[AMA] I'm One of The Top 5 Posters on OzBargain

Gday Ozbargain
Been a while since my last AMA so I thought I'd do one today for some entertainment.

I rarely do say much on this site. I just come in, post my deal and then pretty much stay off it till my next deal.

Anyway, happy to chat about anything. The only thing I won't discuss is how I find early gaming deals. That is secret squirrel stuff.


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      • Deals are probably different to forum posts. Deals may be removed if they are against the rules or duplicates?

  • Ever thought to quit posting deals?

    • No I haven’t. I might have some days off but not quit it.

      On the days I’m not active here, I’m actually working on secret squirrel stuff.

  • Who are the other top 4 posters?

      • I guessed the top poster. They have been busy the last few weeks with all those free ebook posts in small doses.

        • Good or bad?

          • +1

            @dealbot: Good because I dislike posts with 20 - 50 links, either I get really selective or I end up opening 20-50 tabs and takes forever.
            If it is a small number I usually grab them all.

  • Do you have a script to answer stupid AMA questions?

    (like this one)

    What's the post(s) you are most proud of?

    • Do you have a script to answer stupid AMA questions?

      Some things require manual!

  • How much time in the day do you spend on Ozbargain?

    I know I spend at least half an hour to an hour a day scrolling, honestly it is like a chore sometimes. I like weekends because there are less deals to scroll through…
    Not sure why I am collecting all these free books and games, courses that I am never going to read, play or learn because I spend more time collecting these things. I am sure I am not the only one.

    I used to collect other things from other websites I cannot mention but when I stopped it was like a weight off my shoulders. Unfortunately that has been redirected elsewhere, back on the hamster wheel…

    Thanks for all your deals and posts.

    • How much time in the day do you spend on Ozbargain?

      Probably one hour max. If I haven’t posted any deals then less. I’ve spent more time here in the last couple of days answering questions.

      Weekends I tend to stay off it.

      • Thanks I would of thought it takes way more time than that.

  • Just read that you work in IT but studied coding from Udemy and also have a degree. Does that mean that your degree was not IT related and you self-taught from Udemy courses to work in IT?

    Also, thank you for all your contributions!

    • +1

      My degree was in information systems and not the coding side of things. I learnt the coding from Udemy.

  • Dealbot, thank you for your contribution to the community! If someone wanted to learn to script would you still recommend Python? Are there any learning resources you recommend over others?

    • +1

      I think the Udemy courses are the best place to start. Try to get this course when it is free. It is a great start.


      • +1

        Cheers dealbot for spending your time to post good deals.

        I checked the link and I had the course since 2015. Time to check it out!

      • Could you suggest how to be notified when this course becomes free?

        • +2

          Ozbargain’s resident Udemy poster @Wuman will post it.

  • Do you watch Dashcam Owners Australia on YouTube? Any channel to recommand?

    • No sorry.