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[PS4, PSVR] You Are Being Followed - Free @ PlayStation


Not sure why it's free, but best to get it while you can!

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    Sure why no, thanks mate.

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    Don’t have PS VR and probably won’t for quite some time but freebie. Thanks

  • No clue what it's about but it's in my library now. Cheers OP.

  • Thanks added

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    Am I……oh sh*t

  • My camera adapter never showed up. But i’ll claim it anyway.

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      Mine did

    • I've been waiting 8 months and it still hasn't turned up.

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      I got sent 2 of them. PM me your address if you want to and I’ll post the spare to you.

  • Looks like It's developed by undergraduates as part of their project by University of Abertay in UK!

  • Harry Potters Glasses I was thinking hahaha

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    Based on a BAFTA YGD award-winning concept and brought to life by Uncommon Chocolate, YOU ARE BEING FOLLOWED explores the perspective of Emma - a blind woman wrestling with the unknown. Emma is joined by her ageing guide dog turned emotional support animal, Samuel, as the foundation of their relationship is called into question. A brief, audio-driven game exclusively for PlayStation®VR, the title focuses on tone - existing largely as a mood piece. The game’s art-style employs abstract representations to illustrate the world that the visually impaired protagonist imagines around her.

  • Doesn't work with a US account… :(

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      haha thats what u get for trying to abuse the system

  • No disrespect to the blind but that was a truly awful experience. Did it make anyone feel sick?

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