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12% off Everything @ Mobileciti Online (Starts 8pm AEST, 4 Hours Only, Free Shipping, No Min Spend, Excludes DJI)


In celebration of Mobileciti's 22nd birthday today, Aaron (Mobileciti's founder) wanted to run 10% off sitewide but managed to convince him to go 12% for 4 hours. Discount applies to everything in stock, so you'll obviously need to get in quick - first in best dressed. No complaints please when they're out of iPhone stock etc - there's simply not enough for everyone. Delivery is free and fast, but you can always collect at their Parramatta store if you wish. Apply code HAPPY22 at checkout. Runs from 8pm to 11:59pm AEST June 8. Happy birthday 🎂 to the team at MC! Take care, and enjoy :)

Edit 7:45pm - Aaron advised that due to circumstances beyond his control, DJI products will no longer be part of this promotion. Apologies on his behalf.

Note: Code is not commissionable via any cashback partners. Sale may track, but cashback will be declined.

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    No base model iPad Pro 2021?

  • +14


    • +2

      rofl I sense swearing with humour

    • +2

      Auntie Helen gotta hate Uncle Roger for buying new tech gadgets…. thats why Auntie Helen left
      so weak!

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    M1 Macbook down to $1,309.44

  • +2

    Tightarse ya legend mate 👍

  • +12

    Can I ask 22% off for their 22nd birthday :-)

    • +7

      22% off for their 22nd birthday

      He's out of line but he's right

    • +15

      Can't wait till they turn 100!

      • +2

        good luck to you too!

      • I cannot make it… sad…

  • +5

    what should i buy?

    • Tupperware?

  • +1

    Anyone find some good bargains on the site? Aside from some apple items?

    • +8

      Bose QC35 down to $259

      • Nice!

      • nice find

      • +1

        I think the Myer deal is cheaper by $5 if you activate cashrewards using this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/628920.

        It is 299 - 10% = 269.1 - 15 = 254.10

      • Isn't it 12%?
        The cans are selling for $288 thus $253.44

        • +1

          Yeah it is I didn't read it properly and did it off 10% whoops !

  • +4

    Come on, TR you can do better than 0% cashback.

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  • +13

    Not that I'm personally in the market for them, but unless I'm very much mistaken, $693.59 seems like it would be a record low for AirPods Max.

    • +6

      you shoudl be right, but still hard to justify….

      • +1

        Agreed, but I'm sure they're going to sell a few of them regardless.

        • like someone will pull the trigger at 899

      • Unless you flip them to an Apple die hard.

      • +2

        I am in the market for new ANC headphones, and after hearing these at a very, very busy and very, very loud Apple store, I am sold.

        The ANC is just incredible - sound great too. Just wish they were USB-C, as the iPad I am gonna get is USB-C.

        • Compare to bose

          • +2

            @mokr: I am not an Apple fan by any measure, but they're the best ANC Bluetooth headphones I've heard (out of XM4, Bose 700, QC35II, B&O H8i) in terms of SQ and ANC.

    • Can get them cheaper on eBay right now with the 10% off code + discounted gift cards, ~$681

    • Bought one - sky blue - not easily available colour

  • Could they postpone their 12% off to coincide with next time ebay has 15% off so we can have 27% off?

    • Plus additional $$ of with gift cards

      • plus cash back?

        • Less pricejack?

        • +1

          No cashback with use of coupon/vouchers

  • Will they be applying this discount to their eBay store as well??

    • ^ Would like to know as well

    • no they won't

  • Nice! I’m looking at iPhones and some of them are saying ‘as new’. Do these mean anything? Or is it opened, but still having original Apple warranty?

    • I found in More Information "As new" 12 months warranty while Brand New is 24 months

    • +1

      there are alot of complaints last time with afterpay deal. and that was bit cheaper

  • +4


    Is the cheapest price for this laptop so far on Ozbargain too once you factor in the discount?

  • Any recommendations for wireless earbuds? Got a new Samsung with no headphone jack. A budget earbud would be ideal.

    • +1
    • +5

      If you mean legitimate earbud (as opposed to IEM): https://www.mobileciti.com.au/samsung-galaxy-buds-live-sm-r1...

      If you meant an TWS IEM, everything is way better priced elsewhere, with the standouts being:

      • the original Galaxy Buds at $100-$120 (use soft EQ preset, Kogan, eBay, Amazon, etc)
      • the Galaxy Buds+ at $110-$130 (longer battery life, but thinner sounding outside of the bass rumble)
      • the AKG N400 at $215 on Amazon

      Keep in mind that you can get a USB-C to 3.5mm adaptor for wired audio, and the decent ones cost $15.

      If you want to move into ANC over-ear instead, the AKG N700NC MK2 is great value at $100-$120, which should bob up somewhere through the mid-year sales. May still be $99 at a Bing Lee in your area: https://www.binglee.com.au/akg-n700nc-wireless-headphones-ad...

      Search products up on the OzB to get an idea of price history.

      • AKG N700NC MK2 uses usb c and older briefing is on micro usb right?

        • Correct. Also supports AAC & Samsung Adaptive on top of the SBC support of the original.

    • +1

      The Galaxy Buds+ are brilliant with Samsung and currently at historic low of ¢127 on Amazon (can Price Beat at OW): https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/628863
      Highly recommended.

    • AK47

  • gdi, just bought a tablet from them the other day! XD

  • +2

    Could you convince him to go 80% for 5 minutes?

  • +4

    Galaxy S20 FE 5g will be around $699 (currently $795). which is not a bad price, compared to recent deals.

    • Is it going to be 2021 model?

      • Only 1 model because it's the 5G not 4G model

        • Okay. I wasn't aware of that. Thanks.

  • Ah dammit no Apple TV 4K (2021)….

  • Best thing to go with the Razer kishi?

    Not going to use it as a phone, just a gaming screen

  • Worth getting a roborock S5 max?

  • +2

    Should have been 22%

    • +1

      Agreed lol

    • Agreed. 12% is not enough

  • Does the free shipping start at 8pm?

  • If I have an issue with an Apple product that I buy from Mobileciti, can I take it to an Apple store, or does it have to go via Mobileciti?

    • +1


  • Read wrong thought it was 22% off =P

  • -3

    Why it's not 22%off…

  • +1

    Huawei Matebook D15 down to $683.76

  • Has anyone bought the pre-owned iphone from them in the past? How is the experience? Do you get full manufacturer's warranty?

  • too bad they don't have Xbox Wireless Headset :(

  • +2

    Huawei MateBook X Pro 2018 for $1100 is kinda tempting.

  • +12

    100% grateful and don’t want to ruin the party, but objectively speaking I don’t see anything that’s really a good deal.

    Still cheers tho!

    • +5

      Yeah I am the same, appreciate it but surprised the deal is voting really high. Since ebay sometimes have 10% off their eBay store then could use 5% or 10% eBay gift cards when they come up. Unless their website prices are already cheaper than their ebay prices or certain items missing from their ebay store, then may be worthwhile.

    • +3

      kinda agree here too - great effort but just went through several pages and couldn't find anything considered a 'good deal' worth buying. Hopefully someone finds something at a good price and can take advantage of the offer. Thanks for the effort TA!

  • +4

    "Happy birthday! Ozb's gonna twist your arm for 2% extra to celebrate" :)

  • Not free shipping for all order it seems
    Any price limit ?

    • +1

      Please try again. Apply code first then shipping should be free. Tested working on sub $100 product. Thanks.

  • +2

    Lol, website is being battered hard. haha.

  • +2

    No free shipping flat rate $7.80

    • Please try again. I believe this has been fixed. Thanks.

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