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[VIC] Bonus Moon Alcor Rear Bike Light on Signing up for RACV Bike Assist ($55/Year)


Received an email this evening from RACV Bike Assist:

Sign up to RACV Bike Assist today and we'll include a free Moon Alcor* rear bike light and reflective sticker valued at $35.00 (RRP).

At just $55 a year, RACV Bike Assist offers real safety and peace of mind when you know you have someone to call for that unlikely event you haven't prepared for.

*The Moon Alcor rear light is small and neat and plenty bright enough to make you visible to other road users. Nice and simple to use and mount. Features: Flashing, Hi-Lo Beam, Rechargeable Batteries. Rated 9/10

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    Is this targeted?

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      Maybe. I’d signed up for free bike assist last summer and I got an email today to sign up for paid bike assist membership

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    *FREE if you pay $55?