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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB Navy $695 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Best price I've seen on this phone. This is 5G version.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Best Price was 700 - 400 trade in bonus

    • $400 trade in - which phone did you trade in for that?

      • It could have been anything above s5

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          It was difficult to match, even listed models were rejected my the app

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          shows $5 for a base s7 in perfect working condition

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            @abuch47: It was some special
            $5 for the phone + additional discount $400 from Samsung = $405 in total

            • @rwt: cheers remember hearing about it but phone at the time was smashed to bits.

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              @rwt: I don't think this phone qualified. The $400 trade in bonus was only for S21 models I'm quite sure.

    • Best price was $149 with free buds and $0 cancellation
      Ended up selling my buds for $170 lol

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      Correct me if i'm wrong, but the $400 trade-in bonus was only available on S21 phones.

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      $400 trade in not available for s20FE

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      It was $599 just weeks ago.

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    Was $599 just a few weeks ago directly from Samsung.

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        Much embarassment.

  • Great price, I'm guessing JB and Officeworks will price match

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    From previous posts, I've noticed there's a S20 FE (2021) version. Is this the 2021 version? And can anyone explain the difference between 2021 and prior versions? TIA

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      The 2021 version is related to the 4G version of the phone, which changed from an Exynos 990 to a more desirable Snapdragon 865 processor in the newer version. Ref.

      This 5G version already had a Snapdragon 865 processor.

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    Don't get it, unless they've fixed the touchscreen faults with hardware changes.

    • I have this and zero touch screen issues. And it's a great phone.

      • Cool. I am a power user and had various symptoms of hardware faults from the day I took it out of the box in October. It's a legitimate issue considering Samsung has issued 5 software updates with the following included: "Improvements to touchscreen stability". Something's very wrong if they can't get basic touchscreen functionality correct before release. These issues made my experience using the FE terrible, and Samsung Australia can't lift a finger to send the refund I was told I would receive.

        Got to love the downvote brigade, genuine complaints are never allowed! Everyone must support these huge multinational corporations.

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          Computers have "power users" phones have fanbois.

          • @canAdeladian: Not true at all considering Bixby exists, and regardless, within the mobile ecosystem you can definitely use a whole host of features over the average user. The definition of power user is not in agreeance with fanboy culture. You don't have to be a fanboy to be a mobile power user - I hold no allegiance with brands.

        • Why didn't you just return it to the store you bought it from?

          • @lyle88: 5 months had passed already, and at the end of March I dropped it off at Samsung Sydney store. Samsung deals with all warranty, repair and refund concerns.

            • @Techie4066: You waited 5 months to return it?

              • @Seadog3172: Yes I did, because one of the issues became significantly worse after 3 of the updates specifically addressing the touchscreen issue. It might not have been related to the updates, however large columns down the right side of the screen would stop registering taps. That meant I couldn't select anything in that area, type or use gesture navigation. I also did a little more research and realised how widespread the issues were.

                • @Techie4066: Yeah that sucks. I've not had any issues with mine. I'd take it is with the ACCC if you haven't already

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    I have this phone and really like it. It replaced a faulty Note 9 that I loved. This has better battery life, I get around 8 hours screen on time. Finger print reader works well and it overall is just nice to use.

  • I've had this phone over 6 months now, love it.

  • Hmmm this or the S21?

    • This, anyday.

    • This.

      If its the 4G version, then S21

  • thanks op!

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    Wasnt the best price $599 with the $200 vouchers when it was $799 on samsung

  • Ordered Navi colour with officeworks pricematch policy as lavender colour is not in stock anywhere with officeworks.
    Paid $660.25

    Previously bought from Samsung with vouchers for $599 but it is not a big difference considering price change & unavailability of vouchers.

    • Officeworks price matches Amazon?

      Would you know if Good Guys or JB HI FI do?

      • +3

        yes already paid over the phone. call 1300 633 423 for price match and order over the phone or visit store.

  • Also a reason it will keep going down, it should be $599 at this stage really. The Samsung S21 FE was announced and leaks here https://www.tomsguide.com/news/samsung-galaxy-s21-fe-release....

    The colors arent great lol

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      $61 more than your price point and available right now. if you wait you will keep waiting for the next thing. I placed order from samsung when it hit $599 after vouchers and again today from officeworks for $660.25

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        I mean if you want or need one then yes $60 shouldn't stop you. But I am in the position that I am not in hurry, so I can wait or get the S21 FE when it comes out.

  • I have this phone! It's fantastic. Amazing battery life and performs really well. I've not experienced any thouchcteen issues that I know caused issues with the first release.

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      No thouchcteen issues ay

      • That was one of the symptoms of the defect I experienced. Complete inability to type as parts of the screen wouldn't work.

  • I've had my S20 FE 5G since the end of last year and it's been fantastic however I recently dropped it on the road and it has deep scratches in the display. I'm torn between buying another one, waiting for the S21 FE or waiting for the Pixel 6 at the end of the year. S20 FE is probably my favourite phone of all time.

  • So many deals for the s20 fe but here i am just haaanging out for the s21 fe. please dont disappoint me samsung :)

    • Some of the leaks I have read have said the s21 FE will come with an Exynos processor. If that is true I'm out. I got burnt with the s20+

      • The leaks Ive been following point to a snapdragon 888 processor. As well as an 8GB RAM version. So im crossing all my fingers and toes because if its true it will be my next phone (coming from an s8!) :)

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    Back to $789 for Navy

  • I bought the 4G version last Christmas for $800 FML

  • +2

    Given you had do some online chatting and signing up with your email for some vouchers, I got this last month for $599.
    Also note, I have not experienced any touch screen issues.
    Great phone so far very happy with ( coming from an S8).

  • Now the lilac one is 695. But OW only do like for like colours for price beat.

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