NSW Mountain Bikers… What Cars Do You Have?

Hey Ozbargainers,

Moving to NSW towards the end of the year, and will bring over my mountain bike. Keen to know what cars do most of you have?

Or more importantly - what car can you get away with?

In WA it’s hard to get access to a few trails if your car isn’t an AWD/4WD, though the majority of roads are simple fire roads which provide good access.

Trying to get a gauge on what access to different NSW mtb trails is like.. we are reducing down to 1 car in the household, and would prefer something fairly small/economical but don’t want to be hamstrung by it’s inability to access trails.

Let me know what you have (or would need), cheers!



    Get your small economical car and ride a bit further?


      Sorry should add - I ride more bike parks, DH/enduro. Very used to shuttling but happy to ride/push up hills of course.

      My question is more about whether the general access car parks are on rough fire roads that aren’t advisable for small cars.

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        I’d guess that a carefully driven hatchback would get to anything worth calling a carpark. Will it get closest to all trails? No. If you are worried, get something a little further off the ground you’ll be unlikely to need AWD. If the trails are muddy you should probably avoid riding anyway.

        I’ve been to a couple of parks and always see 2wd vehicles there despite the obvious preference for utes and vans.


    Certainly not a Toyota! 😝

    In all seriousness, nothing wrong with buying an AWD/4WD. It will be good for family road trips anyway.

    Or you could go for something in between like a hybrid SUV. I have heard the Toyota RAV4 is very popular. Subaru is pretty good too, but I am not a car expert (nor a MTB expert - I am more of a road cyclist…) so you should do further research.


    What region of NSW are you moving may help… Tibooburra or Nungatta South?

    Stick with the X-Trail as it will give you the best of all world.. cheap to run and you can get to dirt carparks.


      Good point. I’ll be in Sydney CBD area. Space for one car port mainly used by my partner while I use on the weekends to go out for a ride.


      Also you can save money getting a 2WD, in reality 4WD/AWD is overkill for most people.