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Acer Nitro 5 15.6-Inch i5-10300H/8GB/512GB SSD/RTX3060 6GB Laptop $1298 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Purchase any Acer Nitro Gaming Notebook or Desktop and redeem $150 worth of Logitech G, Astro or Blue Mic products! Available In-Store Only

Save $500 according to HN

Barcode (GTIN) 4710886359500
Product Type Laptops
Brand Acer
Model AN515-55-5838
Colour Black - Red
Keyboard Backlit
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Type Intel Core i5
Processor Model 10300H
Processor Max Speed (GHz) 4.5
Cache Size (MB) 8
Installed RAM 8GB
RAM Configuration 1 x 8GB
RAM Expandable To (GB) 32
Primary Storage Capacity 512GB
Storage Type SSD
Screen Size (inches) 15.6
Screen Definition Full High Definition
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080
Monitor Refresh Rate 144Hz
GPU Chipset Manufacturer NVIDIA
GPU Chipset GeForce RTX 3060
Graphics Card Memory 6GB
Wireless Networking 802.11ax (2x2), Bluetooth
Estimated Battery Life (hr) Up to 9
Connectivity 1x USB 3.2 (Gen 2), 1x USB 3.2 (Type C, Gen 2), 2x USB3.2 Gen 1, HDMI 2.0, RJ45
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Product Width (cm) 36.34
Product Depth (cm) 25.5
Product Height (cm) 2.39
Weight (kg) 2.3
Manufacturers Express Warranty (months) 12

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  • HDMI 2.0

    Why are these companies making RTX 3000 series laptops but without HDMI 2.1? Such a shame considering how many TVs are 4k @ 120Hz these days.

    • +3

      Probably because the majority of people use monitors if anything, and for gaming laptops probably the laptop screen itself.

    • +57

      people who can afford 4k 120HZ tvs can afford better laptops than this.

      • Well said bro.

      • I guess he meant that since the standard 4k tvs are now coming with 120hz & vrr etc then he wouldn’t need to buy a separate monitor

      • No I can't.

    • +3

      The GPU on this laptop will die or crash if it had to pump out a constant 4K 120Hz so no point of having the bandwidth if it cannot produce it.

    • Can't really expect this laptop edition 3060 to do 4k at 120 hz for any modern game that isn't fortnite.

      Actually, even Fortnite seems to run like a truck after all the bloating updates they have done now.

  • How many watts is the 3060?

    • 60 - 115 W depending on clock speed this is on NVIDIAs website

      • +9

        He's asking for the wattage of the 3060 in this specific laptop, not the range that Nvidia allows.

        According to notebook check (if this is the same variant) it's 85w.

        The screen leaves much to be desired with 280nits brightness, terrible color reproduction (44% of Adobe RGB) and a very worrying 23-33ms response times (way too low for a 144hz monitor, it's too low even for 60hz - there will be a lot of blur which is just a waste of a high refresh rate monitor). I find it funny the headline for the screen reads 'fast, good panel' yet the stats they give for it are abysmal.

        It's still a decent deal if plugging into a monitor, but I'd hate to use it as a laptop looking at that dim, slow and colorless screen all day. LCD panels in laptops aren't that hard to upgrade though and this one desperately needs it.

        • pity, was hoping for more than 85w.

    • 85

  • worth?

  • what's the harshrate?

    • +1

      Depends on Wattage of 3060, but if its a Max-Q model.
      Would be around 33mh/

      • +1

        Thank you!

        • This thing isn't worth it for mining.

          • +1

            @zjz93: It could be a consideration to make up some of the cost, just not all.

            • @Jimbuscus: Wouldn't it overheat if used for mining?

              • +1

                @davelarz: MSI Afterburner can be used to keep the GPU within your preference limit, but generally your card should be able to manage its own limits before burning out.

    • +2

      Getting 35.1MH/s for ETH on T-Rex at the moment with two of these

      • How much money can you make (per week) leaving this on 24x7 ?

        • whattomine.com

      • +1

        Mine get 37.5. 980 odd mhz clock 7500mhz memory.

    • Bought one today

      I'm hashing at 36.7MH/s atm
      Running -502/+650 in afterburner
      Currently sitting at 57 degrees with fan at 4000rpm, max fan speed is 5660rpm.

      I like the look and feel of it, and the intel pack and $150 bonus gift card are gravy on a very good deal already.

      • Is it bonus gift card? I thought some headsets worth $150.

        • I got a HN gift card that could be used on anything. No Guarantees, they could legitimately give restricted offer. In the end I bought a Logitech headset anyway, but I had tested with other items online before proceeding

  • +1

    The biggest issue is the brand as it reminded people the after sales service and the quality of the product in general. It used to be a top brand in notebook but that's a long time ago. It's hard unless they have a new group of managing people who have the ability to change the existing and on going issues.

    • +3

      Does it matter? Just throw it back at HN if there are any issues.

      Throw the ACCC book at them if its past 12 months.

      • +1

        LOL, you can try it and see if it happened as you think.

        HN will ask you to contact manufacturer or they can ask you to bring it in an you can wait forever.

        • +1

          You just bring it in, I haven't had any push back from HN staff in the past - they've been great.

          I'd be surprised if they had stock and didn't replace on the spot if its within the first 12 months. I'd certainly push for that and do the usual "can I talk the manager" if they refused.

          Managers always immediately go with the easy option. I've worked in retail.

          • @jaimex2: To be fair, some of the retails are helpful, no doubt about it. But the point is ACER's product and after-sales service are poor. They are the bottleneck and retailers couldn't do anything about it. It will be under extreme condition if they are going to refund or exchange the notebook, especially after 3 to 6 months. The quality of ACER has been dropping predominantly due to the lack of direction from the management level and its local marketing strategy.
            ACER's focus is in education sector not retails.

  • Aprox $1233 using the 5% gift cards cashback on shopback

    • Tried using the Shopback app to buy gift card this morning. Kept getting a payment error and now it says "too many failed attempts, try again after some time". Either way I am stuck and not getting any luck with it. Tried contacting Shopback support but their chat bot is just useless and live chat isn't available.

  • I evaluated this a few days ago. I still rekon https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/628471 is the better bang for buck.

    You get double the RAM, disk and a much better CPU.
    2060 vs 3060 doesn't seem to be a big enough difference.

    • @jaimex2 is there a TDP rating for the 2060 model that led you to the conclusion that 2060 vs 3060 is not much of a difference?

    • +5


      An extra $200 gets you that 16GB ram, better CPU AND the 3060 also

      • +2

        Its $400 more on my screen.

      • +3

        Extra $400 you mean? Not worth it imho at that level.

        • +4

          was replying to jaimex2 - his link shows the same model but with a 2060 for $1498

      • It's $400 more than the original deal, has the exact same CPU & RAM as Jamie's $200 extra one that upgrade the CPU from i5 to i7 and upgrades RAM from 8gb to 16GB. Not sure the extra $200 just to upgrade the graphics card is worth it, looking at benchmarks it only adds about 5-10fps depending on the game with this i7 CPU. If it was paired with one of the Ryzen mobile CPUs they seem to bring a much bigger gain, for $1800 you could probably find a better laptop elsewhere.


        • Theres been about 3 infinitely better deals on laptops than this post since it was posted.
          At no point did I say it was a good deal

  • What harvey norman lost in public image it seems to of gained in decent pricing/loss leaders financed by the australian public

    • There's still a good amount of making up to do.

  • +3

    Good price for the product, too bad that you have to give money to Harvey Norman though after the jobseeker fiasco.

  • +3

    Why is 8GB of RAM the standard again? A few years ago a laptop like this would always have had 16GB.

    • +1

      Semiconductor shortage

    • +2

      Its not the standard this is just a very budget machine not designed for multitasking.

  • Anything worth getting with the $150 coupon that makes this deal worth it??

    • -2

      expand its storage with an additional ssd

      • +1

        Isn't the 150 for logitech, astro or blue mic products? Don't think u can buy an SSD.

  • CPU is a let down with only 4 cores it might be a bottleneck depending on the TDP of the 3060.

    • The 10300H isnt really that much different to the 10500H

      • +1

        The 10500H has 50% more cores and 50% more l3 cache. 10500H is 50% better than the 10300H in multicore workloads which is what pretty much all modern games use now.

        • -1

          ah my mistake, i was thinking the 10500H was a Quad still

          6 core / 12 Thread
          4 core / 12 Thread

    • This one for $200 more has the better i7 CPU with 6 cores / 12 threads and double the RAM to 16GB.


      It downgrades the GPU from the 3060 to the 2060 but from benchmarks it seems the CPU limits the full power of the 3060 anyway.

  • I'm thinking of getting this but will the i7/16gb version worth an extra $400? https://www.harveynorman.com.au/acer-nitro-5-15-6-inch-i7-10...

    • +2

      I bought the base, my mate bought the i7/16gb version today. The upgrades dont equate to $400 value per se, so the cheaper one is a better bargain IMO, however if you want more compute power the better CPU obviously offers it, and still represents a good deal (IMO)

      • +2

        Yeah got the i5/8gb version, and no regrets! After 5% off in Shopback gift cards, I got it down to $1233. Got the Watchdogs Legion from the Intel offer and Logitech G703 $98 and the mouse pad Logitech G440 $28. Fun bargain!

        • The difference of the extra $400 would get you an additiona hard drive or something, for most use cases you wont see a difference and thermal throttling will probably cap the i7 anyway.

        • I'm going Riders Rebellion, that looks amazing! Also Star Trek Bridge has been on my list of games for ages to try in VR.

          Tossing up what to get with the $150 still.. But agree good fun bargain, with stacking discounts on discounts :)

  • Purchased one late today

    Purchase any Acer Nitro Gaming Notebook or Desktop and redeem $150 worth of Logitech G, Astro or Blue Mic products! Available In-Store Only"

    Does anyone know what this is about, I forgot to ask while I was there

    • Seems you get $150 of store credit to spend on Logitech G, Astro or Blue Mic product range.

      I'd recommend the Logitech G703 Lightspeed so you get a nice gaming mouse to go with your laptop



      • I understand that but I didn't receive a voucher or something like that when I made the purchase

        • Go back there and ask for it.

        • +4

          I had to ask staff about it, they had NFI and had to go back to their email to check what was going on. I got a gift card with $150 on it, the official deal is only astro/logi/blue, however it appears to be harvey norman wide looking at it. I'll let you know once I check.

          • +2

            @akbal: I can confirm after checking that the $150 gift card (at least the one I received) are just standard Harvey Norman/Domayne gift cards. Not restricted to logitech/blue/astro. That said… I just bought a logtiech headset with them anyway.

            So if you wanted to buy multiple laptops you could actually cycle through the gift cards and pay only $1,090 after buying 5% off gift cards for the remaining $1,148. You could make good deals of the free games as well via intel. So tempted!

          • @akbal: I've asked them twice on this matter and they claim they have no idea and then pointed me to an Intel software bundle bonus.

            Any idea how I can get them to give me what the promotion promised?

            • +2

              @SaintSimeon: Not sure how to make them give you what they promised, but if it helps:

              I confirm I received $150 HN gift card + Intel Software bundle + Intel gaming bundle

              On my receipt I have the following in relation to the $150 HN gift card. The store rep said he had an internal email on it outlining what the deal intailed. I purchased from HN Nunawading if that helps.

              BONUS $150 LOGITECH ACC WITH 1 $0.00
              Product Code:202106LOGI

              Item Total:$0.00
              062 GIFT VOUCHER -NO DENOMINATION 1 $150.00
              Product Code:GIFT_VOUCH_000
              GC Number:H-HN00000-AF33471
              Expires on:13/06/24
              * BONUS *

              Item Total:$0.00

              • @akbal: Thanks so much! I'll take the additional information back to the store and see what they say.

              • +1

                @akbal: I returned to HN armed with the ammunition you gave me. They still claimed to not know anything but agreed to it with a whole lot of caveats. In the end, I got a G502 for $28, which I'm pretty chuffed about.

                Thanks again for the help!

                • @SaintSimeon: Nice, glad it helped. Feels good to give back to Ozbargain :)

  • Looked at this deal seriously today as first gaming laptop for the family (kids and I). Do you think it would possible to have it do ETH mining when not playing games to recoup some of the $1233 back (price after using additional 5% giftcard discount)? Assuming can get around 35 MH/s, paying electricity at $0.25 USD (approx $0.35 AUD), using high performance but standard available settings on the software (or using MSI Afterburner, not playing around with BIOS). Additional benefit to warm a room during wintertime?

    • +3

      Mine is locked on 37.85MH/s right now using 84W of power, and locked at 57C. i.e. this isn't stressing the card very much at all

      The ventilation on this unit is great, and I'm not using anything special like extra fans or anything, simply propping the back of it on a box to allow airflow.

      Using TREX miner, no special settings within app. My MSI afterburner setting are -502 Core clock, and +850 Memory clock. I got very slightly more MH using +950 memory clock, but started to waver a bit so went conservative.

      Based on my experience you can leave the miner running even while you are using the laptop. As it is purely GPU it won't affect standard operating browsing etc. For gaming you can actually leave it running too if you like, it appears to rate the miner as lowest priority, and you simply lose hashrate while the games are more or less unaffected. YMMV on this aspect though, have a tinker.

      • +1

        Thanks akbal. Initially I considered the Dell G5 15 SE Gaming Laptop which came to around $1111 (after all possible discount I can find), but this looks to be a better option given my preference to try mining (as this Acer has better graphic cards vs a better processor in the Dell).

        • +1

          NPs, I'm only a couple of months into this whole mining thing, but got my new 3080 desktop cranking, 4 1660 supers in the garage along wiht my old 1080 and dabbled in Chia and CPU mining. CPU is what generates the biggest heat and noise and the smallest profits. I know some people are doing it on laptops, but given heat concerns I would suggest against it. CPU mining also cripples operability of the system while it is going.

      • Hi Akbal, do you know the specs of the Ram installed in the laptop?
        I want to see if there is one on sale on Amazon Prime Day.
        Thanks in advance.

        • +3

          From comments just below here:

          Just added a 2.5 HDD (the bracket was in the laptop and cables/screws in the packaging).

          I did notice the ram was 3200 not 2933 as advertised. I have replacement 2x16GB ram coming in anyway, but the specs on acers website for the ram is lower than the actual product.
          (Ram is Hynix 8GB 1Rx8 PC4 3200AA - 11)

          • @akbal: Oh yeah, thanks. Sorry missed that post.

  • Just had delivery of my laptop (Direct from ACER not HN).

    Its build quality is a lot better than a lot of people are stating, quite a few differences from some of the online reviews (power socket is at the back for instance).

    Overall I am pretty happy with it for the price.

    • +2

      Just added a 2.5 HDD (the bracket was in the laptop and cables/screws in the packaging).

      I did notice the ram was 3200 not 2933 as advertised. I have replacement 2x16GB ram coming in anyway, but the specs on acers website for the ram is lower than the actual product.
      (Ram is Hynix 8GB 1Rx8 PC4 3200AA - 11)

      • Can you please share the link of the RAM you ordered for your nitro? I am not sure which one will be compatible with this laptop and also if I only want to add extra 8gb I cann't find SK Hynix identicial ram for sale in Aus. . Thanks