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[Afterpay] M1 Mac Mini $923.95, M1 MacBook Air $1274, M1 MacBook Pro $1615 Delivered @ Wireless1 eBay


Some nice prices on Apple stuff from Wireless 1.

Macbooks are cheaper than the Afterpay 20% prices.

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  • Would be better if they made their original price more reasonable and in line with competitors e.g. Good Guys $1349, Office Works $1347 but after coupon this is still one of the best prices i've seen. Bought one and saved an extra $30 at checkout with Afterpay promotion.

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    pity 16GB ram is BTO for the mini - cant see 8GB being enough

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      It is plenty from what i've read, not the same as windows systems with 8gb. These M1 Macs fly and are very efficient.

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        yea i figured its not the same eg you dont question the ram on your ipad/iphone
        but i still see it being a limitation at some point

        still max out the ram in my current imac with 24gb just with dang chrome tabs :P

        • That’s chromes problem.

        • Look into Auto Tab Discard chrome addon.

          I've got a 2014 mac mini upgraded to SSD with only 8GB ram. I use it for web browsing, MS Office and movies and the only issue I've had that's been annoying is ram related. That's until I discovered that addon that puts tabs to sleep. I also use OneTab which makes a backup of the tabs you have open to easily reopen later. I'm contemplating an upgrade soon but only because my kids want something to browse the web with…

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        Still equivalent to 16gb. If I was buying a computer now I'd spec 32gb just to be future proofed.

      • Plenty for whom? M1 or no M1, you'll easily fill 8GB with a beefy 4K editing project.

        • Plenty for people who don’t do 4K editing projects?

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    M1 iPads and Magic keyboards are also in the sale, great overall price.

    • Can u pls link magic keyboard?

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        11" Black

        12.9" White

        12.9" Black

        EDIT: I have just realised the 11" link is grey stock, not AU stock. Apologies.

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          Ahh I thought you were talking about the keyboard for Macs :) thx heaps

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    Supposedly you can use these with an old macbook laptop, and use that as the display for this?

  • With the Mac mini, do you just use a USB C Hub for normal USB devices?

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      There's two usb a ports. Also, why are you associated but don't know the answer?

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        Would have accidentally clicked the checkbox - happens to me all the time on mobile (but I always spot it before posting).

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      any offer for BTO Mac?

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    Bought my Mac Mini M1 in the last deal and pretty happy with it so far (to replace my MBP 15" 2018 i7)

    Probably the only regret is I just bought the basic version with 8GB, and there are times where Rams running out when opening multiple applications

    I mainly use it to run Visual Studio for Mac, Visual Studio Code, Android Studio and XCode… together with Lots of tabs opened in Google Chrome ARM

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      your problem is chrome, use safari.

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        true, chrome is a resource killer … even performance has been improved a bit since replacing the x86_64 to ARM version

        Tho there are number of plugins that I still need to use in chrome, and credentials that sync across multi-platforms are very handy

        • I've switched to Firefox which seems to offer something of a middle ground between the two.

        • My 2012 MacBook Pro could only handle 20 tabs open in chrome or 200 tabs opened in safari
          My 2020 MacBook Pro 16 could only handle 60 tabs open in chrome or everything else maxed out.

        • Have you tried Microsoft Edge (though not sure if they have ARM version).

          Edge is based on Chromium but it performs better and uses less resources than Chrome (at least in my experience in Windows between these two browsers).

          Edit: Edge can also use Chrome extensions found on Chrome’s extension store

  • If you combine the TCN 10% off deal with TGG 10% off, the price of a M1 Mac Air comes to $1214.10 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/629431).

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      Sure but its a lot of hassle. This is much easier for similar savings, sign up as a new customer to Afterpay and there is $30 off your first purchase too. Maybe 1% cashback from Cashrewards also.

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        True! I think if I couldn't be bothered with giftcards and going in store, I would just purchase here as well.

        But for the min-max OZBargainers- if you buy 14 $100 TCN giftcards from Coles, that comes to $1260 out of pocket, which is already cheaper than the deal without the Afterpay/cashback. The MacBook Air at TGG is only $1,349 which leaves you with an additional $50 to spend on any venue on the TCN giftcard as well. You essentially get an extra $51 to spend as well if you go the TCN/TGG route.

  • Might have to wait till July 2021 for delivery judging from the backorder status, but I guess the discount makes it worthwhile if you're not in a rush to use one.

  • Postage seems to be a lot. I was looking at the Apple Pencil 2 and postage is coming in at $14.50.

    • I'm seeing free express postage. I guess it depends on the price of the item?

      • Pencil is $200 so I guess it needs to be more then than that.

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    what's the best thing to buy, I need a Magic Mouse and keyboard and maybe a new iPad.

  • Is it worth buying for 4K video editing purposes?

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      Might need 16gb for that. See the Created Labs video on YT.

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      Yeah go with 16GB. Don't buy the '8GB is plenty cause efficient' marketing, that might be enough for FCPX but not for Adobe or DaVinci. RAM on these is not upgradable

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        Not sure why you got downvoted. 4K editing requires a lot of RAM

      • This deal doesn't come with 16GB. Can we contact the seller and ask them to order it in for us? Will that work? With this discount?

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          Don't think so. The gest is more 'maybe save your money and wait for a 16GB deal'.

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    can we use ebay GC + afterpay for the purchase?

    edit: selected afterpay, but was able to pay the full amount in GC and apply the promo code.

    • how many giftcard did you use?

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        used 6 GCs + the afterpay code

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    man mid July delivery now :|||

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    For those that are after 16GB RAM M1 air, here's a listing that gets you 15% discount.

    • What’s CTO?

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        ‘Configure to order’ - not from retail line, special order items. Not usual to get them on discount on such a sale.

  • on the 8 vs 16GB ram, 8 is enough for most users, but if you do anything intensive like photo / video editing you will want 16GB

    fwiw, I run multiple apps including Chrome and Safari and haven't had any issues with 8GB

  • Anyone receive their MacBook yet?

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      It’s mid July delivery when I bought it..

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      No and this store never responds to messages, or if they do they do not give a clear answer. They need to make it clear when they have no stock. As it stands I could have got it cheaper from TGG and had it in my hands weeks ago. So not very impressed at all. They are taking full advantage of ebay coupons by selling at full RRP but inconveniencing and disappointing customers with long waits and no clear ETA on delivery.

      • Hi Nubzy, I had a different experience. They have been responding to me. If you look at my post back on 11/6 just above, when the purchase is made it clearly said mid July delivery. It’s freaking annoying because had I made the decision earlier I would have gotten it around mid June.

        I do however wanting to point out that customer service person I messaged said “hopefully no further delays”

  • The other thing to be aware of is that the 12 months free Apple TV+ promotion ends on Jun 30. This offer needs to be activated in the app by Jun 30. So now it looks like we will be missing out on this too…

  • Lol has anyone got their Mac delivered early…mine is due next week hopefully on time

    • How do you know it’s due next week, was it posted?

      • Ebay gave me a delivery date “delivery by” and last time I spoke to wireless 1 the rep said It should be ok.

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        Just received mine

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          Lucky you just before the weekend also!

  • missed the bloody apple tv offer. now I have to pay for it :/