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Non-Alcoholic: Heaps Normal Quiet XPA 24x355ml Cans: $63.15; Spirits: Lyre's G&T, Classico, Amalfi 4x $16.45 + Post @ Luxedrinks


Hi Guys,

I'm hoping to bring some value to the OzBargain community and provide some offers in the Non-Alcoholic space. N/A isn't everyone's choice - but for those that have interest, and may have had bad tasting products in the past - give some of the newer products on the market a go - I highly recommend it.
The industry has improved incredibly over the last years!


A couple of specials in the Lyre's N/A Spirits Range:


and for the Non-Alcoholic Beer drinkers:
Heaps Normal Quiet XPA Cans - 24x 355ml Cans : $63.15

We're based in Queensland, and have pretty reasonable shipping rates down the East Coast, and North. Still working to get better shipping options to some other areas - and happy to take suggestions for good couriers that have made pricing better to your place!

If you have any questions - hopefully I can help out.
Hopefully you may have recommendations for non-alcoholic products for other OzBargainer's to try - because we're listing new products in the market every single week. So recommendations are great!

We know that opinions on Non-alcoholic drinks can sometimes be polarizing - but we have found some great tastes and big benefits, and hope to help out those in the OzB community that are looking for something new to try.

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    Good drink for a drive down to Bunnings in the morning before work.

  • +23

    Look, I'm all for non alcoholic beers. I've enjoyed quite a few.
    But I can't pay these prices for them. 😨

    • I wouldn't pay these prices for beer with or without alcohol.

      • It's out of my budget for a carton of beer which I know is heavily taxed

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    Am I going crazy or is that just really expensive for something non-alcoholic? What am I missing here?

    • +10

      Same time and effort to brew the beer in the first place, plus added effort to then remove the Alcohol.
      Plus the market is probably smaller, so you're not getting the economies of scale.
      If you like beer, but you're having a dry month, then this is a winner. Best tasting non alcoholic beer by a long stretch.

      • I assume after the alcohol is removed it is then sold recovering some of the losses in processing; but still your point is true, the effort to produce is the same

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          But hang on. The cost of beer is related to it's alcohol content and a tax is levied on that federally.



          So if there's no alcohol in this beer then there's no excise charged, no tax levied. So it should be cheaper surely.

          • @Luc: Thats the theory, though i suppose esemce's point is that the alcohol removal process is an extra step in the production chain that regular beers wouldnt see. so no excise, but an extra processing step
            really need someone in the industry to explain whats going on

            Having said that, the distilled alcohol free spirits getting around are surely just based on distilled water and have never had alcohol to remove in the first place… still cost 50 bucks though!

            • -2

              @Lodan: The 'extra' step is exactly the same as pasteurisation - just at a different temperature to evaporate the alcohol.

              It's a bit of a piss-take to expect to pay the same price for N/A beer.

              • -1

                @salamandersushi: Different (specialised) equipment required for dealcoholisation if you're using a heat process, plus a beer of this type isn't ever pastuerised anyway.
                (note that this beer is supposedly brewed with a low alcohol strain of yeast, no dealcoholisation required, but almost definitely an entirely different process from standard)

                There's $16 exise on a slab of 5% beer… All other things being equal the extra time, equipment costs and limited market/volume easily account for the this price difference.
                The mega corp low/no alcohol beers (Carlton/Heineken) sell at $40-50/slab.
                Even they can't (or at least wont) price their product $16 less than their equivalent 5% product which is typically sold around $50.

    • Chinese cooking wine maybe? 😂

  • -2

    I would have thought the downside to every XPA is that it's an XPA. Not the alcohol content that makes it more drinkable.

  • I think this is the normal price? It's a tiny bit cheaper on Craft Zero:

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I'm getting the listing updated ASAP, with the special OzB price. Accidentally still had the current price.

      • +1

        Now updated the listing, and added some of the Lyre's Spirits range also

  • +4

    I can't believe how expensive this stuff is for a non-alcoholic drink. There should be no excise duties for 0 alcohol so it should be a lot cheaper

    • +2

      i think you're right-
      For excises purposes, beer is a beverage that is brewed and:

      is the product of the yeast fermentation of an aqueous extract of predominantly malted or unmalted cereals, but may also contain other sources of carbohydrates
      contains hops, or extracts of hops, or other bitters so that the beverage has no less than four international bitterness units (or comparable bitterness if other bitters are used)
      may have spirit distilled from beer added to it, but only if that spirit does not add more than 0.5% to the total volume of the final product
      may have other substances (including flavours) added to it, but in the case of other substances that contain alcohol (other than beer spirit), the alcohol does not add more than 0.5% to the total volume of the final product
      contains no more than 4% by weight of sugars (monosaccharide and disaccharide)
      doesn't contain any artificial sweeteners
      has an alcohol content of more than 1.15% by volume.
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    So the entire reason beer is so expensive is because of the alcohol tax in Australia based on alcohol %. Which is approximately $16.22 for a case of 5% beer.
    Non alcoholic beers are making that difference in profit, which makes this price even more ridiculous

    • +2

      Non alcoholic beers are making that difference in profit

      I don't think they are.

      The added expense to remove the alcohol plus the extra cost to distribute a massively smaller volume surely increases the price. They also have a much higher rate of beer going out of date before sale compared to normal beer due to the lower popularity.

      I'd say the lack of taxes is nowhere near enough to make up for the lack of scale producing non alcoholic beer and I don't think anyone is making massive profits off something hardly anyone wants to buy. I wouldn't be surprsied if most large scale brewers were only covering costs or even losing money on non alcoholic beer. I mean even CUB are selling Carlton Zero at only $6 less than Carlton Dry.

      In saying that, I think this "deal" is still overpriced and no different to other "boutique" brewery pricing ie too dear. I'd just get a slab of Carlton Zero for ~$37.

      • Thanks for input, that's interesting to know!

      • I believe they are making the price difference in profit as the process is adjust do not introduce alcohol rather than an additional process to remove alcohol from the drink. These drinks do not incur the same tax as drinks with larger amounts of alcohol and should be a lot cheaper than regulator craft beer. I believe these craft "non-alcohol" drinks are riding the craft beer wave in regards to the high pricing and as more enter the market the price will drop as they get under cut to meet market demand.

  • +2

    This might become a bargain with my beer goggles on.

  • -1

    Alcohol free beer at premium beer prices?

  • +2

    This is probably the best non-alcoholic beer.

  • +7

    Non-alcoholic beer at full strength alcoholic beer prices?! Tell 'em they're dreamin'.

  • coopers birella ….$28 slab at woolies and dans will price match and coopers and woolies still make profit , so not sure where the unicorn blood comes to make some non alcoholic beers expensive e,g $60 slab.

    • For this comparison, it would potentially be as simple as the size of Coopers brewery compared to Heaps Normal!

  • +3

    Heaps Normal, more like Heaps Expensive.

  • +1

    I've tried just about every other non alcoholic beer on the market when my wife was pregnant and every single one of them tastes like crap. I never thought I'd find an Aussie beer worse that Carlton draught and along comes Carlton zero.

    If and when someone can make a non alcoholic beer that actually tastes like the real thing they'll be on to something.

    No way I'm paying 65 bucks for a case though.

    • +2

      Zero is absolutely feral

  • Anyone that thinks this isn't a rip off needs to check other markets where non alcoholic/0% drinks are actually appropriately priced in respect to the alcoholic counterparts.

    Or you know, just check your local supermarket.

    Edit: not sure which link was affiliated but cheaper at Craftzero, Boozebud, Kogan and Catch.. just from the first few Google shopping results lol

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I'm getting the listing updated ASAP, with the special OzB price. Accidentally still had the current sale price.

      • Now updated the listing, and added some special prices for some of the Lyre's Spirits RTD range also

  • +3

    I have tried almost every non-alcoholic beer on the market and this is the best by far. It has been very helpful for me when I reach for a beer out of habit on a Saturday afternoon, at a Sunday afternoon BBQ, or after a challenging day at work. I am willing to pay this price to improve my drinking habits and expect in time this strategy will lead to me just choosing a glass of water instead!

    • +1

      Big Drop Pine Trail Pale is better imo. My wife gave birth just a couple of weeks ago and we both love beer so have tried a bunch of alco free options.

      Give Pine Trail a go if you haven't. Just a shade better than this, which is still very solid.

      Not $65 a case solid… That's what I aim for with 7% IPA cases lmao.

      • Thanks, Big Drop is one I am yet to try!

        • +1

          Stocked at Dan Murphy's. Apparently they do an IPA and lager as well but I've only tried the pale ale.

    • +2

      I tend to stick to Nort, decent price most of the time too.

      I did see lots of Big Drop last time I was leaving DM but hands were full so made note to try for next time.

  • This is more expensive than other places for this stuff just by doing a quick google search

    • Thanks for pointing this out. Had listed wrong price in listing. Now updated the listing, and added some of the Lyre's Spirits RTD range also, with special OzBargain pricing.

  • -2

    Non alcoholic beers that have some alcohol. I love this false marketing that's going on with these drinks.

  • +1

    Cheaper elsewhere.


    $4 more expensive for the case, but they do $10 flat rate shipping nationwide so works out cheaper after factoring in shipping.

  • -1

    Non alcoholic drinks.
    The argument has been going on for decades. They are all crap.
    Claytons anyone?

    • if compared with "alcohol" I understand your question; However, look at it this way: You are out for lunch in a Thai restaurant; The fridge only has Coke, lemonade, gingerbeer, Mother and the like. Wouldn't you choose to pay $3.50 for a can of coke zero healthy local Heaps Normal instead? Most people try and compare it with alcohol and/or with memories of where/when/why you drink alcohol and I like to remind people that you need to compare this with the other available flavoured non-alcoholic trash out there. Or; you are the dedicated driver and in the RSL you are asked what you would like; do you prefer to ask for a coke, water, a glass of Milk (in memory of Back to the future lol) or a can of Heaps Normal XPA (which tastes amazing btw)?

  • +5

    Some people have commenting that it cost more because it goes through a alcohol extraction process - this is not correct. This is a quote from one of the founders:

    “We don’t actually remove any alcohol: we use a few process tweaks and special yeast strains to produce a trace amount of alcohol, which we believe leaves a lot more flavour in the beer.”

    Source: https://www.smh.com.au/national/true-brew-the-beer-tapping-i...

  • +1

    The Lyre's spirits are nice. I haven't had the premix yet. Might try soon.

  • Is it halal?

    • it is not Halal certified. However, it's non-alcoholic, just like any juice, bottled water or coke we drink daily

      • Well that's not true is it.. it's got 0.5% alcohol.
        But this is around the same amount of alcohol that you typically find in fruit due to natural fermentation, so no liquor licence is required for sale.

        As a processed drink that has been deliberately fermented, with a process known to produce some alcohol, I doubt it would ever be considered Halal.

  • Man. I really wanted to try this as I buy the NA beers from Coles to have something bubbly, cold and not sweet to drink and something new would be nice to try but… This is more expensive than the Coles stuff at a normal price and this is discounted.


    Sadness. :(