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Bosch WAT28620AU 8kg Front Load Idos Automatic Dosing Washing Machine $999 Delivered (+Bonus $100 Cashback via Redemption) @ e&s


Bosch Flash Sale until 13-June.

10 Kg machine is also available: https://www.eands.com.au/bosch-wau28490au-10kg-front-load-wa...

Bosch Cashback Redemption

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  • No delivery options to brisbane it looks like. Bugger.

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      • $55 delivery. So it's about the same price. With E&S they take your old machine and set up the new one.
      • so basically you are paying $55 for delivery + installation. You should mention that then otherwise $899 is not the cheapest price

        • "You should mention that then otherwise $899 is not the cheapest price"

          No, $55 for delivery + installation is for the good guys deal.

      • It’s $75 if you want TGG to take the old one away and install like appliances online.
        I just bought the 9kg version of this and paid more plus delivery from TGG as i could get it this week, whereas AO was end of month, but date kept shifting out. Cant take the risk these days.

      • TGG on fleabay has a $50 off discount code.
        So that $950 delivered. Not sure if it'll stack with gift cards

        Question is, the cashback is not advertised on the eBay page so it may not qualify?

  • Love e&s certainly my favourite white goods store

    They should price match good guys+free shipping=profit?

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    Available to order, typically 5-10 days on that 8kg
    The 10kgisnt idos.

  • I got this one price matched to appliances online for $625 delivered and installed last week. Looks good so far: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/hisense-hwfl1014v-10kg-fr...

    • I got this as well, $654 from AO. Liking it a lot so far, great value imho.

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    Ugh. Looks like only real discounts/cashback on their cheaper models, i.e. the ones that aren't made in Germany…

  • 2kg more vs iDos. Which is a better choice?

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      I really like the idos. I bought a bulk 20L of laundry liquid and just top up the machine from the barrel every few weeks.

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    some good eofy sales there, have heard lots of good things about E&S

  • do they serve QLD.

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    • Thanks for flagging this. Sounds like it's mainly very poor after sales and support rather than the machine itself.

      That's concerning as I have a Bosch dishwasher. Am very happy with it at the moment but dreading any repairs down the road.

      Can't decide between LG or Bosch front loader now. The water in the seal after every wash seems to be across all Bosch washers.
      LG does not have this problem and uses direct drive instead of belts. If LG'S support is excellent, that may just be the push I need

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        My old front loader was a LG.

        I used to work for a furniture removalist. A new staff member tipped this front loader off the front of a trolley and it rolled down a flight of stairs and was slightly crumpled.

        It was 2nd hand and abused when I go tit and it lasted me 10 years.

        I hope my new Bosch does as well!

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      Review sites are too much hard work.

      Half the time the problem is the reviewer, not the thing they're reviewing.

      Delivery guy looked shifty. 1 star.
      I didn't read the instructions. 1 star.
      I'm taking a star off because I paid $2k and expected it to mind my kids, cook breakfast and satisfy my husband in bed.
      OMG this is SOOOO GOOOOD. 2 stars.

      I'm exaggerating for effect, but even the legit-sounding complaints of leaks and broken seals, you just can't take for granted that it's not some user error or unique to their situation or circumstance.

      Another thing to keep an eye out for is all those people buying Kogan and Haier, have literally ZERO expectations because they expect it to be a piece of shite. But then when it arrives and it actually does a good enough job, they're ecstatic. Meanwhile, the guy who pays $2k has buyers' remorse because it didn't remove the 1mm speck of Penfolds Grange that he accidentally splashed onto his favourite Polo shirt. They both review accordingly, but the ratings they give are obviously incomparable.

  • contact customer service of e&s, they can do price match as TGG including free delivery, removal old machine & installation

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    Alright, this is probably the most Ozbargained thing I've done.

    TLDR: order the WAT28620AU via TGG eBay and add a $55 or more item that qualifies for discount code PPSS100 for a total of $100 discount. Use Shopback's 3% cashback eBay gift card for another $30 savings.
    Claim $100 Bosch cashback.
    Profit + get another item at $50 discount!

    Was looking at the above comments about TGG being $945 but charges $55 for delivery and decided to look at TGG's eBay store.

    The WAT28620AU is available for the same price but there's a $50 eBay discount code, which offsets the delivery.

    Great! Added it to cart and keyed in the code PPSS100. Lo and behold! The discount is actually $100!
    Turns out, the code gives $100 instead of $50 if the total purchase exceeds $1000 of eligible items and the $60 heated throw I had sitting in my cart was just enough. Lower value items have slightly different codes such as PAPSS10 or such but works with the PPSS100.

    I then jumped on Shopback and ordered a $1000 eBay gift card at 3% cashback for an additional $30 savings.

    TGG will be providing a tax invoice, so I am quite certain that qualifies for the $100 Bosch cashback as TGG is a participating merchant.

    Cart price: $945+$55 delivery + $60 heated throw= $1060
    Minus $100 eBay discount + $30 gift card cashback + $100 Bosch cashback = $230

    Total cost: $830
    Not bad for a $1499rrp washing machine and a $60 heated throw for $10.

  • In case people were wondering the difference in volume between the 10kg and 8kg is 7L. The 8kg is 63L and the 10kg is 70L. So all though the machine can handle an extra 25% of weight the actual volume difference is about 11% more.

  • FYI, if you buy it from the Good Guys store on ebay using the 15% off afterpay discount, and can get it picked up from a Goods guys store, it brings the total price down to $791.65.

    ($1049 less 15% off less $100 Bosch cashback = $791.65)

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