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ENDS 21st June 2021

R.M. Williams Mens Comfort Craftsman Boots (B543Y) $446.25 https://www.allingtons.com.au/r.m.-williams-mens-comfort-cra...
Polish 50% off https://www.allingtons.com.au/r.m.williams-boot-polish-black...

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    You can combine with the $20 new member signup bonus, too.

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    Literally just bought one a few days ago. Spewing

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      Alingtons had them previously at $475, and with the 10% off first order code they came down to $427.50

      Now they're $446.25 and the 10% off code is replaced with $20 off code, making them $426.25

      Not much of a difference.

  • Fantastic been waiting for a deal on comfort craftsmen!

  • +2

    How do the comfort craftsman fit? True to size? or half size down? All boots fit so different =/

    • For me
      Dynamic Flex Craftsman (H) was True to size, but others i tried i had to go .5 size up..
      yea unfortunately all boots fit different.

      • Thanks, I might have to go in-store to try a pair on today before placing an online order. Gotta keep in mind that sizing is in AU/UK online and not US sizing.

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          Best is to go in-store for a sizing. My size is normally 10 - 10.5. I ended up with 8.5H Dynamic flex because of my wide and flat feet.

          Also the store reps are usually helpful and give good advice and don't care if you just go in for a fitting.

          You'd want a "perfect fit" otherwise if it's too tight or loose, your RM's leather will end up suffering long term with over-creasing etc.

          • @sujiferro: What store rep? The rm Williams store or David Jones?

            • @PeeDee: RM Williams

              • @sujiferro: How nice of them, thanks. I won't need to feel embarrassed of saying so ha!

        • +4

          Please only go to a RMW store for the fitting. They will fit you correctly.

          DJs will fit based on what stock they have available.

          • @sena86: i've been in twice for a fitting now, and ended up with 1/2 size difference between each time which put doubt in my mind of what size to get. the 2nd time i had been walking all day, so that's possibly why i ended up with an extra 1/2 size. shrugs.

      • That is concerning - I had been sized for comfort craftsman in-store but ended up picking up a pair of dynamic flex in the same size online. Hopefully they're still fine…

        • comfort craftsman and dynamic flex was same i guess.
          Don't remember much as I tried on few different styles from a RM shop last year..

        • It's fine - the orthotics on the dynamic flex will just push up your arch a bit. Especially helpful if you have flat feet.
          Edit: It's the same shoe just with different insoles

          • @sujiferro: Comfort craftsman all rubber sole, dynamic flex part rubber and leather.

        • I think you’ll be fine. I got fitted for comfort craftsman last year but ended up getting dynamic flex with an eBay plus deal. They fit just fine. Size 7H.

    • I got sized in store, and my size is 1.5 sizes smaller (in H-Wide fit) than what I'd normally wear. And I'm not mixing up US/UK sizing either.

      Their online size chart seems to match up with what I was sized to in-store as well.

  • Finally ordered a pair of Tambos.

  • +2

    No dark tan :(

    • Last time they had a sale I phoned up and they ordered a pair in for me at the sale price. Maybe give them a ring, their customer service was fantastic.

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    One day I'll find the 10.5 F ..

    • +8

      Ring them up. Just spoke with a super lovely lady at allingtons that organised me a size that wasnt listed on the site. Have to wait a bit but im in no rush. Ill go allingtons first for future boot needs, cust service was exemplary

      • +1

        Same experience last year - they are very helpful

      • Thanks mate.. but I'm looking for me size with a discount hehe but I've been waiting for too long..I'll definitely contact them..cheers

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    I took the last comfort craftsman 7H chestnut, sorry!

  • Bought a pair of the Comfort Craftsman in Black for $395 at the RM Williams warehouse sale on the weekend at Wayville showgrounds. $425 is still a good deal IMO for those that live interstate

    • Don’t suppose you saw any lace up boots or shoes there?

    • Are most boots there $395? Do they all have the punch mark or only the actual rejects?

      • +1

        There was a mix of both, normal and a lot with the punch marks..

        Yes there were lace up boots/shoes too

      • I bought a brand new pair in the box, without punch hole or marks/seconds, $395

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    Or just buy $1000 worth of wine and get the for free.

  • went back to the store to double check and now i got fitted a different size and dynamic flex. needed to check one more size up but OOS
    really was ready to pull the trigger :(

    • +1

      I ended up half a size down from what i expected and dynamic flex.
      They were agonising for about a week and then almost overnight turned into the most comfortable shoes i've ever owned.

      • interesting

    • You can place order for any size dynamic flex then call customer service to request a change in size/colour, they will update your order to back-order and delivery when stock available.
      I placed my back-order last 2 weeks and they just delivered it yesterday.

  • Why is there never Rum colour?

    • Rum colour - I was told by the store rep - is only available through custom made

      • The only time I saw it was at a factory outlet as seconds.

    • Rum is custom made only.
      As someone who owns a pair of Rum Tambos, I didn't realise they don't make polish with a Rum pigment - so if you get scratches in it, it's harder to hide with polish - just something to keep in mind.

  • What's the difference between the Mens Comfort Craftsman Boots and the Classic? Classic never goes on sale so what's special about it?

    • Comfort has rubber sole whereas Classic has leather sole. I find Comfort sole to be more comfortable and long lasting.

    • +2

      Leather soles on the Classic, rubber soles on the Comfort.

      You'll be resoling Classic's more often than the Comfort's, but Classics do look nicer (more suited for formal events)

      Personally gone for Comfort's (and wear them for formal events, not many see the soles after all).

      • Interesting

  • Black is a universal colour that'll fit with anything but looking at the chestnut…I'm just thinking and it doesn't look too bad! If you know how to match the outfit, it would go really well!

    • +3

      Chestnut is definitely the most worn one for me.

    • +3

      Chestnut is more versatile than black shoes.

      Dark browns are almost always recommend over black if you want it to match with the most number of outfits and formalities.

      • Really? It's a new colour to me..I'm just trying to picture being in chestnut with work outfit but it just won't work haha

        • +7

          Yeah. Take the navy suit for example, being the most recommended and versatile. Browns tend to look better with Navy suits (especially lighter shades of navy).

          There is a good RM Williams Appreciate group on Facebook and you see a few fit pics there.

          Pretty sure RM William's most popular colour is Chestnut, that's what I heard from some factory workers.

        • -1

          Trudeau at the G7 is an example of what NOT to wear! >.<


    • +2

      My first pair was black which I think was a mistake as it doesn't pair as well with many outfits; rectified by purchasing a chestnut from this deal. Cheers OP.

  • These go on sale once in a blue moon right?

  • Wish the plaited belt would go on sale…

  • +1

    thx OP, was looking for the RM gardener commando boot (as it has the chunky sole great in winter) but they are both $795 (or $895 + shipping from farfetch) and out of my size 11.5 and width H. so while i considered the brown gardener (that sounds strange) for $393aud had to go the 11.5H chestnut comfort craftsman here for $426.25AUD delivered before someone else on ere bought em. (black was already sold out but as someone mentioned, chestnut is best all-round colour for everything but a black suit) cheers again!

  • How long would you say the shoes would last for, for about a 3-4 times a week wear.

    • +2

      goodyear welted boots treated well (shoe trees, 3-4 times a week, conditioning, resole every 3-5 years) can last a lifetime… if they are treated badly, wrong size to start with and so on… should still get 5-8 years :)

      • Shoe trees are a must!

        • +1

          a non-negotiable once u have had a few goodyear welted shoes/boots. easiest way to make sure u don't end up with bent banana shaped footwear, not to mention lasting longer till u need a resole…. the only thing i've found over time is making sure the shoe trees sizing is right for the individual boot/shoe or they can stretch in unwanted ways…

          • @benbarren: Do you have a good suggestion for a shoe tree for the boots?

            • +3

              @Sherro: Trimly are highly recommended, and have recently released an updated boot tree made for RM Williams Boots. Its about $75.

              I reviewed the older Trimly and other shoe trees recently at https://www.instagram.com/p/CMjCFuGr8hN/

              • @zhenjie: Agree on your Chelsea boots review. I struggled putting them in :(

                • @bugsbunny: The new ones are great! Slide right in and out! Price at $75 but I now use as my daily shoe tree

              • @zhenjie: Thanks! I'll look into the Trimly, might grab a set next pay.
                You wouldn't know if these would be wide enough for a tambo boot would you?

                • +1

                  @Sherro: Trimly advise sizing up half for H width. I think this will still be ok for Tambo X width, just a small gap. But the main thing is filling the instep, which these will do better than any other shoe tree put there.

    • +1

      If you condition the leather once every 2-3 months at the very least. Shoes will still look brand new 2 years in. I know mine still do. If you dont condition, it'll get a worn creased look very quickly.

    • Which conditioner do you guys recommend?

      • Get the RM Williams one!

  • If you're in Adelaide, don't forget the RMW annual sale is on at Wayville. That being said, aside from shoes, it was pretty average. Allingtons may be better value/range depending.

    • I found it ok- just had to search a bit through boxes. It was weird factory seconds were the same price as boxed boots ($395)

    • IMO the prices have inched up and are now too high. I bought comfort craftsmen boots there 4-5 years ago for $275.. thats the price they should still be IMO for ex samples/demos etc…

      • Twiggy must've decided to start collecting extra cash to make his Green Hydrogen

  • +1

    Combine with AfterPay $30 refer a friend promotion for extra savings.

  • +7

    FYI, it looks like The Iconic have price matched the price for the Comfort Craftsman. I also managed to stack it with my birthday discount of 20% so end up only paying $357.

    • Just wondering how do you get the birthday discount, do they send a unique code to you on your birthday day?

      • +1

        Yes, correct. It's a unique code that is emailed. Code is valid for approximately one month. I received the code last year too.

    • +1

      Thank you so much! So glad I scrolled down to read your comment paid $357

      • Did you manage to creat a new account and receive birthday discount code?

        • Had an existing account with a birthday recently

    • +1

      It still shows as $595 on their website? Do you need to contact them for price match?

      • I’m seeing $595 too. I think we might’ve missed out :(

      • Looks like it has reverted back then. It was listed at $446.25 last night with a "Price Matched" description. Only reason I found out was because it was on my Iconic wishlist and they sent me an email to notify me of the price drop.

      • I snapped one a pair this morning, it seems they reverted the price right after my order placed

        • Me too, just got in before the price increase. Have you got the order confirmation email yet?

          • @Sex: no I haven't. Status still showing processing. They also sent me an email to confirm my identity.

  • +5

    I tried to order but my size wasn't available (10G). I called Allington and the rep told me to order any available size and once the order is confirmed call them back again with the order number and they will change the size to 10G at their end. I paid for a 4G model and called them with order confirmation, spoke with the manager called Ashley who changed it to 10G in less than a minute. Received a confirmation invoice as well formally. Excellent customer service. Totally recommend.

    Also, after placing the order I realized that the polish were also on 50% off but had to pay for the shipping since it is less than the minimum order value. Called them again and they were happy to include that in my shoe order itself and added the polish over the phone with no additional shipping charges. Legends!!!!

    Happy to support such Australian family businesses during these COVID times.

  • +3

    Another positive post for Allingtons. I literally bought the day or two before the sale and they shipped it just as this came up. Emailed them and they refunded me the $28 difference. Didn't have to but nice of them to do it!

  • RM Williams belts are currently $5-10 cheaper than during this sale

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