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10% off $100 & $250 Coles Gift MasterCards @ Coles In-store ($4.50 or $6.30 Fee Applies)


Huge $18.70 saving on the $250 card after the $6.30 activation fee. Please note the terms state the activation fees reduce by 10% as well. Starts June 16. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

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    I'm sure by now, all the cards should have been hidden deep inside!
    All the best guys!

    • Plenty of both where I am :)

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        looks like only 1 x $250 left which is plenty than zero.

        • +1

          Looks like more than 1 behind the front one, it's just not obvious.

          • @MiscOzB: Lots of $100 but no $250. And this is at 0950 this morning. Guess $250 is losing too much money for Coles

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        These will mysteriously disappear just before the sale begins like what happened last time they went on sale

        • I did pretty well last time. I was able to buy 16 of the $250 gift cards in 1 go

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            @Tony555: It said limit of 5 so wonder how did you end up with 16 in 1 go

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              @ozbbcuk: There was a young girl on the register. She let me buy 4 in each transaction. Even though I could get 5, she said that anything over $1000 meant she had to get the manager over to approve the sale. I was pissed at myself because in one of the transactions I forgot to swipe my FlyBuys card…Doh!!

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                @Tony555: Doesnt matter for flybuys as you get no credit for the purchase

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                  @J5: you still get 1 point for each $1 spent on this card.

                  • @SnoozeAndLose: oh no really?

                  • @SnoozeAndLose: Ok then you get $1.25 in points

                    However buying the card doesnt count towards any spend bonus offers

              • +4

                @Tony555: You can take the receipt back to any store and they can scan/add your flybuys retrospectively.
                Only learnt of it this week when I looked in the app to see my options and it told me this option.

                • @mrbargainhunter: Nice!! I didn't know this…Cheers bud :)

                • +7

                  @mrbargainhunter: You MUST take it back to the SAME store, done this many times; they will not accept adding FlyBuys for other stores.

                  Also, if you add the FlyBuys, then this will greatly and adversely effect any offers for some time. I did it last time and haven't had any decent offers since on the FlyBuys card I used.

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                1. 2pcs $250 card is over $1000 ($257x4)
                2. You can add Flybuys to the receipt that you missed scanning within 7 days at the same store.
      • Where are you? :)

    • +4

      Let's play a game… where is everyone's favourite hiding place for these gift cards until the sale starts? ;)

      • Storage.

      • +3

        Vegan or indian spices section. Both regularly get marked down and put on discount trolleys because no-one buys it. No one buying it means no-one looking at its original shelf location.

        • +2

          Tbh today I went to a Coles and found no $250 cards, so I then headed straight to the indian spices section, I had a quick look behind the shelf but didnt want to look too sus as someone was stacking the shelves just 2m away haha.

          • @F1ProjectOne: So you didn't see any? I might head in tonight and have a look too if there's no $250 cards available haha.

    • +2

      Public service announcement: plenty of stock available at Coles Parkmore in Keysborough, Victoria 3173. Five stacks of $100 cards, and three stacks of $250 cards - about twenty to twenty five cards deep in each stack. I checked and the cards behind are of the same denomination as the card at the front. They must have stocked up big!

      Here's two photos for proof if needed:


      Good luck to everyone! :)

      • Should have removed the Exif data before posting the pics! Oh well, now you know that I am still using my original Google Pixel XL. Unlimited cloud storage of photos in original quality. :)

        The stock availability noted above was at less than two hours ago. I'll check tomorrow and see how many disappear after my post… ;)

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    "When purchasing a $100 gift card, $5 purchase fee will apply in addition to the value of the gift card" so not really a 10% discount.

    • +67

      Right, please do not buy it then.

    • Technically it is because that's always part of the cost of using them. But yeah I'm weary of weasel marketing tactics too… everything has to be a deception.

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    I find these cards don't work in certain places. E.g. Suncorp Rewards app, which kind of makes them awkward to use.

    • +6

      Yeah, I think suncorp don't take prepaid cards, which is fair as suncorp does not have prepaid cards as a product.

      In the end, the service is to cater for their customers to want to use the money in their suncorp account to get discounted cards. It is great that we can use external credit/debit cards with it already.

      • Good response.

    • +1

      I used these back when the prepaid were on sale in March in the Suncorp Rewards/AAMI. Didn't have an issue. Used the pre-paid cards to purchase 3% off Coles Gift Cards and then used them again to re-purchase the Pre-paid Mastercard. Did that a couple of times.

      Yes I have too much time on my hands and am a complete [email protected]@.

      • -2

        Username checks out…

      • It no longer works. Suncorp has weekly purchase cap($500 last seen).

        • $1000 weekly cap for Coles. $200 max denomination but can go to the cashier and use 2 giftcards to purchase the mastercard. It works cos I did it again last night.

      • +1

        But Suncorp only max $200 denomination, cant use it to purchase the $250 cards.

        • You can use 2 giftcards to purchase the $250 cards.

      • how do you go about buying the prepaid cards with the coles gift cards, i tried buying an egift card and couldnt find a way to scan the barcode. The cashier said i couldnt buy a giftcard with a gift card too

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    In terms of percentage off card value:

    • $100 Gift Card (Purchase for $94.50) = 5.5% off
    • $250 Gift Card (Purchase for $231.30) = 7.48% off
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      last time the service fee was 10% off as well.

      • +1

        Same as this deal.

        Including the applicable purchase fee.

        • +2

          Hi @couger & @RichardL. Totally missed the part about getting 10% off the activation fee as well - nice spotting. I’ve updated the title and OP. Hopefully all is correct Thanks :)

          • +1

            @tightarse: Should update the thread description to include the savings as well.

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      Flybuys points add 0.5% for members.

      • +8

        and then you lose 10000 points offers as you will start getting targets for insane amounts ie. >$200 or $300 per week.

        • +2

          That may not be so bad if you’re like me and you consistently get Flybuys offers with minimum spend amounts for $70 per week when you only actually spend on average $20 per week at Coles…

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    Be prepared for your flybuys weekly bonus spend limit to increase D:

    • +1

      I don't really understand this. What is a flybuys qeekly bonus spend?

      • +1

        You know when you sometimes get those deals that are like "10,000 bonus flybuys points when you spend $X each week for 4 weeks"?

        X is loosely based on how much you tend to spend at Coles, so if you buy a $250 gift card it will bump up your average, and they'll increase how much you need to spend to get the bonus points next time they give you one of those offers.

        • Why dont you just get a temp. Card then spend enough to get the $10 fb$ ie. $2000:-D

    • +2

      I have never scannedy my flybuys when accessing these deals …and evaded limit increase till now..

      • Sorry. It confused here. What you mean by that? So we don't scan our flybys?

        • +1

          You'll get emails from them like: "Spend $50 for 4x weeks to get blah, blah." That $50 minimum spend requirement goes up/down depending on your frequency and/or amount of shopping/spend. So if you buy a gift card your spend instantly goes up so down goes the value of those bonuses. i.e. That $50 minimum spend to get some bonus jumps to $70/whatever.

      • +1

        They also know it's you by the credit card you use. So if you're really concerned, use cash or a different credit card to pay

    • +9

      The discount is upfront
      Don’t scan your flybuys

      • Good point! I didnt read the description of the deal. Don't scan your flybuys peeps D:

      • +8

        … but but but I’ll miss out on 47c worth of Flybuys points on the purchase of a $100 Coles Gift MasterCard if I don’t scan my Flybuys card!!!

        • +1

          Just get a burner flybuys and get the points. Buy enough for $10 use it then forget it, one day the spending threshold will drop.

          • @SnoozeAndLose: Can someone explain this threshold and limit? Thought it was good to use every single time

            • +1

              @lerkyp: There.is no limit this time, straight 10% off.

              Once your spend going up, the threshold for getting discount will increase.

        • -1

          I don't think you get Flybuys points when you buy gift cards, you get them when you use the card. AFAIK.

          After posting this I tried to find where I had read it, but couldn't, so I might be wrong. I'd be very interested to know from anyone who actually buys these cards using Flybuys if points are awarded.

          • +5

            @Who is she: You do not earn base Flybuys points on the purchase of Coles gift cards, Coles Group gift cards or Coles Group & Myer gift cards at Coles.

            You earn base Flybuys points on the purchase of third-party gift cards (e.g. TCN gift cards, Bunnings gift cards, Coles Gift MasterCards) at Coles. Although the cards in the OP have Coles branding on them, they are only a promotional brand. The card issuer are Indue, not Coles, which is the reason that Coles Gift MasterCards are classified as third-party gift cards. I have purchased plenty of third-party gift cards over the years from Coles, and they have always earned base Flybuys points.

            Purchases of any gift cards are excluded from earning Flybuys bonus points or other promotional offers (e.g. MasterChef credits) at Coles.

            • @WookieMonster: Thanks for clarifying that. I knew I'd seen something about no points on gift cards, but wasn't sure if these were included. Now I know.

              I never get the spend x to get x points offers, so it's worth me using the Flybuys card when I buy these, just to get a few extra points.

              Thanks again.

  • normally those run out fast, so dont wait, get them on the first day

    • +7

      First day might be too late. Most would be hiding/stashing the card now.

      • Just like last time, some hide them the night before, then pretend they found them the next day and write a lucky post here to ask for LIKE.

        • lol, like bragging rights!

        • Why not just walk out the day before with a stack of unused $250 gift cards and then pop in each day claiming the 5 x $250 gift cards during the promotion period?

          • @danielh: Because that would be stealing. IANAL so do as you please.

    • I’m within a 10km radius of the Brisbane city and my coles had at least 20 of the $250 cards just sitting on the shelf. Might not be as hard to get this time. I was shocked to see that many myself.

      • lets see what happens when promo starts

  • What is this? Is it usable everywhere, or just Coles?

    • +4

      It a Mastercard, so should work anywhere that accepts Mastercard. Refer to below comment for a better explanation.

    • +12

      It is a prepaid MasterCard, so it should be accepted at nearly all places that accept MasterCard. However, there are a number of businesses/merchants that don’t accept them (e.g. Cashrewards’ gift card portal), because they are unsecured/unverified cards.

      • Obviously Monster you don't understand that they can be verified !

        • Well I don't understand what this comment is saying lol.

          Anyway it's common to be unable to use gift cards to buy other gift cards.

      • +2

        Shopback accepts them without verifying.

        • Yes, you can easily spend $100, not $96, $97 elsewhere with a small balance left.

  • +1

    Thanks TA. Limit of 5 per customer.

  • If I have $500 of flybuys, can I use that to purchase these in store?

    • +1


    • +5

      No, you cannot use Flybuys Dollars to pay for third-party gift cards at Coles.

      You could go to another business that sells Coles Group & Myer gift cards and accepts Flybuys Dollars (e.g. Kmart, Target, First Choice Liquor) and buy a $500 Coles Group & Myer gift card using Flybuys Dollars, but I didn’t tell you that… I haven’t tried it myself, but other people on these forums have.

      If you make your purchase at First Choice Liquor, you’ll probably also earn Flybuys points for purchasing the gift card…

      • +2

        Unfortunately you can't use FB$ to purchase any gift cards, not even a sim card

        • -2

          You can in K-Mart, but then you can't use that Coles Group GC to buy this prepaid MC.

          • @coxymla: Do you mean I can use flybuys $ to buy a coles gift card in Kmart?

            • @SnoozeAndLose: He is right in the first part, wrong in the second part.

              • @Neoika: You can't use Coles GC to buy other GC, including iTunes and TCN. If you can buy prepaid MC with them then awesome news.

      • God dammit. Thanks for the info. Was hoping to get an Xbox. Lol.

  • Great timing. I am about to finish the gift cards I got previously.

  • +1

    Thanks TA

  • +1

    Don't waste your time
    judging from last deal back in Dec, the $250 will disappear suddenly in most stores
    Last time back in Dec, I checked 5 stores on the Sun-Tue ahead, made sure they all got some
    Then on Wed between 7-9am, only 2-3 cards left in the first store I went
    ACCC should prosecute Coles' staff for conflict for interest!

    • +2

      ACCC should prosecute Coles' staff for conflict for interest!

      I've never heard of this conflict of interest law the ACCC should prosecute with - care to share?

    • Lol, last time when they hv 2000 bonus flybuys point for $100 and $250 coles master card, the $100 ones disappeared…
      Funny game.

    • They have equal interest in the product as you, although they do also get a bonus team discount so essentially making it like 7.48% for 250$ one plus an extra 5-10% I think on first before that one.

      I'm not associated with Coles. But if I had team discount from Coles I would definitely be double hunting

  • +3

    I'm surprised Coles has a $250 gift card.
    When I tried to purchase a few hundred dollars worth of gift cards, the service person thought I had succumb to the gift card scam.

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