Have You PAID for a Game on The Epic Games Store?

Just curious if Epic's strategy of giving out free games has converted you to the Church Of Tim Sweeney, or whether you remain a devout follower of the Gaben.

Edit: To be clear, if you don't at least semi-regularly purchase PC games, please don't vote in the poll.

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  • 48
    Yes, during a sale (e.g., $15 coupon)
  • 11
    Yes, not during a sale
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  • I bought and refunded a game because I wanted to test something out. Of course I rarely buy any games, except on eBay when I get vouchers that would otherwise expire when I have nothing to use them for.

  • I just bought chivalry 2 on there because you can't buy it on steam. I preordered thinking my voucher wouldn't work but they emailed me once it launched and refunded the $15 for the voucher. It was awesome.

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    Yes, bought sequels/expansions to free games I've got from Epic that I've enjoyed.

  • Yes. Bought Ghost Recon: Breakpoint for something like $12 I think which is a reasonable price for the game. I load it from the Uplay app though.

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    Nope and never. Sweeney has to get his shit together.

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    Bought the newer Jackbox Party Packs when I get the vouchers. They don't really get discounts on Steam until they get quite old

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      Yeah, I remember maybe last week or a fortnight ago that one of the Jackbox Party Packs went free for a short while.

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    I've bought games on wherever they're cheapest. So, I've done business with Steam, Epic, GOG, Fanatical, GMG, Gamersgate, Wingamestore, Indiegala, etc. I'm completely store agnostic.

  • Bought Borderlands 3 I believe, it was on sale + $15 coupon made it like $5 I think.
    Mostly use steam though.

  • Bought Squadrons with a $15 off code. Not sure if it was worth it.

  • Have You PAID for a Game on The Epic Games Store?

    Only ever got the freebies from the deals post here.

    My game playing use case is:

    • See post in OzB
    • If the game looks somewhat decent, click on link
    • Have a quick browse on Epic's site
    • Download (if looks good) or close browser tab (if I don't want to invest anymore time)

    That's the main playing scenario :D

  • Yes, bought Starwars Squadrons with discount voucher on Epic to play on VR and it gave me the worst motion sickness so got a refund. Bought Chivarly 2 with the $15 voucher on Wednesday and that was money well spent. I prefer Steam for my game purchases but Chivalry 2 is exclusive to Epic for a year..

  • I bought Subnautica Below Zero in early access. This was purely due to falling in love with the original Subnautica which I received in the free giveaway.

  • Yes I bought Squadrons for VR and Borderlands 3 for like $10 after coupons.

  • I don't even bother getting free games from them.

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    I bought Disco Elysium for $27 after coupon. Worth every cent.

  • The only one I bought was Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season on Epic because it was a timed exclusive and wasn't available on Steam when it came out.

  • +3

    What are you talking about.. Epic Games itself is a game, of collecting free games.

    • Yeah but I'm still waiting on my "100% collected" achievement badge.

  • Yeah, Borderlands 3 and World War Z

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