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KFC Bucket Hunt: Multiple Prizes (in-Store Redemption) @ KFC App


KFC just launched their Pokemon like game, you can go hunting KFC prizes and most likely get a free ultimate box for your first time, some got slushies etc :)

The first bucket will be available around you with first play. Just pan your camera around to find the red big spot, tap tap tap it then spin spin spin for a free win ^_^
Can stack up to 3 prizes at a time and each will expire in 72hrs: gonna do lot of walking for free KFC prizes lol

Prizes include (see FAQ):

  • Food
  • Cash
  • Experiences
  • KFC EFTPOS Gift Card
  • Merch

Prize quantity and value

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  • +4

    Just scored a 15 pc original recipe holy sh*t

    • Congratulations. Dont redeem it today. Stores are unable to honour it. Wait for 2 days.

      • +1

        Already redeemed it for pickup without any issues at my local, my partner scored a large popcorn chicken too.

  • Free Double Tender Burger Not bad !

  • +3

    I really really really want the hoodie.

    • +1

      Damn, me too😂

    • Will you actually wear it? Or just a collector's item

      • 100% wear it haha

  • Was having issues with the app but turned off the AR and started to work fine again for me. Was able to pull off some good food.

  • Been spinning during the last hour while spoofing my location. So many free GO Buckets so little time

    • +1

      same and also the shitty sliders lmao

  • Free three piece feed

  • I have never played Pokemon Go, can I maximise this on my 7.5 km bike ride home?

    • Seems like you need to get quite close to the buckets for it to trigger, and you need to stop and wait at the location to spin the bucket, so it'll be a slow ride home.

  • +1

    I can't login as I am not getting any two factor code email to me. When I try to hit resend get a popop error with 'unable to send code'

  • This is bad, I have a chopper from the 7/11 fuel locks…

    • +1

      ohh jeezz,, that exploit =)

  • +1

    Flipped a zinger burger into a stacked zinger burger 😳

  • +3

    The only exercise app that guarantees weight gain

  • +2

    I got a free slider so I flipped the coin and it got demoted to a slushie :(

  • +1

    stuck on allowing location even tho its enabled

    • +1

      I saw same, go to app settings and allow for KFC app. Possibly also need to allow camera permissions

    • Happened to me as well. Go back to the store selection screen and enable location there instead.

  • +3

    why each bucket is 2km away in my area? how can I get them just in 4mins time?

    • +1

      Speeding, it is the ultimate gamble, $500 fine or a free zinger :P

  • +1

    I can’t even login. The username and password is invalid even after resetting it.

    • There is a email validation code if you login via the website but no way of entering it

    • +2

      Mine did that after I deleted and reinstalled the app. Came good after leaving it for about 5 mins after receiving the password reset email. It's like it doesn't reset the password as soon as it issues the email for some reason.

    • Now it’s saying it will send a code to my email but never does

  • Daughter won 15 pcs on first go. I won a slider and flipped for a slushie

  • How do we actually flip as others mentioned? After we stashed?

    • Scroll down. On the stash page. Says ‘play flip this coin’

  • +1

    Anyone able to go to location and get anything, went their but nothing happened.

    • I had to zoom in on the map to find where the bucket was exactly. After I got closer, a message popped up.

  • +2

    Tip… Turn AR off, it works just the same without it and is quicker (especially if you have a crummy phone)

    • iPhone or Android? If Android how?

  • +1

    I won regular popcorn Chicken. Flipped and for a Frozen Pepsi :(

  • +2

    I've done over 100 spins and the best I got was a large popcorn chicken…

    • +2

      Wonder if they turned off any decent prizes while they study up on mock locationing.

      • yeah, has anyone won anything other than food?

        • +2

          Not me, but it's quite rare. Anything other than a $10 gift card (which is around 7x) is at least 11x rarer than the rarest food item (free 15pc bucket) so would expect someone has but maybe a few days before an OzBer does

    • +1

      I spun a frozen drink into a 15 piece bucket so it’s definitely possible :)

      Unfortunately I went through hell trying to redeem it

    • How do you spin multiple times?

      • Think he’s picked up 100 buckets

  • +3

    Staff at my KFC got a bit cheeky. After attending the drive though to get my free burger, cashier yelled out my order as "another free one!", then the staff replied "is that all again?😂 They got so ozbargained.

    • +2

      They licked your burger mate

      • I was wondering why it was so finger licking good.

        • On my second spin kept getting a try again error, checked my bucket stash and there sits a 3 piece feed.

  • 1 ultimate box, 1 slider and large fries

  • Free 15pcs Original Recipe Chicken on my first spin! Winner :)

    • Be careful with the 15 piece, apparently it's not on the menu yet and some people had problems ordering it

      • I'll wait for a couple of days before redemption to ensure they have their act together.

        • 72 hours to redeem.

  • Anyway to drop a prize and try again? I have chips and drinks but can only redeem one per day to get rid of them or wait the 72hrs

    • +3

      Yep, if you choose another bucket and spin again, it will ask if you want to replace one of your current prizes in your stash. Just did that replacing a burger with a drink.

    • +1

      You can add to stash and overwrite an existing prize.

      Edit: 16 seconds too slow

  • +1

    Broken, did Bethesda make this app?


    • +1

      I can't even log in.

      I'm expecting an IH video on the game development.

  • How long will an item be pending redemption in the list if I don't want to go and get it?

    • There is a count down timer. Starts at 72 hours.

      • Not sure why the neg. Before I realised you could swap items out, I hit redeem on a slider and binned the order (to hopefully make room in the stash). It didn't delete the slider from the stash though. Apparently I must finish redeeming 'today' so hopefully it disappears at midnight.

  • +1

    You're betting off flipping the coin than just trying to find something good on the map.
    I've spoofed maybe 20~30 spots and best i've got was a go bucket, but through the coin flip i've managed to snag 15 Original Recipe and burgers

    • At the rate of ppl on here spoofing I'm surprised no one's hit one golden bucket yet.

    • Any Spoofed apps for IOS.

  • +1

    I flipped my prize and won an original burger but now nothing shows in my stash 🤣

  • Went to redeem my prizes and was told I have to place an order for them however the app is down :-(

  • +3

    This KFC app is a disaster. Can't log on at all. Tried to reset, but never received the reset email.
    Uninstalled app and installed it again. It remained the same. Tried to register a new account with a new email. Still not working
    By the way, I'm on an Android phone.

  • -1

    Bugs anyone?

    • +1

      Getting the buckets worked ok for me but can't redeem the freebie- was charged $5.95 for the supposedly free zinger burger :(

      • Did it show the discount -5.95 and 0.00 total in the cart? Does the item still show as pending redemption in your stash?

        • Nope, didn't show the discount and was $5.95 total in cart. Hit the continue button in a haste and it processed it. Someone else mentioned doesn't work in some stores?

          But yes the item is still showing as pending redemption in my stash. Just sent a form through their "contact us" page, will see what they come back with.

          • +1

            @Craze: Had the same issue. :( My partner tried another KFC with his item and it worked and showed $0 on checkout, but too late for my $6.95 3 tenders…will have to wait to see how they respond to my complaint/support request.

            So for anyone else, if it shows a non-zero amount on the Review screen, don't checkout.

  • I got Popcorn chicken.

  • noob question - how does this work….do u have to physically goto that location where the bucket is or can you do it from 1 stationary place?

    • -3

      Physically go, unless you're being a dodgy prick

      • Or be a true ozbargainer and spoof using the 7-11 Fuel Lock hack :)

  • +1

    I’m getting the red screen others mentioned this morning. Lost my first free bucket too, it spun and then nothing happened.

  • +1

    about 50 spins later (an hour and a half-ish of spoofing), 2x 15 piece chicken buckets, 1x Zinger stacker burger.

    not bad

    edit: rest were garbage though, frozen cokes, mountain dew, go bucket, slider with the occasional zinger burger or double stacker burger.

    trying to get the merch, "epic experience" or cash, will update and see if i get any

    • nice one. I got about 5 ultimate/3-piece boxes. Still no chicken buckets. I have not seen a single discount one either.. not that I want one :)

  • +12

    Btw, did any of you guys notice that the app, and the spinning of bucket is a huge data hogger! I used up 1.20 GB of Mobile data today. Be cautious - those who are on generous mobile data plans.

    Any way to avoid the 'Enter the Experience' LOADING 100% each time - it takes about a 100MB each time it opens that page. Seriously, what were they thinking. Even after turning off AR, still this much.

    • +2

      Why are people downvoting this, this may be valuable information for some people

    • How long were you playing the hunt for? I checked my usage and looked ok, although I only did 4 buckets yesterday (so all up 15 mins maybe?)

      • It's taking up 80 - 100 MB per bucket spin. I did quite a lot yesterday.
        Also noticed, that every time you view the 'Bucket Stash', it again hogs up a lot. I have the "Speed indicator" at the top panel, it shoots to 2 - 3 MB/s whenever I open the Bucket Stash as well.

        • Looks like you're right, I got a warning message yesterday on data usage and I wasn't even using it for that long! Guessing majority are using location spoofers instead?

  • I keep getting the 'allow location settings' message. Thing is I had it working earlier today, haven't changed anything and this happens. Even tried killing the app, giving it everyone permission possible but still complains. Anyone else?

    • Set Location to 'High Accuracy' or the highest possible level.
      Granting the app access is one thing - the location itself needs to be "on/enabled" - may vary across devices.

    • +1

      Android? I changed the KFC app permissions to allow location

    • I had similar issues (I was GPS spoofing). Resetting phone fixed it for me.

  • 2 zinger burgers thanks OP

  • +15

    Details of prizes sorted by rarity.

    Maximum Avail Prize Type Value Total Value
    1 AFL Grand Final experience $15,640 $15,640
    1 NRL Grand Final experience $7,700 $7,700
    1 Ashes experience $18,150 $18,150
    1 KFC Catering Pack (awarded in the form of a KFC voucher) $1,500 $1,500
    2 A year of KFC family feed (awarded in the form of a physical eftpos card) $2,600 $5,200
    2 KFC for a year (awarded in the form of a physical eftpos card) $1,300 $2,600
    100 Cash prize awarded as a physical eftpos card $200 $20,000
    500 Cash prize awarded as a physical eftpos card $100 $50,000
    1,000 Cash prize awarded as a physical eftpos card $50 $50,000
    1,000 KFC branded hoodie. $62.00 $62,000
    2,000 Cash prize delivered as a physical eftpos card (KFC) $25 $50,000
    2,000 Cash prize awarded as a physical eftpos card $25 $50,000
    3000 Cash prize delivered as a physical eftpos card (KFC) $10 $30,000
    22,216 KFC 15pc Bucket Chicken $27.95 $609,937.20
    25,064 KFC 21 for $21 Original Recipe offer $13.95 $349,642.80
    44,432 KFC Large Popcorn Chicken $7.95 $353,234.40
    44,432 KFC Zinger Stacker Burger $8.95 $397,666.40
    44,432 KFC 3px Boxed Meal $11.95 $530,962.40
    44,432 KFC Ultimate Fillet Box $11.45 $508,746.40
    50,129 KFC 30 for $10 Nuggets offer $10.95 $548,912.55
    66,649 KFC Large Chips $5.95 $396,561.55
    78,326 KFC 10 for $10 Tenders offer $9.90 $775,427.40
    78,326 KFC 24 for $10 Nuggets offer $6.95 $544,365.70
    111,081 KFC Tenders 3 piece $6.95 $772,012.95
    125,322 KFC 9 for $9.95 Original Recipe offer $10.00 $1,253,220
    133,297 KFC Regular Popcorn Chicken $5.95 $793,117.15
    133,297 KFC Zinger Burger $5.95 $793,117.15
    133,297 KFC Original Recipe Burger $5.95 $793,117.15
    222,162 KFC Double Tender Burger $4.95 $1,099,701.90
    234,979 KFC $2 Pepper Mayo Slider offer $0.95 $223,230.05
    234,979 KFC $2 Original BBQ Slider offer $0.95 $223,230.05
    426,096 Buy one get one free KFC Zinger offer $5.95 $2,535,271.20
    499,865 KFC Mountain Dew Freeze $1.00 $499,865.00
    499,865 KFC Pepsi Cola Freeze $1.00 $499,865.00
    733,135 KFC Go Bucket – Nugget $3.95 $2,895,883.25
    755,351 KFC Pepper Mayo Slider $2.95 $2,228,285.45
    955,297 KFC Regular Chips $2.95 $2,818,126.15
  • Phone heats up like crazy playing this.

    inb4 crypto miner

  • Keen for a KFC hoodie

  • Anyone know how the buckets work? ie. does any given bucket appear in the same location for everyone? Or is the placement unique to each person playing?