to claim statutory warranty here.

    • Good point. Thank you :)

  • Have had my V8 Absolute since 2017. Changed the battery once to a 4500mah. Changed the brush head (not from Dyson) only last month. Works like new :)

  • Not sure yet, had it for 9 years and it's still going. Haven't fixed or replaced anything. I think it's a DC29.

  • Dyson DC08 from 2004 - Still going strong

  • had the same issue 2 weeks ago. Called Dyson and politely reminded about ACL. they sent me a new battery - had to wait a little due to no stock.

    Also spoke to NSW Fair Trading - they reminded me batteries are not covered by ACL.

    Good luck!

  • v6 from 2017. Still going strong once you clean the filters and cut the hair that's caught.

  • My Dyson V6 (bought in November 2016) lasted for about 2.5 years before the original battery died.

    Replaced the battery with an eBay one, which lasted for a couple of months. By then, there were a few cracks around the filter (which had to be held together by duct tape) on the unit.

    In the end, we replaced the Dyson with a VAX Reach and besides the head breaking a few months in (which got replaced thanks to the warranty), it's being going strong

  • used weekly, 6 years going strong
    might look for a new one soon

  • Dyson batteries are beyond trash. Had three different handheld Dyson vacuums and all lost charge in seconds after around 2 years of use. Never again.

  • V6 about 7 years old on its 3rd battery and 2nd filter, turbine head just started coming apart, but clips back into place easily., this thing gets a work out….been our main vacuum the entire time and gets used daily and the collection bin is full after every use (lots of dog hair as well)…….the only time it is not used is when we are away on holidays……Will happily spring for another Dyson…..this will be happening very soon.

  • My old Dyson stick vac lasted about 4 years before a new battery pack was required.

  • Have a V6 from 2016, have changed the battery and the head. Battery probably needs changing again as it is dropping below 10 minutes of power again. Used every second day because of our long haired border collie.

  • My V6 is still working, ~5 years. The battery does seem like it's on its last leg but it is consumable after all.


    I recommend checking out the Ryobi vacuum over the Dyson.

    The Bunnings warranty is superb 6 years on device and 3 years on battery, you just take it to Bunnings and swap it.
    We lost our receipt and they still swapped ours after a couple of years when we had an issue with it the hose on ours cracked.

    Super useful especially if you have other Ryobi batteries and devices.

    The vacuum is a little heavy and the other downside is the wall mount doesn't charge device so you need to swap battery. However you can mount the wall charger under the vaccum.

    We borrowed a Dyson vacuum and it couldn't vacuum our whole house, but with the Ryobi we just swap the battery with the one we already have from the chainsaw and keep going. Also the dust container is larger on the Ryobi and we have a German Shepard so its full by the time we do half the house.

    Its also great as now we always have charged Ryobi batteries for other devices as we keep swapping the battery in the vacuum.

    We do also have a have a plugin old school Dyson, its a much better vacuum than any of the stick vacuums we tried but its a pain to pull out, so we only use it for big cleans or getting dog hair out of the car etc. The attachments for the Dyson are also better quality then the Ryobi.

  • Almost the same time as me… ~2 mins.

  • Just had a v7 that's one week out of the 24 months warranty start to flash yellow when charging so I can't use it. It's currently at Good Guys waiting for a response from Dyson.

    It sucks that you pay a premium for these things and then almost like clockwork, dies precisely as your warranty is up.

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