This was posted 1 year 2 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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MILO 460g + Champ Band $5 (Was $45) + Pickup Only @ BIG W


Found randomly on Facebook. Ordered a couple for pickup for the kids.

Am in Canning Vale, WA. Seems to be available nationwide (YMMV)

7th June 2021, 9:42:49 pm Out of stock online, Pickup Only in selected suburbs (mostly regional)

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  • Saw the $45 shelf tag 2 days ago in BigW & thought who would pay that!
    Plenty on display in 2 Brisbane stores visited.
    Thanks - ordered 2.

    • The OzBargain gods have heard you.

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      The guy below you

      • He did what?

        • purchased two at full price

  • Bought two the other day at full price. Grrrrrrr

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      90 day returns - buy again & return new order. $80 saved!

      • Only if the receipt they kept receipt.

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          Only when paying the $90 in cash - who does that these days?

          Discussed returns at BigW on Saturday…
          (Picked up 4x$40 orders for 16,000pt from this Deal)

          If online order - its stored. You receive PDF receipt & return is done by order number.

          If bought in store on CC etc - BigW should be able to retrieve receipt. Even Aldi has done that for me in a refund.

          Always best to save receipt - for warranty & returns.

          • @Rather be Travelling: Also kept on your rewards card for 90 days if you happen to use that no matter what payment method you've used.

            • @PorterD: It's pretty hard not to have a receipt.
              And itemised e-receipts show in Rewards app if Rewards card was scanned .

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    No stock in any Melb stores now. Geelong only.

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      you need to select SHOP online - pickup

      • Thanks. Silly error on my part

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          I still can’t see any stock in Melbourne.

      • How do you select this?

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          looks like its all sold out

  • Thanks Op ordered one from my local for pickup only one in stock apparently.

  • Thanks, got one for each of my kids. All 3 nearest stores near me had stock (Byford, WA)

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    Can it tell the time though?

  • Plenty around Brisbane most stores have stock.

  • bought 2 for the little siblings, thx

  • Thanks

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    would it fit an adults wrist?

  • MILO 460g on special at Woolies for… $7 $5!
    Effectively free smart band.

    Hope the Milo hasn't gone stale.
    Apparently Best Buy end of June!

  • Great find. Thanks!

  • Same price at WW but no band included.

  • nice find, thanks op

  • Thanks OP. 3 in stock, unfortunately I have 4 nephews and nieces..

  • Got two for the grommets. Nice find.

  • Thanks champ!

  • This year return gift sorted :D thanks OP great find

  • Thank OP. You are a legend.

  • Thanks op. hopefully they honour it

  • Great deal OP

  • Thanks OP. Brought 2. The kids will be happy.

  • Ready to collect, only ordered 10 mins ago.

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    Wow. A heart rate monitor too? Hopefully its legit

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    In stock near me..
    Thanks op.
    Younger son was recently complaining he wanted a fitness band like his older sister.
    Problem solved, plus they get Milo. :)

    • Similar issue at my place… sorted ! :)
      Thanks to the Op

    • Email saying ready for collection already received.
      Thanks again op.

  • Lower GC has plenty of stock

  • Thanks OP!!!!

  • Thanks OP

  • no stock near me :-(

  • Bought it. Didnt need it. Oh well!

  • Out of stock at Hillary s bigw

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    Why did I buy this? I have an Apple Watch and several old Fitbits…

    • +8

      For the Milo!

    • Also Mi Band 4cs and 5s. Contributing to landfill haha

    • This competes with Apple watch. It does 80% of essential functionality (time, steps & heart rate, the rest is much better on your phone) for 2.0% of the money (with Milo as reward ;)

  • Thanks OP got 2

    • Got 2 but no upvote?
      You savage.

      • +1

        you to quick and savage

        • 😂😂 I apologise.

  • -3

    I'd be too embarrassed to wear it knowing every single ozbargainer bought up.

    • +11

      At least we can identify each other when we go to the shops next .

      Btw thx op. Got 2.

      • If only it would beep when a fellow band wearer was near - impromptu OzBargain meet ups. (But embarrassing if it turned out to be a child👶)

  • ty op.

  • I bought 4 as have nephews and nieces that can use them.

  • Ordered 3 to the Pakenham store (live in Croydon North), only one showing stock, as much as I doubt they'll have it. Let's see what happens.

    Lilydale had a tonne of these a week or two back being thrown for 20 bucks but I couldn't be bothered, hopefully I get a couple new toys and a chocky milk. Cheers either way, OP.

    • Lmao apparently my order is ready for pickup. Packy might have some still.

  • -1


    • Still showing in stock at many stores near me! Others are still buying.

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    Bought 2 from store 🤦🏻‍♂️ Condition of boxes are really worst

    • +2

      Hopefully the pronunciation of the checkout chick was gooder…

  • +7

    Very happy there's no stock. Saved $5 for more productive things.

  • Damn I just wanted a heart rate monitor. OOS in my area or just not delivering.

  • If you see this but instead of RRP at $45, regular priced at $5 would you still buy it?

    • As long as the Milo still tastes good ($5 on special at Woolies) - why not get it with a free band thrown in.

      There are frequently comments asking for cheap bands for children in Deals for bands many times this price!
      Based on that interest - $5 would attract plenty of interest.

    • Good point. It's amazing the psychology of products and how we place value on things.

      • Go to the store and grab it in the morning, you maybe in luck

        • +1

          My experience on weekend was C&C order was ready before store opened in morning.

  • were in my cart and then sold by the time i went to pay :(

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