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Catch Connect 365 Day Plan: 60GB for $89 (Was $120) with Unlimited Talk & Text + 3.5% Cashback


Catch Connect's deal on their 365-day plan. No coupon needed! New customers only.

  • $89 (Was $120)
  • 365 Day Plan - ID: 627
  • 60 GB Data
  • Unlimited Standard National Talk & Text
  • Optus 4G+ Network
  • Ongoing recharges $120 / 365 days
  • Additional 3.5% Cashback from Shopback / Cashrewards. Effective Cost $85.89 after Cashback for 60GB.

Activate SIM within 30 days of purchase.
No international calls, I agree. But the data offering is pretty decent for this price range without SIM hopping.

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  • This is only 60gb and not 120gb

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      The 120GB deal is already posted here. Hence, I removed it from this deal I posted, and only mentioned the $89 for 60GB.

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    Seems coles has better value

    • +4

      Agree, Coles provides international call which is massive bonus… !

      • +16

        Only if you need international calls.

      • +1

        And SMS.

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    Better to use a discounted gift card rather than cashback. Currently via Suncorp (free to create a bank account), it's 8% off meaning just $81.88 for the sim. At $6.82 per month, it's hard to beat with unlimited calls/texts and 5GB data.

    • https://www.catch.com.au/product/personalised-egift-card-2/ * Cannot be used for Catch Connect mobile services. Maximum of 5 eGift Cards may be used per transaction.

      Are the ones via Suncorp allowed to be used @ Catch Connect?

      • It used to be ok to purchase Catch Connect thru the Catch site… not directly from Catch Connect. Anyone else confirm this is still the go?

        • +2

          Yes that's true.
          Anyone wanting to use the 8% off voucher through SUNCORP. Buy this special through Catch.com.au NOT catchconnect.
          Catchconnect does not accept any vouchers from catch.com.au at checkout

      • I've got one a few months ago with no problem. I assume they mean you can't use giftcards on the catch mobile website to do recharges (which has always been the case) but normally a new starter pack directly via catch is fine.

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    Thanks op. current plan expiring in 10 days, perfect timing, missed last time, won't miss again. oh, used my 15% off gc, even better

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      who are you using to port in/out?

  • THX, got one for my folks.

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    Crap in 2150, please check before you buy.

    • is it though.

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      I'm unlikely to be alive then, but thank you anyway, future traveller..

    • +1

      Not sure if I can hold it that long.

  • Hows Optus network on Catch? vs. on Coles?

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      It uses exactly the same network.
      Optus doesn't have Retail v/s Wholesale differentiation as in Telstra.
      So the coverage that you get is the same with Coles Mobile, Catch Connect, amaysim, or any other Optus MVO.

    • +1

      i think you should care how optus network at those place you live, work etc.

      • Yeah I'm on Gomo atm. its been dropping in and out. Its been really bad in Western Syd too.

        • In that case, this is no deal to you I think.

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    if call quality is at all important, not that Optus doesnt allow VoLTE/VoWIFI on reseller networks. I also seemed to interrupt my mobile internet when making a phone call and hence it switching back to 3G. Maybe it was just really slow though.

    Use Boost

    • +1

      Can confirm. I went from Boost to CatchConnect after their $30 mistake and the lack of VoLTE/VoWIFI made my phone calls incredibly hard to hear. That plus lousy network coverage means I am heading back to Boost.

      Glad I did not spend the original $120 on CC.

      • That $30 glitch was gold! Yes, if you're used to VoLTE, then going back to a normal 3G Voice network is quite disturbing.

        • +2

          Yeah it was shocking how difficult it was to hear people on the phone suddenly, even with earphones.

    • If you go Moose Mobile you get VoWifi and VoLTE. Something to consider for those that may prefer Optus and don’t want to put up with crappy voice calls.

      The 20gb special on Moose works out to be about the same as Boost per month for the $200 plan + you don’t have to cough up upfront.

      • +1

        Yup, I was trying to recollect which is the only Optus MVNO which provides VoLTE. Moose it is!

    • Does Optus do volte for their own prepaid customers though let alone their reseller networks?

    • https://www.optus.com.au/about/media-centre/media-releases/2... indicates that VoLTE is coming to all Optus MVNOs, but who knows what the actual timing is (except for Moose)…

  • +1

    Have had catchconnect multiple times and never got their MMS working properly on all occasions.. people would send me an mms and it would try and try to download but never eventuate.. their technical guys couldnt figure it out either, all APN settings were correct.. >shrug<

    Waiting to port to Coles end of this month..

    • Maybe use Signal instead if others are on board with that.

      • +1

        yeh, i rarely use sms / mms, but that doens't stop people sending me stuff via mms.. it's more the suspense as to what was sent than anything else lol..

    • +1

      I've had issues receiving and sending MMS too.

      Data speed is terrible too, came from Boost before this plan, with Catch about 6 months now. Will definitely be returning to Boost or another Telstra reseller rather than an Optus reseller

  • Dammit new customers only? that sucks, mine expires at end of month woulda resigned up at this price, guess I'm jumping to coles.

    • The contention about 'new customers only' has been heard by 'Lebara' for their existing customers. Lebara now offers discounted renewals for their existing customers. Although they do not advertise the same, you may go into the MyLebara App and check the offers - note that they may be targeted, and not available always. For Example:

      • Medium 180-day plan with 120GB data & Unlimited Intl Calls to 35 countries: $ 140 $ 100
      • Medium 180-day plan with 240GB data & Unlimited Intl Calls to 35 countries: $ 280 $ 200
      • Small 180-day plan with 60GB data & Unlimited Intl Calls to 35 countries: $ 120 $ 95
  • +1

    The last time this was on, I was able to kind of combine it with a Latitude pay offer.
    The Latitude Pay offer (Spend $60+, get $20 off) wouldn't discount the cost of the SIM at all, but if you purchase another item with the SIM, it will apply the $20 discount to the other item, even if the other item costs less than $60.
    *Example: Purchase SIM for $89 and get a 2nd item for free if it costs less than $20… Also take into account delivery costs though, which I don't believe get discounted by the Latitude Pay Discount.

    • Last time can only checkout sim or other sim from catch connect, nothing else in the cart… is your 2nd item refer to another sim ?

      • +1

        When I did it, I think it was the Latitude Pay Birthday offer of $25 off $75 spend.
        I purchased in a single order: 'Catch Connect 365 Day Mobile Plan - 60GB' for $89, as well as 'Star Wars Imperial Assault Boba Fett Villain Pack Expansion Board Game' for $29.10.

        It applied the $25.00 discount, so all up I effectively paid $89 for the SIM and $4.10 for the board game figurine. It had free shipping on the item. They were shipped separately, but it was placed as a single order on Catch website.

        • It only works when special deal items show up in catch.com.au… well most of the deal are not showing Good if you can grab one.

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    Unidays code still not working for these (like last time)?

  • No roaming for 12 months don't know if I can deal with that

    • +2


      • But what kind of life will that be?

  • Is this plan still the best deal for low data usage / no international calls?

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      If you don't want to sim slut then it's pretty good.

  • Has anyone tried activating the sim after 30 days from purchase have passed?

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      People commented in other threads saying it's fine.

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      I purchased this last year on special and I activated I think more that 6 months after purchase and it still worked. Same price on www.catch.com.au, you can use discounted gift cards if you have any.

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    Can this be used for data only - ipad?

    • +2

      Yes. Comes with Unlimited Talk & Text, but doesn't matter if you dont use it.

      • thanks was going to ask the same question

  • Does anyone know if we are able to keep port in and port out between operator such as between CatchConnect, Boost, Lebara etc…?

    Thank you

  • case of emergency…can i get sim card somewhere?

    • AFAIK, the plans are bundled in to the SIM Card, so buying a SIM wont help. You may jump on to their Live Chat / Customer Support and ask, though.

  • so what's the go-to sim hopping now? My current plan with Catch is expiring in about 2 weeks, what's a cheap and fast way to port back in as a new customer?

  • Cashrewards only gave me $2.83 (from a sale value of $80.91).
    Total cost $86.17
    How did people manage to get $85.89?

  • I was with Catch until late last year - can I get this as a new customer? Still have the same number.

    • I think if you've port out more than 30 days, you should be considered as new customer.

  • Anyone received their Sim? I ordered on 10/6, still haven't received. Order status shows left warehouse. But didn't receive the shipped notification email. My wife's current plan expired today, hope it arrives soon.

    • +1

      They say 5-8 buisness days. Also Auspost only delivers letters every second buisness day now.

      • Received it 5 hours after I recharged a 30 days plan for my wife.

  • Anyone successfully paid for this using discounted gift cards? I realise Henrus did a couple months ago as per https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10575312/redir but curious if anyone's done so more recently.

    • +3

      Yeah, I got it using gift cards

      • Good to know, thanks

  • Received my SIM yesterday after ordering on Friday.

    Activation took roughly 30 minutes to complete (port from Kogan mobile).

  • +1

    expired?? back to $120 through the link

  • Same here, expired…back to $120 via link!

    It's shonky to advertise an end date of June 30 and then end it early.

  • Just received the SIM today. If I activate it over the weekend, and it's within 30 days of purchase, will I still be eligible for the 60GB/365 days offer or does this strictly end today for all activations?

    • I activated mine on the 2nd no issues

  • does catch have visual voicemail?

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