This was posted 4 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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McCain Man Size Frozen Meals $6 (Normally $8) @ Woolworths


Great for lunches and 25% off is not to be sneezed at. Bonus: blend it up with milk for a nutritious and refreshing milkshake.

Link goes to Chicken Kiev but the whole range is on sale.

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    ahh McCain, you've done it again

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    Woman size is bigger again?

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      Updated the post, thanks sol3x.

    • i tried them all, chicken kiev is the best one.

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    Bonus: blend it up with milk for a nutritious and refreshing milkshake.


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      Liquid Dinner
      Just like up & go

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        More like down and out - barf…

        • Down N Out/whatever tf it's called now after certain American food chain made them change it actually has some good quality food lol

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        Or refreeze on a paddlepop stick for a summer treat on the go

        • made me throw up in my mouth just a little

          cheers :)

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    (profanity) frozen pub meals.

    Nat's What I Reckon.

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      Well at least it's $6 not $26.

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        Haven't seen the video but you can make an amazing couple of schnitzels with one chicken breast (halved), flour, one egg, and some panko crumbs. Add some greens to make it look healthy and you've got a couple of great weeknight meals for much less than $6 a serve.

    • Was going to post this link!! Last night I made Nat's Parmiagiana and it was amazing - the flavours were so good!

      I must admit I've eaten these frozen meals every now and again as an emergency - ie quick lunch at work, but I must say I've NEVER enjoyed them. Everything just tastes a bit fake and leaves me feeling a bit unsettled after.

      Great for emergency food, but hardly enjoyable.

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    I used to like them at $4. Living in the past where a duopoly didn't use to collude to give us less specials because we apparently wanted "price trust" instead.

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      Yeah for $6 I can have a take away meal that comes with more food, better food, and probably a drink too. I'd probably bite at $5 for the convenience of not having to go out at lunch time, but hey, there's instant noodles for that.

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        I am very interested to hear where you can get more take away food for $6? In Brissy CBD you will not find anything that matches this. This is quite a large size and not bad at all for a sixer.

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          Hungry Jack's - three $2 BBQ cheeseburgers plus additional free small chips and small soft drinks.

          After ordering the first cheeseburger, you can do the online survey at the awesomely-named (less than 30 seconds once you're familiar with it), then get the second cheeseburger with free small chips + soft drink, then do another survey, then get the third cheeseburger with free small chips + soft drink.

          Or like me you could already have three valid survey codes ready to go :)

          Three BBQ cheeseburgers with three small chips and three small soft drinks is approximately 10,000 kilojoules. (Over 8,000 if only counting two free chips and drinks.) The McCain man size range are between 2030 to 3730kj.

          There's also the KFC Hot Rod Fill Up Until 4pm (3248kj) for $4.95, to which you could add a $1 freeze for a further 690-895kj. And if you already have a KFC survey code then you can add free small chips and small pepsi on top of that.

    • What Duopoly?. :)

  • Between Coles, Woolies, Drakes and IGA, these are $6 all the time.

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    I haven't tried the kiev but the chicken pasta is awesome and big enough for 2 people. Great for lunch at work.

  • This deal happens every 2-3 weeks.

    • And 25% is nothing to get excited about.

  • "blend it up with milk for a nutritious and refreshing milkshake"……yeah nah

    • Chicken milkshake sounds as gross as whole chicken in a can

  • Aldi have a Chicken Kiev one for 5 or 6$.

  • Waiting for the gender diversity comments…

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      ^ There you go.

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    When does the gender neutral range come out, im triggered

  • I Have them frozen for a delicious chicken & garlic ice block treat.

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    showing $8 now?

    • Because it's Wednesday and supermarket specials only last 1 week… Where have you been living?