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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi 34" $429 (OOS), Light Bar $59.95, Dreame V9 $167, V10 $199.20 (Combo $259), V11 $319 Shipped @ Gearbite eBay


Greetings everyone, Gearbite are included in the 20%/22% off sale going live this morning and there's some excellent prices in here. Some great historical lows, and otherwise some awesome prices which haven't been this low in a while.

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Vacuums: (Prices for eBay Plus Members)

Model Dreame V9 $166 Dreame V10 $199 Dreame V11 $319
Combo Version for $226.95 $259 for Combo
OLED Display No No Yes
Rated Power 400W 450W 450W
Battery Capacity Standard 60mins Standard 60mins Standard 90mins
Max mode 8Mins Max mode 10Mins Max mode 10Mins
Inhalation Power 120AW 140AW 150AW
Dust Cup Capacity 0.5L 0.5L 0.5L
Product Weight 1.5KG 1.5KG 1.6KG
Patented Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor Space 4.0 Brushless Motor
Finger free operation mode Need to press trigger Need to press trigger Lock Mode Available
Suction 20,000Pa 22,000Pa 25,000Pa
Filter 8 Cone Filtration 8 Cone Filtration 12 Cone Filtration
Simplified Trash One Button to release One Button to release One Button to release
Money Back 30 days 30 days 30 days
Plug AU AU Plug AU Plug

Note: The V10 is the Upgraded version with the All Surface Motorised Head valued at $30.

All items are delivered free from their Australian warehouse for swift delivery and hold Gearbite warranties :)

Check out other items in their store also and apply the coupons to get 20%/22% off.

Original Coupon Deal - Credit to Lysander

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    • I ordered the vacuum with coupon, gift cards and credit card this morning and had the same experience. The gift cards were refunded instantly but the credit card transaction didnt get reversed yet. I tried again with paypal and coupon about 1:30pm and vacuum order payment is still pending.

      • so it is not the payment method, seem PayPal, gift card, credit card and afterpay all have the issue.

        • Yeah, I ordered the vacuum cleaner stand on ebay from another seller and everything got confirmed quick like normal.

          • @mvong: so it is Gearbite only seem to be

            • @SnoozeAndLose: Nope. I had same issue purchasing item from dcxpert as well. Seems an eBay issue. I paid mostly with giftcards, balance with paypal first (refunded) and card (still pending).

              • @NigelTufnel: I will stop buying from eBay on this sale until this gets sorted, otherwise, i don't want to get hold onto thousand of eBay gift card in my account and nothing to buy

                • @SnoozeAndLose: Yeah, I'd cancel and try without gift cards. But I really don't want to get stuck with ~$400 worth of gift cards when my order gets refunded. Hopefully eBay get it sorted.

                  • @NigelTufnel: Item OOS, cancel = missing out and need to wait for longer

                    • +1

                      @SnoozeAndLose: Hi, Please do not cancel the order in case you miss out the stock. Have contacted eBay again regarding this, this is eBay Australia Site issue, they have tech issue to show right payment status, for example if you pay for the item, but it still show payment is pending. This is top priority issue, they are working on it now, hopefully they can fix that shortly, they should sending email to you once they find out. You can contact eBay regarding this if you want and we will keep eye on it as well.

                  • @NigelTufnel: It's not just gift cards. I paid for the monitor on my debit card and I got the email about it being not paid as well, even though the transaction went through as indicated on my bank account.

      • Same here. Wants me to order again, but havent seen funds refunded to card yet.

    • same, I contacted eBay and afterpay. ebay said they didn't receive any funds from afterpay. Afterpay said something happened between ebay and the seller, and they will have a result in the next three days, refund or go ahead. Afterpay confirmed they paid fully once I paid a quarter of the payment. SO it seems this is not a deal..

    • Get some answer form eBay :

      eBay reps: I have checked the details and I wish to assure you that the payment appears in pending status because of some technical issue.
      Hence, I am escalating this to the technical team to review and rectify the same for you.

      Me: when is the eta to get it to look at and fixed?

      eBay reps: I'm sorry but I cannot share a fixed timeline for this as we do not get a timeline from the technical team as they rely on several departments to confirm the details and issues, but I am optimistic that you will surely hear from us within 3-5 working days.

      Me: ok, so wht do i need to do from my end?

      eBay reps: I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and we will make sure that the issue gets resolved soon. As of now, you can wait for the issue to get resolved and check the order after a day or two to see if the payment has gone through or not. You may also inform the seller that due to eBay's technical issue the payment has not gone through and you have been asked to wait so as they do not cancel the order for you.

      • Yep same issue for me paying for a different item with gift cards. First order was refunded ordered again, same issue. eBay were no help at all.

      • woah, I've checked out 3 times, and say authorisation charge 3x times, what is going to happen here? When they get their payment gateway resolved I'll be charged 3x times and end up with 3x items or …? What a big mess, fail ebay australia…

      • yeah I bought Dreame V10 3 times, two with paypal and one with credit card directly. CC one is still ending (abt 10mins now) and paypal got refunded after couple of hours :(

    • Same issue here, pay twice with gift card and a couple of hours later, it said unsuccessful payment and wants me to pay again…credit went back into my Gift Card again.

      • I think you need to wait until tomorrow before retrying

    • I have paid 3 times now…different methods…still no good …

  • Do attachments from V10 fit V9 ?

    • yes.

      • OP are you aware of the payment issue?

        • Work on it.

      • Do attachments from V9 fit V10?

  • Create a forum post for the payment issue:https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/630486

    • Please do not cancel order, we try to contact them to fix that. Hopefully they can find the issue shortly.

      • Hi , have tried 2 times and it’s same thing , “ your recent payment didn’t went through “, having said didn’t cancel the order yet, how does it work if ebay resolves the issue.

        • I would suggest wait for them to fix the issue. We have contact them , hope they can fix that shortly, maybe slow due to public holiday.

      • +1

        Hope it gets sorted. Do not need 3 vacs.

      • Hopefully, tried to order one of the monitor lights with Paypal and got a payment error, same thing when I tried again with my credit card. Going to wait till this is fixed before I try a third time

  • Damn. I just ordered a Dreame V9 combo from the ebay store which was much more expensive than this. I knew it would go on sale as soon as I ordered.

  • +1

    Help, OB Brains Trust!–

    I got the V10 through OzBargain, AUS/NZ edition from Kogan. I ordered a carpet head from eBay that said it was compatible with V9/V10, but the pins were too small for my V10.

    Does that mean that my V10 is "new pin" and I am waiting on the V11 carpet head (which should also fit my V10 AUS/NZ)?

    • I see that it exists if you buy the combo. @Gearbite do you sell this separately?

      • Our standard package come with carpet head for v9. We have soft roller head sell seperately.

  • @Gearbite Any more stock coming in for the Xiaomi monitor?

  • for those who want a removable battery and trigger lock, have a look at the xiaomi g10 stick

  • -3

    Does these vacuum can do a good job on dog urine?

  • Anybody think there will be another deal on the Xiaomi 34" monitor?

  • How do these models differ from Animal and Absolute variant? Thanks

  • V10 has a carpet head right? I thought all the attachments were compatible with V11 too. Why can't people just use the V10 carpet head with V11?

    • I'm still waiting patiently but from what I can gather so far the point where it connects are different.

      In saying all this there are a couple of people that were able to get the v10 carpet brush working with for the v11 by 3D printing a compatible head

  • Was looking to buy a monitor for a while. Ordered the Xiaomi 34" earlier today.


  • How do these Dreame vacuums go? I am interested in the V9 to keep in another part of my house to just do the 3 small rooms there that arent worth lugging the big vacuum all the way over. I was interested in dyson just because I know the name but the prices for those are insane, this seems far more reasonable but I have no experience or knowledge of this brand.

    • I have V9, no complaints.

    • I have the V10 combo. Two households loved mine so much (mates) that I had to buy them one each vis ozb.

      Highly recommended. Had it for about 14 months now. Flawless.

  • Anyone know or has replaced the battery on these Xiaomi vacuums? I'm curious what the replacement part market is like given it is usually the battery that gives way first for wireless devices.

  • We have this hoover heeitage vacuume (https://www.godfreys.com.au/hoover-heritage-5210) but not really happy with its suction. Would the Dreame v9 be an improvement over that one?

    Many thanks .

    • Hi. Had the same. We moved to V9 and never looked back. V9 is a major improvement over Hoover.

  • These vacuums vs the Kogan C10 at $159? Wanting a budget vacuum for hard floor, carpet and car seats.


  • Hi, is there a much difference between V10 and V11 for porcelain tiles and carpet.

  • +1

    Sorry, your recent payment for the item(s) below did not go through.
    Please return to eBay to send your payment again.

    Seems like I am not the only one :(

  • Dreame V11 or wait for the new T30 or V16? Any thoughts?

  • +1

    Anyone knows if payment problem is resolved?
    V10 is oos but still in my orders showing pending payment.

  • +1

    Rep when will this issue be fixed?…..

    • Call eBay now, hopefully can be fixed.

  • Just got the V10 combo. Hard to work out whether I need the extra head for carpet, but better save than sorry.

  • I got refunded from PayPal? What's the issue?

  • Does anyone know exactly what the second head is in the combo? The listing is confusing but I gather that the standard head is the "upgraded all-surface" one.

    • Sorry, I meant the V10 combo.

      /I couldn't edit my comment above.

    • Second head is soft roller floor motorized head, work better on timber floor and tiles.

      • @gearbite - So is the standard head (all surface) for carpets?

        • Standard package: V9 is Carpet head, V10 is All surface upgrade head( good for carpet), V11 is Soft roller head( good for timber floor)

          • @Gearbite: Is the V9 Carpet head better on carpet than the V10 All surface upgrade head?

            • @zinga77: V10 have upgrade carpet head, should be better version than v9.

  • Paypal got refunded for V11, still see it in my eBay account though. What am I suppose to do? Can't see a way to make payment again

    • I contacted eBay after paying twice and having issues. They said they're experiencing system issues on the backend and to allow 24 hours to resolve. Supposedly will refund and have the discount code reapplied to my account.

      • Thanks mate. And then we'll be able to make payment again?

  • Contacted gearbite about V11 carpet head again and surprise surprise, 6 weeks again.

    • They have told me to wait 6 weeks 6 weeks ago. I bought v11 from the last deal as the rep confirmed the carpet would be available early April. Nothing since…

      • yep and the rep is deliberately overlooking people's question about it on this deal as well. really bad form.

    • Hi, we have lots of stock for old pin carpet head for dreame v11, Dreame did nto do extra stock for New pin carpet head for Dreame v11 at this moment, we try to find some solution, as all new pin carpet head will fit for Dreame v11, for example New pin v9 carpet head, new pin v10 carpet head and new pin Dreame t20 carpet head. If you really need one shortly, please contact us at [email protected] with your previous order no, we will try to find solution for you very quickly. Sorry for the trouble.

      • Are you saying we can fit carpet head from v9 or v10 or t20 on V11?

        • All new pin mode will be fit.

  • +1

    what will happen if I use the current v11 head on carpet?

    • It would probably clean surface of carpet.

  • @Gearbite Any timeline on when the Dreame V16 will be available?

  • +1

    @Gearbite will you restock the V10?

    • yes, please, now the code is working, no more stock :(

    • Yes @Gearbite… would also love to know this? Can't afford $60 extra for the combo I don't need.

  • Ridiculous. I bought the Xiaomi monitor with the discount code from yesterday, then I get it refunded today AND it's sold out because eBay messed up the code…….smfh

    • Did you cancel the order?
      It should have kept the item for you and just asked to repay by the 18th before losing the item.

      • Yeah when I try to checkout again it says "Sorry, we can't complete your checkout at this time. Please try changing your item quantity or check your account status."

  • Why is under 'Computing' category?

  • Any chance of restocking the 'XIAOMI Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar'?

  • +1

    With all the concerns for V11 not having a carpet head, does that mean it is not worth buying and I should get V10 instead as it does comes with carpet and tiles cleaner brush?

    • +1

      i have dreame v9 with both carpet and soft roller head, i think even v11 has stronger suction, v10 with carpet head should perform a lot better on carpet than v11.

  • +1

    So, which vacuum is the best for combination carpet and hard floor please?

  • Regarding pending payment issue that happen on 14th-15th June, please kindly pay with new coupon code ‘PEOFY22’ for your item at your order section. This is email from ebay

    Dear eBay Plus Member,

    We understand you may have experienced issues with your recent eBay order using the coupon code ‘EOFY22’. Due to a technical issue with the coupon code, your order was not processed. Don’t worry, any payment processed using this coupon code has been reversed.

    We’re pleased to confirm the correct coupon code is now active as ‘PEOFY22’ and you can use this to finalise the transaction on your item.
    We apologise for any inconvenience caused as we resolved this matter.

    Many thanks,
    The eBay Customer Service Team

    • Problem is most of the items listed here are out-of-stock already, like the monitor or V10 vacuum. Any plan to restock before the code ended?

      • Stock has been locate to all customers who have ordered it, we only can release the stock if they want to cancel or order was duplicated.

    • I used the original EOFY22 code and the status is ‘Paid’ but hasn’t been shipped. I’m guessing it’s still good?

      • Please send me your order number, i will happy to check for you.

  • Hi Gearbite, Any chances the V10 will be restock before the promotional period is over? Thanks

  • Ordered a Dreame v9 on tuesday last week and it arrived today, so it seems like they are back on top of shipping. Yet to unpack and try out though.

  • xiaomi mi 34" monitor delivery only after July I am informed by the seller

  • Just went to order Dreame V10 but only found it to be out of stock :(.
    I am thinking of ordering from Kogan who have it for the same price with free shipping currently. Is their any difference between the gearbite ones and Kogan?

    • Should be same. Cheaper at Kogan actually, was $189 when I checked yesterday if u subscribe to Kogan First (trial)

      • Agree but thats older v10, not the combo model.