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Midea Mini Dishwasher Champagne 5L Tank - $389 + Delivery (or $0 C&C) @ Star Sparky Direct


EOFY Special on Midea Mini Dishwasher in Champagne - Limited time promo: $389.00

PLUS receive a free gift worth $49 with purchase

New version Midea Mini Dishwasher Champagne RRP: $599.00
Limited-time promotion: $389.00
Free gift with purchase: Midea Water Filter Jug worth $49.00

Video Introduction of this Mini Dishwasher here

Key Features of this Mini Benchtop Dishwasher:
- Compact size, the perfect solution for small apartment living, tiny houses, caravan, camping
- 360° Water spray
- No plumbing required
- 6 wash programs
- Steam wash function
- 3 Place settings
- Rapid 29 min wash
- Fan assisted drying system
- Insulated water tank

Free Gift: Midea Water Filter Jug (Blue) worth $49
Key Features:
- 3.5L Capacity
- Filter life indicator
- Water hardness reduction
- Residual chlorine removable: >95%
- Filter micro-screen & carbon+resin reduces more than 9 substances, better performance of purification


Pls note: Shipping costs are additional upon checkout.

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  • ooo how pretty.

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      HERE is a video where you can see more regarding this Mini Dishwasher! It is really pretty and perfectly designed for renters or people with smaller kitchen spaces. One huge plus point is no plumbing required to use this Mini Dishwasher :D

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    a dishwasher with a glass door. that will solve some mysteries.

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      Indeed, never usually get to see what happens behind closed doors (;

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      We agree, the design is so cute and pretty. Most of all, very functional! HERE is a video where you can see more regarding this Mini Dishwasher!

  • Certainly won’t fit my wok. Looks like it might be mildly useful for me. Tempted but no deal sorry.

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      Why would you wash your wok in the dishwasher?

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        Yes. Whyyyy?

      • I’m being told “because it’s just a non-stick one and not a ‘real’ one”. My answer would be - to clean it easier…

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          If it's non-stick, dishwasher would easily kill the coating. If it's carbon steel, I assume it would have been seasoned so the dishwasher soap would remove it too. Unless you're using a stainless steel wok without seasoning (not a great material for wok).

        • Also, lots of woks have wood handles. The hot, wet conditions will prematurely ruin the wood.

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      These are perfect for time poor people… But also for people with disabilities.

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        that's meeeeee

        can vouch this lil guy is great, love that it can be powered by manually pouring water in - great for renters

        • Indeed, it is very easy to use and convenient! Glad to hear it is working well for you! (:

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    Would probably be useful for a motorhome.

    • Yes that's right, this is very suitable for renters, small apartments, student accommodations, RV, Caravans.

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    If tiny ovens are called air fryers, tiny dishwashers should be water cleaners.

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    Went to order and got slugged with a $47.20 shipping charge to regional VIC. Even without discount codes eBay is cheaper.

    Thanks for the heads up on the product but will be ordering it elsewhere.

    • $369 + free delivery for the black version with Kogan First. Was about to buy from OP until seeing this.

    • Sorry to hear, we have kept shipping costs to the minimum but because the products are being despatched from Qld to your location in regional VIC, and being a mini dishwasher, albeit mini, still has a substantial weight and size, thus costing quite a bit. Hope you can understand, thank you.

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    This would have been extremely useful in my tiny apartment when I was at University 10 years ago.

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  • I would buy but does this even work as it should? No plumbing needed?

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      I had a similar model when we had a tiny kitchen. It will have an
      inlet hose to go on to a tap and and outlet hose to sick in sink, althout you can fit them in permanaently, too… which we did.

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      it does, you do need to have the outlet/drain hose go into a sink but that's an easier experience than having an inlet

    • Hi Ozvalue, that is right, no plumbing is needed. rover and Vy are right, there is an inlet hose to connect to a tap if you want to, alternatively, there is a cap on the top of the dishwasher where you can open it and add water into the tank manually. Therefore, you can choose not to connect the mini dishwasher to a tap, and add water via the latter each time. If in the event that there is not enough water, after you have started the dishwasher, the tap icon light will be on, letting you know you have to add more water. If the tank is full, the machine will beep for 3 seconds.

      Please note that for the drain pipe at the back of the machine, you will have to put the end of the drain hose into a sink or bucket.

  • I see it comes with a fruit basket for the fruit wash but…does it come with a baby basket for the baby care?

    Seriously though, who would wash their fruit in a dishwasher?


    Steam wash function
    Drying system
    Fruit wash, Baby care, Glass
    29-minute rapid wash program
    Touch control
    360 degree water spray
    Internal illumination light
    2 special function: Extra drying, Storage
    LED display

    • Hi, it does not come with additional baby basket. There are two fruit wash programs to choose from - cold rinse or a warm wash and rinse at 36°C.

      • Warm wash & rinse:
        Suitable for washing fruits with a harder surface, such as apples, grapes. Not suitable for fruits with a weak surface.

      • Fruit wash (cold):
        Suitable for fruits with a softer surface, such as strawberries.

      This quick fruit wash programs are meant to remove residual pesticides from fruits. I understand it is not conventional to wash fruits in dishwashers, especially not the normal big dishwashers in homes. However, this is an additional function users are able to choose to use if they wish to. (:

  • What is the maximum plate size it could fit?

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      I think I measured mine when I was replacing my plate set, it's 25 cm

  • eBay is $368.10 with free postage.Comes in 4colours too.
    That is because they have 10% off code.
    It seems to get reasonable reviews too.

  • where can you get it for $368 on ebay from? do you have a link?

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    I don't need it but god if that ain't the cutest appliance I ever did see!

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    I am the first to like your video 😷

  • where does the water go afterwards?

    • You attach a hose and you let it out in the sink. Or a bucket. Or through window.

    • Hi Zenyatta, that's right, like what pizzaguy said, for the drain pipe at the back of the machine, you will have to put the end of the drain hose into a sink or bucket, or take up his suggestion of going through the window.

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    was looking at similar models recently and many YouTube clips of people using them.. came to the conclusion that

    1. they hold such a small capacity (like four plates plus a few accessaries) I didn't really see the point over just hand washing.
    2. 30-60min washing (with power and water) Vs a few minutes hand washing just didn't make sense.
    3. They cost as much as a full size dishwasher
    4. For people with limited space this would take up a lot of room

    Also this "limited promotion" is about the going price of mini dishwashers on ebay. RRP $600 lol tell them they're dreaming.

    Just my 2c