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Swann Solar Panel 5V 1000ma $48 (Was $79) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman ($43.20 @ Bunnings 10% Price Beat)



Output: 5V 1000mA
Micro USB output

Can be used with Eufy cameras for continuous charging during daylight.

Good price for a rigid and mountable solar panel.
~approx $20 for flexible eBay panel alone with no mounting hardware and no cable

Swann website

Product description from swann:

Mount it outdoors where there’s plenty of sunshine. Built tough to withstand the elements, day in, day out, rain or shine

Adjustable Angle
Both the Solar Panel and Outdoor Mount have adjustable angles for optimum performance

Drill Stand to Wall or Ceiling
Screw & wall plugs included for long-term installation

Extra Port Cover
A watertight port cover is included. It has a hole for the USB plug and replaces the camera’s standard port cap

Long USB Cable
The long 10ft / 3m cable gives you great flexibility to pick the best mounting location with the most sunshine

Screw-on Tripod Mount
The Wire-Free Security Camera or the Smart Security Camera screw onto the tripod’s pin of the Outdoor Mount

Mount the Solar Panel outdoors where there’s plenty of sunshine and plug it to your Smart Security Camera for set-and-forget home security.

Both the Solar Panel and included USB charging cable are weatherproof, so you can count on your Solar Panel day in, day out, rain or shine.

Adjustable bracket lets you follow the sun
Easily adjust the Solar Panel’s angle to maximize exposure to sunlight, as the sun will be in different positions depending on the season of the year

Pass through replacement cap
To keep its weather resistance, the kit includes a replacement port cover with a pass through for the micro USB plug (SWWHD-INTCAM).

Long USB cable included
The 10ft (3m) cable gives you the flexibility to pick the best spot for the Solar Panel to get the most sunlight and still reach the Smart Security Camera.

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Harvey Norman

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    I used this instead for my Swann cameras , they work fine.

    • Hi Mate, I'm interested in this. What's the plug output? Female USB / micro USB?

      • +2

        Fixed/micro USB. I bought them under $30, 15% off discount code plus 10% off gift card.

      • +2

        The max output is 6v @ .48A. Swann doesn't list their max outputs anywhere, typical. I'd buy the Reolink panel just cause Reolink is significantly better and more reliable than Swann, at least in BNC/POE cameras.
        Edit: Yeah both panels use USB Micro B. At least Reolink is always $38.

    • Do any work with ring cams?

      • I don't know, but it doesn't work with arlo.

    • Max current 580mA. Wondering whether that would be enough for eufy cameras…

    • +3

      Reolink one from the ebay link does not do constant 5v based on my understanding and may not work with other brands. And 100% won't work with Eufy Cam.

      Source: myself using eufy+reolink and this

    • Would you recommend mounting this on the patio to charge a phone? Could it back feed or otherwise damage the phone?

  • +9

    Screw Harvey Norman

    • +24

      Don't know about you, but I'm boycotting Harvey Norman until he pays back Job Keeper.

  • +3

    1000mA maybe?
    1000MA would have to be an ENORMOUS panel!

    • +1

      Ah didn't know the correct format. Had ma at first.

      • m = milli = 0.001
        M = Mega = 1,000,000

        A few orders of magnitude difference

    • So, 1A??

      • yes 1000mA is 1A

  • Work with arlo?

    • would like to know aswell.
      have an arlo pro2 system

    • -2

      Works with anything that takes micro USB

      • +1

        Not true. Arlo's have voltage detection and throws an error when non-Arlo panels (or fake compatible ones) are plugged in.

        • -2

          Then use the correct voltage solar panel

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