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Nintendo Switch (Grey/Neon) with Telstra 80GB $69/Month 12 Month Plan (Port-in Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi (in-Store Only)


A bit of an odd deal if you 'Switch' over to a JB Telstra plan if you ask me. Could work for those already in the market for a grey switch since they typically sell for >$400 (so better than a $400 GC in that case).

Other deals on the same plan include a free:
Oppo Reno4 5G
Oppo Find X2 Pro Lite

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    Switch for a switch

  • Can I make phone calls with the Nintendo Switch?

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    • it can even see your mum through zoom with Switch! :D

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    $828 over 12m: $400 for the switch, leaves $428 for 12m sim = 🙅‍♂️

    • So effectively you paid $400 for a switch and $36/month for 80GB on Telstra? That doesn’t seem shockingly bad to me..

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        depends on the following, were you planning to buy a NS? do you need 80GB? if you can get $10 port in works out ok, $36pm isnt bad but you need to buy the NS so have to factor that in

        been much better deals in the past, if you really want alot of data, you could also wait for the $800 gift card promo on the $99 plan which gives you 150GB, which would leave you $388 over 12m = $32.33pm

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          Ah very valid points. I get why you were 🙅‍♂️ the deal now. Thanks!

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      yeah the normal plan of $10/month off + $500 giftcard is significantly better. $708 over 12 months - $500 gift card = $17.33/month for the plan. with my Telstra discount it worked out to $1/month for the plans haha.

      • How do I get the $10 off? Also isn’t it $300 gift card with the $69 plan? I might be missing something

        • It changes, when i did it for my parents a couple months back, it was $500 gift card, and a further $10 off a month

  • find X2 PRO would be a much nicer deal since you can always sell it for over 600 branch new..

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      What will you do with 600 new branches?

      • Use them to sell Oppo phones

      • Llf

  • Prefer the GC than the Switch.

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      Yeah, Nintendo actually made proper games for their main console back then…

  • Does Switch has a sim card?
    Don't get the logic of bundling mobile plan with a game console…

    • just trying to sell their shitty plans…

  • i think this means new swtich is really coming
    so the x2 pro is considered same value as the switch? maybe they are going to drop the x2 pro to 500 soon?

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    The demand just isnt there compared to same time last year for a brand new switch to sell for 400+ in my oppinion especially since the Switch pro is about to be announced at E3( or very soon according to some leaks), likely why they're trying to clear stock ASAP

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    "I guess this means it could be a good time to….
    removes sunglasses
    …… switch"


  • Slightly out of topic but does JB have any port in deals for NBN?

  • (so better than a $400 GC in that case).

    They offer $500 GC's also from time to time.

    Combined with the Switch's reduced demand due to new version coming out, may not be such a great deal.

  • Can i port out from telstra to optus now and sign up tomorrow?

    • Might get lucky, but they usually suggest 30 days or 1 billing cycle to pass first.

  • Guessing they no longer do the giftcards? Im about due for one now.

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    This is a bait and switch, literally

  • They are trying to do switcheroo with Switch instead of thier usual GC. Maybe they are looking to clear the stock with impending Switch pro/X rumored launch finally?

  • Any X2 Pro owners able to comment on whether they like the phone or not?
    Looks like a good deal as I've been holding out for a price drop on it

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      I assume this is Telstra branded version. If so, no deal.

      • Why?

        • Because it will likely clearance soon. Also minor problems like software updates etc. Single Sim is a def no for me.

          • @Xantar: Noted, the single SIM isn't a deal-breaker for me anyway, otherwise you still get alot of phone for the money

      • I checked the 4 product numbers listed in the advert. Seems to be a choice of Vegan Leather, Green and Telestra versions.
        From what I can see, the Telestra version is single sim + bloatware
        A bit of a shame as I'd have chosen the black version as my 1st choice over Green or Leather

  • I'd rather have the GC. hopefully they have the $500 GC deal soon.

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    Heads up, they incorrectly offered the x2 Pro and it should have been the x2 lite.

    Website now updated

  • I went into store yesterday to claim the X2 Pro deal. They had advertising material up confirming this offer but when they tried to sign me up, it transpired that the deal was an error and it had been updated to the X2 Lite.

    However, staff in store honored the original deal for me and gave me the Telestra X2 Pro ($999 retail price)

    Interestingly, the early termination charge is $562 so could potentially walk away with the X2 pro at that price which seems like a good deal

    • Nice one. Love hearing these success stories!

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