eBay Payment Processing Issue for EOFY 22% off sale

Just bought the Xiaomi monitor from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/620391

Payment is pending and then after 2 hours it got reverted and I need to repay again.

I am using 100% gift card.

People also reported the same with the different sellers using different payment method.

eBay confirmed that there is a technical issue from their end.

Create this to see how many people got affected.

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    • eBay suggest trying after 48 hours

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    Update for anyone with this issue. This is the live chat respose from this morning:

    Hello xxxxxx. I apologise for the inconvenience that you had to face. Allow me to share with you that there is an on going technical issue with ebays payment gateway today and due to which many of our members are unable to successfully checkout for the items as the payment is being processed for a while and later it is being refunded back. Please be assured there is nothing wrong at your end and it is just due to an on going technical issue at the payment gateway.

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      And then:

      Okay Thank you for sharing the details and our technical team is working on it, request you to try this after 48 hrs.

  • I ordered a chainsaw last night and paid by PayPal. The payment had bounced back this morning when I checked it. So I paid again by PayPal. It hasn’t bounced back again yet….

    • I've noticed that if it shows as unpaid in the app, it will bounce

      • It ended up bouncing back a little while later.

  • I ordered an item last night, and payment was bouncing back.
    I think I should wait until they fix the issue, if anybody have the information when the issue is fixed, can please update it here?

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    Eventually, paying with Google Pay worked for me if that helps? Only option that did though…

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      Nope didn't work

      • I was just about to jump on and say that. It appeared to work but then I just got the bounce back 20 minutes ago!

        I'm out of ideas too…

  • Had problems too - just using Paypal only. Tried twice, could see money deducted in bank account, but not accepted by Ebay…

  • Mine has bounced back 3 times using both PayPal and credit card

  • Same issue here, payed via Google Pay (4PM Yesterday). Ebay support told me to wait 24-48 hours and try again.
    Can see money deducted by account, apparently it'll be refunded in the next 3-4 days.

  • I talked to online chat again and they reckon they are sending me a voucher for the inconvenience.

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    I initially tried 2 x credit card, 1 x PayPal, all failed. I just got another email for the two items I purchased saying seller is waiting for payment, so I gave it a go, and the EOFY22 code doesn't work anymore on my items "Unfortunately, this code no longer works."

    • Seeing the same now on my item. Perhaps as they are fixing whatever issue has caused this the code is disabled. I have two orders for the item i m after both showing "cancelled" in one area of my account and another showing "pending payment". I asked chat and got no real clarity but also asked if there would be some email/announcement when it's sorted.

      • I'd just wait and re-order it in a new batch, and ask the seller if they can cancel the old orders (I've noticed the voucher codes are not working anymore, some of the codes have changed), if at the end of the day, they take that away, I'm going to email the seller to ask them to honor the original sale price, otherwise whats the point of this sale?

        • Yeah i am waiting on petersofkensington to respond and have those orders show up properly cancelled. There's no way to pay from the "unpaid" list anyway that I can see. Hoping they do confirm soon!

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            @jtaus67: Well i think they will. because it screws up their inventory. I still can't find the button to "repay" on the website browser.

    • Same here.

      Edit: the non-bay plus code is still applying but haven't tried to complete the transaction as I want an the eBay plus discount.

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      PEOFY22 just showed up, trying…..

      • keep us updated :)

      • Yeah looks like it worked, initially went into "payment pending" again, but I refreshed a couple of minutes later and now have estimated delivery dates.

        • nice. thanks. let me try

          Edit: now let the waiting game begin…

          Edit: YES! it worked!

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    Looks to be a new code: PEOFY22

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    Happened to me, then they ask for repayment, failed again.
    Should be an email from ebay to all those effected. Not fair when people are trying to work out if it's their fault.
    Poor form from ebay. Thanks for this post.

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      Agree, Ebay seems not giving an excuse or sorry letter to their users.

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    I had orders rejected over night. Just reordered using the new PEOFY22 code and paid using gift cards. Order appears to have been processed.

    • Do we have to reorder? What about the current items that are marked as 'unpaid' and already ordered?

      • There was no option for me to repay.

      • I was able to pay for my existing order through a Pay Now option on the app from my purchase history. Needed to apply the new code for the discount again. Strangely enough, this seems to only be a visible option on the app and not desktop. Fingers crossed it doesn't bounce back this time.

  • Here is what eBay support told me:

    I understand that you are facing this issue . Thank you so much for taking your time to bring this into our notice. Please note that we have already received multiple reports of similar issue from other members as well.Therefore, we have highlighted it on priority basis and our team is working on this to fix this at the earliest. What I am doing is, I am adding your user id in the affected member’s list. Rest assured that soon you will see it will get fixed.In the meantime your patience and understanding in this matter would be highly appreciated. In this tough time we badly need your patience and I hope you will be with us.

  • Just tried again with new code and its showing as payment pending :/

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      Refreshed and it's showing as paid. Think it's good to go.

      • Really, that's good sign. Finger cross.

      • Did you use app to pay again, or browser. I see no pay now option in web browser. Only in app.

    • Same. Paying with PEOFYS + gift cards + Paypal
      [edit: seems to have processed now. Definitely not instant like usual though…]

    • Same with me. I was hoping third time would be a charm.

  • Spoke to eBay rep, they said 'I would suggest you wait for a few hours to get it resolved'. What a joke, eBay really is archaic. We're literally trying to give them money. Amazon would never have this problem.

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    Paid via Paypal with the new code..

    pending for 3-4 minutes but went through!

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    that was the most painful eBay purchasing experience I had

  • Tried with new code, seems to have gone through! Paid via paypal

  • Finally. My Order went through to the 'PAID' status with the new code.

  • New code used and order went through. Was sitting on pending payment for a few minutes though.

  • i confirmed that the new code is working too. took around 5 minutes to process and that was on paypal.

  • I request you to contact them and wait till 18 June and I suggest you to not to make the payment if you do not wish to get the items. ^that’s the reply from their agent lol

  • make 2 more payments using paypal and the new code and all worked and have delivery dates etc. PEOFY22
    sorry for repeating myself but I want to give feedback to others having the same issue

  • Yes confirm new code working. I wonder if ebay will compensate for this fiasco!

  • yep new code fixed it

  • Sooooo are people getting refunds for the times they used the old code??

    Also, thought I might see what chat says, had a laugh:
    "In the meantime your patience and understanding in this matter would be highly appreciated. In this tough time we badly need your patience and I hope you will be with us"

  • Guess ebay fixed it. Just paid for the Xiaomi monitor with GC. It went through and got the order confirmation email from EBAY.

  • Just working now! Paid with Coupon + Giftcard and order is confirmed.

  • Done, finally… my most painful experience with Ebay to date….

  • Mine bounced twice trying to use Afterpay, the second refund has just been received. I'm loathe to try for a third time until I know it's fixed. Doesn't stop eBay sending me Action Needed: Pay ….. emails….

    • Seems to have worked for everyone using the new code PEOFY22. Just check that you apply that one instead of the old EOFY22.

      • PEOFY22 is for Plus members, does it still work if you're not a plus member?

        • Not sure. They've updated the banner for the new plus code, but non-plus remains PFYS20. Wasn't aware the same issue applied to that code.

          • @NigelTufnel: I have another complication. Razer store had an additional 20% which is not available now.Payment required now shows more than what i tried to pay initially.

  • Third time lucky for me… :)

  • Working with P code

  • Has anyone had any luck with submitting the payment again?

    • Yeds , lots of people above has confirm it is now working with a new code starting with P

  • Had the issue buying from Sello. Paid with Afterpay. Confirmed Afterpay has made payment too so not sure what's going on.

    • it should go through after you resend the payment

  • First payment issue: When I tried to pay for the first item with a VALID coupon code, eBay Gift Card and credit card, I received an error message: Please check your payment details or use a different payment option. I tried numerous times with the credit card to pay the remaining amount but kept getting the error message…

    Second payment issue: Due to the issues with paying the remaining balance with my credit card, I tried using my PayPal account which had my credit card linked to pay the remaining balance. The order went through but hours later I received an email saying "Action required: Your payment needs to be re-sent…" I tried again with my PayPal but hours later, I received the same email regarding the failed payment!

    Third payment issue: I also tried to pay for another item with a VALID coupon code, eBay Gift Card and PayPal account which had my credit card linked to pay the remaining balance. This order also went through but hours later I received an email saying "Action required: Your payment needs to be re-sent…" I tried again with my PayPal but hours later, I received the same email regarding the failed payment!

    Fourth payment issue: Due to the issues with paying the remaining balance with my PayPal account, I tried using a different credit card to pay the remaining balance and the order went through but hours later I received an email saying "Action required: Your payment needs to be re-sent…"

    In addition, I had issues with orders from last week, not going through when using a VALID discount code which covered the entire order amount (resulting in a $0 payment) which someone from the payments/technical support team was MEANT TO GET BACK TO ME ABOUT BUT NEVER DID!!

    eBay have become utter trash and tech/customer support are absolutely useless…

    They keep telling me "please be rest assured" "rest assure.. blah blah"… but man, they haven't been able to help or fix anything as of late.

    • Finally got fixed for me too. I wonder if they're going to compensate for the issue at all.

  • Placed a new order today and it went through. Hopefully I get properly refunded for the 2 previous screwed up orders by Ebay

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    Just got this message in inbox:

    "Dear eBay Plus Member,

    We understand you may have experienced issues with your recent eBay order using the coupon code ‘EOFY22’. Due to a technical issue with the coupon code, your order was not processed. Don’t worry, any payment processed using this coupon code has been reversed.

    We’re pleased to confirm the correct coupon code is now active as ‘PEOFY22’ and you can use this to finalise the transaction on your item.
    We apologise for any inconvenience caused as we resolved this matter.

    Many thanks,
    The eBay Customer Service Team"

    About friggin time!

  • Is this still an issue?

    Sounds like a pain if I'm going to spend $500, and have to repay for it while waiting for the original $500 refund.

    • Not issue with the new code, what are you buying?

      • Wine? 😂

        Does Cashback work with the code?

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          Qantas Shopping will approve it 9 out of 10. Any purchases using coupon/code are to steer clear of SB/CR.

          Disregard T&Cs as it is not strictly enforced. I have been using it since coupon/code was invalid for cashback, only been declined once.


          • @Neoika: Thanks! I actually need to earn some Qantas points to keep it active! I totally forgot about using Velocity and Qantas!


  • This saved me $189 impulse knife buy.

  • I had issues with payment because things were going out of stock while checking out and their system doesn’t handle it in checkout very well. Just fails payment $0 auth only.

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    Just got a $15 voucher as as an apology. Not bad.

    • From live chat? Or eBay message?

      • Check your emails. Got the same $15 voucher. Top customer service from eBay for once.

        • I think you can't use together with other voucher?

          • @SnoozeAndLose: Yep correct. Can’t be used with any other coupons and needs to be used in one go or you forfeit the remaining value.

    • Me too.

      • Same. Good on eBay, picking up their game, as it's definitely what Amazon would have done.

    • Me too!

  • Just had a similar problem trying to buy something, using the 5% Plus discount and the rest in an eBay gift card - constant payment errors (desktop, two diff browsers) of "Please check your payment details or use a different payment option".

    Tried again via the mobile app, worked first time!

    • last time, none of the payment method worked

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