Please Recommend Desktop Gaming PC $800-$1000

Only requirements would be that I want 16gb ram and 512gb SSD

Only game I'm playing at the moment is Dota 2 it would be good to be able to max it on a 27" monitor

I remember there was a company posting deals around that price on eBay for gaming desktops but I can't remember their name?




    Do you also need a monitor and/or peripherals?


      No peripherals or monitor needed


        Is your monitor 1080 or 1440?

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    Not an easy budget to work with right now i'm afraid, but there's a few low graphic card models you could probably work with. Techfast have a few options under $1000, if you upgrade the RAM and SSD.

    Or if nothing else, you can get an idea of what sort of parts to aim for to buy on your own (if you're up to it). Graphics card is really going to come down to your budget and whether it needs to be new or you're happy to get a 2nd hand one from somewhere, but likely better model.