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$170 off All Dual Sit Stand Desks + Delivery (Alpha Gaming Desk + Cable Management Channel from $629) + $39.95 Delivery @ Desky


Desky EOFY Sale has our dual sit stand desks at a discount of $170 Off!


Same Day Dispatch Before Midday On All In-Stock Items

We have extended our $170 off deal until the end of the month! The Alpha gaming desk is a great option if a blacked out setup is what you're chasing as it comes with a free cable management channel (valued at $49). Combine this with the ergo edge and it's the best value dual combo on the site.

The Melamine desktops are locally made and you have a choice of 11 finishes as well as a scalloped edge which is perfect for placing desks back to back or up against the wall.


The Bamboo Ergo edge desktops now comes in a natural and dark finish:


We've also added Acacia & Reclaimed Pine to our softwood desktop varieties. The Acacia is one of our most popular soft wood desktops with rich colours and unique grain.


Great time to grab one of our unique hardwood desktops. Whether you're looking for the contrasting gold and black streaks of pheasantwood with unique edging, the luxurious high-polished finish of walnut or the cool beige straight grain of white ash, include white oak, red oak and teak as possibilities and you're guaranteed a stand up desk that will last a lifetime.


If you've already got a desktop you love on your existing desk but want to add sit-stand functionality, we are also extending the discount to our dual frames:


And finally, if you need mega amounts of desktop space, you can use this code with our corner desks and corner desk frames too. The L-shape melamine desktops come in 11 finishes also:


code does not stack with "email subscription" 100$ off code. Sale ends June 30 so get in while stocks last!

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    Those hardwood desks look pretty cool. How much does an 1800 x 700 piece of oak weigh? I imagine that would take a fair amount of the 140kg capacity?

    • +1

      hardwood - around 38kg for the 1800 so still 100kg of screens

      • Not so bad, cheers!

  • +1

    I was ready to pull the trigger on the acacia desk yesterday but I've just seen the pheasant wood, I'm glad I waited!

    • +1

      they are so nice! On the hardwood, we actually just uploaded a PDF mid way down with some HD images if you need to see in more detail https://desky.com.au/products/dual-hardwood-stand-up-desk

      • Somewhat related question, do you know when the book gap style of under desk drawers might be back in stock?

        • +1

          About a month until we have that one. you can subscribe to the notification and will shoot you an email when we restock it.

  • I have no interest in sit/stand but like the look of the desks otherwise. I don't suppose you have anything like the Alpha without motors?

    • We do have a few static gaming desks on offer here: https://desky.com.au/collections/gaming-desks

      As for the sit/stand functionality, I think its one of those things you have to try out. I didnt think I'd rate it when I got my first stand up desk but now i switch it up constantly throughout the day. First one i had was actually a converter which was cool but needed more screen real estate.

  • +1

    What is the difference between these and the other office desks? The range is quite confusing and the pricing for the options not transparent.

  • +2

    Can I confirm the range.

    The Desky Alpha Dual Sit Stand and the Desky Dual Melamine are essentially the same. The only differences being:
    - Alpha only comes with a black desk colour
    - Alpha comes with the cable management tray (+$49 otherwise)

    So an 1800x750mm size desk, fully blacked out, will be $934 (before discount) if you select the Alpha, and $1,028 (before discount( if you select the Dual Melamine, although they will both be exactly the same? (I added the $49 cable management option to the Dual Melamine to get to the $1,028).

    Am I missing something, or is it just specialise pricing for the Alpha due to the black-only desk top?

  • Do all pre-drilled holes on the table top have threaded inserts? On the assembly video found on YouTube, it doesn't look like the pre-drilled holes for the controller pad have threaded inserts. Why put in threaded inserts for some holes and not others? It doesn't make sense. You put in threaded inserts to allow a desk to be disassembled and assembled multiple times without damaging the holes. Most people who disassemble their desk for moving will most likely remove the controller pad as well.

    • All the desktops minus the straight and scalloped melamine desktops and some of our rubberwood desktop stock now have the threaded inserts for the controller.

  • Can the legs be made wider? Considering buying this and upgrading the top at a later stage

    • the same frame is used for all the dual desktop sizes so you could easily increase desktop sizes down the track.

  • +1

    is there any user that could share if the desk legs and desktop are stable enough without wobbling? i am currently using the ikea desk (i know it's lame) therefore I am looking for a more sturdy and comfier one.

    • Ikea sit/stand electric desk?

      • just the bekant one with cable management net.

  • +1

    Just want to confirm the following:

    1) The Desky Alpha Dual Sit Stand and the Desky Dual Melamine are the same with the exception that the Alpha only comes in black and comes with cable management tray as well. i.e. the Alpha is the Dual Melamine in black and cable management tray

    2) Will these two handle a monitor arm and a monitor which weighs 6.1kg (34 inch ultrawide) without causing the desk to warp. Or is the Bamboo version something which I should look into

    • If it helps, I've already asked the same question as 1) above.

      1. Yes that is correct.
      2. We haven't had any issues with the melamine tops warping. The Bamboo tops are extremely hard wearing, but you'd be right with either.
  • @BrettS / OP: You don't offer pickup?

    • we do - ask the team in livechat and they will get you a custom code when you checkout.

  • Anyone know how these compare quality wise to Omnidesk?

    Both have sales on now.

    • as i reckon they look super similar..

  • Anyway to get melamine finish (Alaskan White) on the non-dual motor desk?

  • +1

    Bit the bullet with Desky!
    My consideration for the past few days:

    • Officeworks Matrix: the knee hazard is real, tried it in-store myself, you can avoid it if you are aware but I know for sure there will be time my knees will hit it hard
    • Officeworks Stilford: no stores around me have them in stock, if I'm gonna get it delivered, might as well look for other delivery options
    • Omnidesk: delivery takes too long
    • Zen Space Desks: faster shipping than Omnidesk but I hate that I can't sort their product on their website
    • Retail Display Direct: their desks are cheaper than everyone else that's for sure but their website looks cheap too, the header banner is so low-res, they can't even figure this out, it's like the MSY of sit stand desk, not gonna take a chance of non-existent warranty
    • Desky: also faster shipping like Zen. Their biggest discount $170 OFF is only for the dual motor range. People above kept discussing the Alpha model and it didn't click with me until I realised that is the cheapest dual motor desk and that model only appears under the gaming category, not the normal one that I was perusing. The cable management channel is also included with the Alpha for free! No brainer choice for me.

    Good luck to those who are still choosing.

    • Hi @Brokenglish I am in a similar situation but I am almost 90% set on omnidesk/ desky. You said delivery for omnidesk takes too long. Do you know how long it takes to deliver to Melbourne Western burbs.

      Do you know if anyone has reviewed all these desks in one spot? Like for like or comparable in a 1800 cm

      Have you seen a desk by lifespan sold online at HarveyN or their Store online? Any views

  • Hey @Bretts I was thinking of purchasing


    In the overview it's mentioned it will support desktops upto 2200mm in length…however in the specifications it says upto 2400mm.

    My desktop length is 2400mm, so just wondering which one is right..


  • Hi Brett.

    How long does it take to deliver to Sydney?


  • Merged from $170 off All Dual Sit Stand Desks (Unique Acacia Softwood Desktops from $859) + $39.95 Delivery @ Desky

    Final Days of the Desky EOFY Sale - Dual sit stand desks at a discount of $170 Off!

    We have restocked a number of desktop finishes just in time so get in quick and secure $170 off until the end of the month!

    • My desky is amazing, though I wish it came with the new style control that you can conceal under the desk.

      • Yes the new controller is quite stealth! Happy to hear you're enjoying your Desky!

    • I desperately want one of these… but on wheels.
      Has anyone ever seen one?

    • Hi, what's the difference between bamboo and the melamine desk? Especially when the Melamine desk has a range of wood?

      • +2

        Melamine is a decorative Laminex surface finish which is overlayed on MDF. Bamboo is actual bamboo with a clear polyurethane hard wearing finish.

      • The melamine isn't wood

    • Integrated Power Channel feature is looking nice. How many powerpoints (max) can it support?

      • +2

        Save space and declutter your desktop with Desky's easy to fit cable management design. Featuring cut-out areas that neatly fit multiple power ports will allow you to power up to 8 additional power points

    • How much for just the walnut tabletop? I have a standing desk frame, just in need of a table top!

    • Any deals at all for the single sit/stand desk? Was really looking for something in that price range.

      • you can get 100 Off the single - sign up to the newsletter for a code

    • Just to confirm - the $100 off for first timers… assuming it CANNOT be stacked with the $170 off?

      • not stackable correct.

    • waiting for my order delivered for almost 10 days now.

      • -2

        sorry to hear this - PM me your order number and ill chase this up

    • This vs Omnidesk… Been stuck deciding for last 3 days

    • Have a 60cm tabletop, can I use this with the sit/stand standalone desk legs or will it look ridiculous?

  • +1

    Bit the wrong bullet. 6 business days and the shipment hasn't even left Brisbane. Avoid if you need something quickly.
    Has anyone received their order from this deal? How long did it take (from order date to arrival date)?

    • +1

      Ha I got omni, feeling the same. They delivered part of the order on Sunday. The rest of the order due Tuesday apparently, one week later. Funny part, the VIC warehouse is less than 45km from my house. 🤯

    • hey sorry to hear this - if you pm me your order number ill chase this up for you.

      • How do I request a refund? mine is over a week and your team is still not able to provide a date…terrible customer service

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10738539/redir
      My experience above.

      Update as of today - still waiting for the missing item to show up…

      • I feel you mate. If it’s Fastway/Aramex, remove all expectations 😂
        I still haven’t received the shipping refund @BrettS promised me :(

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