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Garmin Edge 530 Sensor Bundle $468.99 Delivered @ Pushys via eBay


Was in the market for a Garmin Edge 530 Sensor bundle and was about to pull the trigger on a full price item elsewhere when I remembered the previous eBay deals. This is by no means a historic low, previous deal was for $459.99 in mid-March however that required eBay Plus whereas this does not. previous deal link

Standard shipping is included.

Hopefully this helps someone else in the market like I was. Happy winter cycling!

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  • Hmmmm this or the new Wahoo Bolt V2 at full RRP? Similar price I think so tough decision.

    • This deal includes sensors and heart rate monitor whereas the Bolt v2 is just the unit

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    Am hoping 540 be out soon

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      Why? What is this unit missing? Why do you want to be a beta tester for Garmin?

      • USB C

  • Has the code expired? Doesn't seem to be working anymore…

    • Looks like the code did expire even though it said it would be valid till the 1st of July. I've updated the post with a new code that I could see against the item. Let me know if that one doesn't work!

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    By the way, you can get the same deal with Bikebug using PPSS100. Support your local Aussie bike shop!


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    what is the best deal can get for 530 base unit now?

    • Best I can see is bikebug w/ afterpay via eBay - listed at $398.99, then down to $339.14 with afterpay - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/274097604963?hash=item3fd17d8963...

      • Can't be $339.14….$99.75x4 payment

        • Yeah, its a dumb eBay UI, but continue through the checkout. It drops to 4 x $84.79 AUD before the end. I purchased, and that's what shows in my Afterpay.


          • @pcolby78: you are correct, they have 15% off today for afterpay option.

        • Looks like that deal is expired already.

  • What are the advantages of using this computer over a phone with the sensors?

    My situation: I've got Garmin speed & cadence 2 sensors and considering getting a Heart Rate Monitor Pro. Currently using Strava on Android phone kept in pocket or saddle bag. Plus an older wireless cycle computer to show me "live" speed/distance/avg etc.

    The only useful feature I can think of is seeing live heart rate on the Garmin computer, instead of just recording it for offline analysis. Is there anything else I'm missing out on by using the current budget setup?

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      The Edge has a barometric altimeter built in which allows it to accurately measure altitude which in turn gives you your correct Elevation in Strava. Activities recorded on the app will use approximations.

      You'll get temperature also.
      Using a separate device avoids discharging your phone battery which can be a factor on longer rides.
      While there are handlebar mounts for phones, I don't trust them not to ruin my phone. The Garmin allows you to have your stats (speed etc) always displayed.

      It is quite a premium to pay for these benefits.