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Big Mac $0.50 (500,000 Available, 1 Per Account) @ McDonald’s via mymacca’s App


50c Big Mac’s are on offer at McDonald’s on Friday June 18 to celebrate McDonald’s 50 Year Anniversary of being in Australia. Was announced on the Today Show by the Macca’s CEO. Offer is nationwide, but requires the MyMacca’s App to redeem, either by ordering through the app or by showing the reward code to staff / entering it at a kiosk. One 50c Big Mac per account and 500,000 are available at the discounted price. They are normally $6.35 each at my local.

It’s also mentioned that more promotions and special orders will be coming during the next few weeks as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations.

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  • I currently have a $1 large fries and a $1 large shake offer, but it ends on Thursday. Shame, because I could've had a $2.50 large Big Mac meal with a shake! =p

    • +2

      Order for Thursday night to eat for Friday morning.

    • Only annoying thing about the offers is you can only redeem one per order so you have to space out when you redeem them or put through multiple orders at once!

      • +1

        I just put multiple orders through at once :)

  • +7

    Date night sorted

  • -3

    Yeah but… Big Mac… Is it even edible?

    • +1

      Nothing more cringe than a food snob on a bargain website

  • +7

    will officeworks price match?

    • +2

      Yes, Mac Pro will be 50¢

      • you forgot 10% price beat

      • Actually it will be $0.48 ($0.475) if 5% price beaten guaranteed

  • I’ll be going through all my accounts on Friday :P

    Eat maybe 2 Big Macs and put the rest in the fridge for future consumption.

    • +1

      Let us know how a cold, soggy Big Mac tastes

      • +6

        Microwave for about 30 seconds, then air-fry for about 4 minutes, should come out as good as new!

        • +1

          This man knows it.

        • +2

          Warmed up lettuce, yum delicious!

          • @50perCent: wait, combined warm lettuce and cold chips ~ and….

        • I personally prefer to microwave it on 50% power. Can’t remember how much time it takes though, possibly a minute. Comes out as if you just bought it.

        • Just put BigMac burger in the rice cooker, along with rice, french fries, nugget and BBQ sauce, cook it for 30 minutes.


      • +1

        !? That's how they 'naturally' come isn't it? Temp differs widely but I've certainly never had one any other texture.

    • They can last 20 years without refrigeration thanks to that one guy lol

  • -3

    Will Hungry Jack's price match, or claim that it's a completely different product and thus not infringe on copyright?

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    How is this getting more votes then the KFC deal?

    • +3

      Because in this deal you don’t need to roam the streets like a homeless person looking for buckets.

    • +3

      More younger people eat McDonalds due to being conditioned by McDonalds play areas like Pavlov's dog.

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    Requires the MyMacca's App, and a code from MyRewards.
    Offer limited to the first 500,000 customers to redeem.

    • +1

      Thanks for more solid info. I’ll update the post.

    • Available 24/7 or is start time 10.30am?

      • Deal is active right now, started at 12.01am.

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    it's about the size of a 50c coin

  • +1

    Ohh 444 upvotes currently, the number which symbolises death in Japan

    • It’s actually 4.

  • -3


  • +2

    I think, technically,, 50 cents is the diameter size of BigMac burger you will be given.

    • +9

      However I will buy and give it to one of lucky homeless person in Melbourne CBD this Friday for a good cause.

      • +8

        Did that years ago with a $1 qtr pounder offer and was told “no thanks” … o_0

        • Dis you ask them before you got it or just tried to hand it to them? Because I wouldn't eat anything some random tried to give me in the street, you may be different though.

          • @Mechz: Haha, fair point. We walked out with 4 burgers each and he was one shop down from Maccas. Fairly low risk proposition for him I’d say!

      • Bought and donated.

  • +3

    4 accounts on my phone = 4 Big Macs for $2
    ..and drive thru staff loving me cutting laps

  • Bah one per account is not even worth driving down and just buy one.

    • Ever thought about making multiple accounts?

      • +1

        not sure if they will honour it at the same time in the same store though ?

        • They will.

          They don't care.

          They don't get paid enough to care.

          And if they say have you had one before just confidently say "no. You have me confused with someone else" the second, third, fourth time. What are they going to do?

          • @ozbjunkie:

            at the same time in the same store

            "Limit one per customer" as per the terms. So they'd be going against their own terms by allowing multiple redemptions at once.

          • @ozbjunkie: Alright perhaps you're right. Just redeemed 2 on two phones (1 on each) and the lady that served me didn't care at all.

        • I just redeemed 2 at the same time, see my comment above. YMMV though of course.

          • @MiscOzB: I redeemed 10 at the same time last year

          • @MiscOzB: redeemed 2 same time but on two orders. gave me a bag didnt realize it just has only 1 and i left only to find it when home.
            Im sure this may have happened to many.

  • -3

    Australia population is approximately 25 millions. If each has McD account then the chance of getting it is 2%. If only 5 million has account and like Bic Mac then the chance of getting it is 10%…

    • Wow, maths is fun.

    • Also keep in mind some people have more than 1 account, especially Ozbargainers!

    • +1

      Well it's not as simple as saying all 25 million Aussies have a chance of getting this.

      For example in 2016 18.6% of the population were aged between 0-14. That automatically brings down the pool to 20 million candidates.
      According to this interesting table, 2.5 million Aussies are vegetarian/vegan. Now we're at 17.5 million.
      Then you would have a huge population of people who just don't eat fast food - I reckon Maccas is kept afloat by a dedicated demographic of people. Similar to how strippers make most of their money from regulars but on a bigger scale.

      An easier way would be to just look at the App Store and the number of downloads. Google has it has 1,000,000+ installs, and Apple doesn't list theirs, but I reckon it would be similar, maybe 2 mil because people who buy iPhones can't afford proper food for a while.

      Lets then say that between 2 and 3 million people have downloaded the app. You then have a 16-25% chance assuming every single person with the app wants one.
      But then we need to take into account that downloads <> actually installed. A lot of people have issues with the app and I wouldn't be surprised if most just give up and remove it.

      Long story short - as long as you aren't trying to redeem this app late tonight you're basically guaranteed to get one. If you are worried about not getting in on the action, just go at 10:30 when main menu starts and it isn't busy.

      • Lol, see, this is someone with reasonable logic/problem solving ability.

        Too bad it's being wasted on calculating chances of getting 50c big macs

    • Also remember that many people don't consider it real food so you can count them out.

    • +1

      What if we throw Kurt Angle into the mix?

  • +1

    Spend $8 ($4 two way) on public transport to get a 50 cent big mac… Winning

    • Walk
      Get hungry
      Eat Big Mac
      Walk back

      • I'm sorry chief but that's a 7 hr 36 min walk or 37km for me boss and that is only one way… Double that if I want to return home.

  • +1

    Can confirm deal is now active.

  • -3

    This deal is activate but u need to present it in person, so u can't just use the code in the self-serving thinge

    • How come?

      • I tried to order by the app and with the self-service but it was not working for some reason.
        I think it's only the case with the 50c big mac

  • Can this be purchased during breakfast time?

    • Yep

  • Lunch sorted, 50c Big Mac, $4 for 6 nuggets (both shown on my apps)

    • $4 for 6 nuggets is not that good a deal (better is $2 for 6 nuggets)

      • +1

        That's all I had in my apps.

        • Wow almost a dollar a nugget. It is no longer fastfood but fine dining

  • +1

    After literally having to chase them for a month for a payment that went through on the credit card but not their app, they could make it free, and I'd still never use it again. I have never had such a horrible experience or been stuffed around so much with any other app or payment issue from any fast food place as with that damn thing. Restaurant wouldn't take responsibility. The people for help line for the app wouldn't either. And even though it was billed to the credit card neither could find the damn payment.

  • God this paired with my free coffee from loyalty let me get a large coffee frappe and Big Mac for 50c, not the healthiest meal but it’s (profanity) satisfying as hell.

    I used self service and just had to make multiple orders cause one coupon per order kinda thing

    App also has $3 muffins

    • +8

      Are you crazy, $3 for a muffin!?!? People are bringing slices of their own cheese to Maccas to turn a hamburger into a cheeseburger and you are out here strutting around OzBargain with your $3 muffins like the King of England. You better believe I'd be bringing my own $1 muffin from Coles.

      Now hand in your OzBargain card and hang your head in shame.

      • It was a McMuffin, maccas sausage worth the premium :(

        • Is that magic mystery sausage meat worth losing your OzBargain family over? I didn't think so mister, now go to your room!

  • App's gunna crash. Just sayin'

  • is anyone buying these for breakfast?

    • +1

      already on my belly…..
      mcd westfield city - thought would be hundreds chaos there but weird its literally empty….

      • i tip my hat to you sir/madam

  • Gutted I forgot this morning, these won't last the day, and good luck to anyone getting one that hasn't been thrown together in a rush, later when the masses start ordering! (Wish I was in those "masses" 😢)

  • +1

    Does the app have a like a pickup later option? haha

    • I bought mine about an hour ago but have no intention of picking up for the next few hours

      • Wait so you don't process check out?

        • +1

          I did yeah, used apple pay etc. but they don't process the order until you go into Maccas

  • Decided I wanted a savoury breakfast then remembered this. Got one, minus special sauce, took out the middle bread added a heap of Frank’s extra hot - wasn’t too bad. But honestly even if you liked the sauce and middle bread, it’s definitely not worth the usual price.

  • +1

    How do they even know when they reach 500,000? They must have some pretty slick real-time POS systems synced up all across the country

    • +8

      I mean…it's McDonalds. Not some 8 year olds Lemonade stand.

      • You say that but their app is a joke so I question how sophisticated they are

  • -2

    If I say my phone is broken will they let me order over the counter?

  • +1

    Can we swap the patty to Chicken or Veggie?

    • Chicken patties are $1.60 beef are $1.10 it'll end up costing $1.50 if you can do it

  • Thanks I had 6 for breakfast !!

    • +12

      User name checkout…

      • gold

      • hahaha

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