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[eBay Plus] $15 Off Selected Items: $5 - Chin Up Bar, Nike Pump, Butane Stove, $1 Life Jcket, $1.16 Neck Pillow, $1.5 Wrist Band


This week's Tuesday offers. Code takes $15 off selected items.

First 8000 redemptions. Single use code.

$1 - Kids Toy Life Jacket

$1.16 - Neck Pillow

$1.45 - 99000LM Super Bright Police Tactical Flashlight T6 LED Torch Light & Charger AU OOS - posted here

$1.50 - Elastic Fitness Wrist Support Band

$3 - 3Pc Tennis Balls

$4.95 - 12Pc Table Tennis/Ping Pong Balls - thanks to Lachlan1

$4.95 - 2x 66cm Instant Cooling Towel Gym/Workout - thanks to bazinga8888

$4.95 - 3x Under Armour Training Cotton Quarter Socks - thanks to soyea

$4.95 - 2X 60000lm LED Flashlight Torch For Bike Mount - thanks to 18

From Big W:

$5 - Chin Up Bar - thanks to neilpatrickharris

$5 - 20Pc Golf Balls NanoTech

$5 - Nike Ball Pump - Black

$5 - Campmaster Butane Stove

$9.95 + $10 postage - Wilson Basketball - thanks to jadeja

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  • +1 vote

    Lockdown survival kit sorted

  • +3 votes

    I bought the Winter Windproof Warm Face Mask Scarf Balaclava Motorcycle Cycling Neck Cover
    for $1.99

    • +1 vote

      Awesome bro, just need one for winter running. Many thanks!!!!

  • -1 vote

    For basketball.. I think this is better option

    • +2 votes

      This one is rubber and not included in the sale.. the other was composite leather. I think the other one is the better buy for $20 delivered.


    Just 3 hours after the post and most of them are sold out. Dxmn

  • +2 votes

    Got a Coleman Quick Air Pump 12V for $14.

    BCF sell them for $54.99 so that's a win in my book.



    Got this. Great price even at $50, $35 is a steal.


    those inflatable neck pillows are crap. got similar one for free from kathmandu and even then, i felt ripped off


    6pc Summit 3 Star Red Dot Table Tennis ABS Plastic Ball 40+ Ping Pong Game White
    Was $16


      I was checking out then they pulled the code for this item?

      EDIT: Oh the codes expired…

  • +1 vote
    • +1 vote

      For $5- something, I picked one up to solve years of curiosity. If nothing else, tazer-tolerance practice ;p


        Let us know how it goes..


    Think it’s expired unless I’m doing something wrong


    Deal's done. Was just about to buy some darts for $2 :(


    Literally ended when I was checking out. [email protected]#$#@%


    Damn i gotta get on the ebay plus


    We are emailing you to let you know that we are unable to supply the below item/s as they were unavailable at the time of processing your order.

    Campmaster Single Butane Stove - 2 Stage Safety 1 $20.00


    Getting a refund too, sigh.

    Oh well.


    got an 'unable to supply' on the chin up bar and refund.