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Gaming PC with R5-3600, RTX 3070 Ti, Giga B550, 16GB 3200MHz, 240GB, 750W G: $1995 + Delivery @ TechFast (Shipping End of June)


Hi all,
Bringing back the 1995 flavour with a new, much lower price on an RTX 3070 Ti system for our EOFY sales. We've beaten up suppliers on 3070 Ti card pricing, and brought the storage to 240GB for those bringing their own, plus the motherboard to the very capable Gigabyte DS3H, with all the previous options available as upgrades.

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 | RTX 3070 Ti Gaming PC: $1995 after 3600-3070Ti-EOFYS

  • Ryzen 5 3600 6c/12t processor
  • RTX 3070 Ti 8GB [brand/model may vary]
  • Gigabyte B550M DS3H motherboard (more upgrade options added)
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM (2x8; brand/model may vary)
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD
  • 750W 80 Plus Gold PSU (Gigabyte and MSI in use)
  • Lance-V RGB ATX case
  • Cooling: AMD Wraith Stealth as default; minimum 120mm liquid cooler upgrade or self-installation of another cooler recommended for gaming purposes, especially at high resolutions.


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  • Hi Luke,

    I live just around the corner

    Is pick up an option?

    • We've disabled Local Pickup for now - there are significant back end changes we need to make to streamline the processes on the new platform before we can offer it again.

      • Hi Luke, I’m waiting on an order from May that has “Local Pickup” selected, would it still be possible or will it be shipped as well? Thank you

        • If you were able to select it at checkout, it's all good and you'll be notified when ready. We've just disabled it for new orders for now.

  • +9

    I’m not even in the market for a PC but my gosh you guys are good blokes not scalping, long term business model here and you’ll be my first stop in future when buying a PC.


  • Woah this looks awesome! But i'm dying for a MATX build, Luke do you guys will be doing anything like this with an MATX Case?

    • Not at this stage. Only thing I could suggest is select unassembled and on-sell/keep the case as a spare, and build yourself or get it built for you in your choice of case.

      • This did cross my mind but my cable management skills are pathetic

  • Great price for gamers, well done techfast :) its actually lower than their previous 3070 deals.

    Not a great price if your planning to mine to recoup costs however.

  • Hey Luke, I'm getting a checkout response error when trying to finalise the purchase? (Paying with Zip)

    • Hmm no other Zip transactions today. I'll reach out to them and our devs.

      • No worries, I sent through an email through the support box with my specs. Any chance you could 'hold' the deal for me until this is sorted? Haha

        • Yep can do. I'll see if I can put a manual payment request through if all else fails

  • Hi Luke, any appetite for reasonably high specced builds without a GPU?

    • +1

      Potentially, but generally if we have GPU supply it's not a priority. I'll run it up the chain

  • What would be the recommended upgrades to play games at [email protected] or [email protected]

  • +1


    • Bring back the return of the King.

  • +1

    @luketechfast any chance for more discount on GTX 1660 Super deal? Thanks

    • +1

      No supply down there for the time being. Still working on it.

  • +1

    I hate that this is cheaper than just upgrading my current system as it stands

  • how much would a 2080ti build cost if you could make it happen?

    • Impossible to say because I haven't seen 2080 Ti pricing since 3000 series launched.

  • When I select the Ryzen 7 it gives me this warning below.

    "IMPORTANT NOTE: AMD no longer bundle an air cooler with this processor, so a minimum 120mm liquid cooler is required. If not selected with your original order, it must be purchased before system testing and shipping can occur."

    A Ryzen 7 can be air cooled, why is an AIO the only option for CPU cooling?

    • +1

      We tried custom air coolers (C400) but far too high a percentage were damaged in transit. We won't offer air coolers until we find one that will survive transit, and it's not a focus for us at this stage.

  • Hi Luke, any chance of an mitx mobo? very very keen if you have an mitx option. Thanks!

    • Unfortunately not, we've looked at it a few times but still too tricky with current supply.

  • +1

    Better than a 3070? Below 2k? If I hadn't gotten my rig off you guys in March I'd be all over this :)

  • I need a new computer any chance of getting this build without the graphics card as I already have one?

    • Not from us - you could order this and on-sell the GPU perhaps.

  • @luketechfast any idea if you’d be having a 3060ti build coming up? :P

    • +1

      Pretty confident no on that one.

      • I see, I appreciate your reply mate! :)

  • Hi Luke,

    Just mentioning that I tried to apply a refund credit to this order but it wouldn’t work for some reason, so I put a note in the comments box and sent an email to [email protected]

    • No worries, we'll sort that for you. I suspect it's because you can't apply two coupons on the site.

      • Sorted now. Thanks!

  • Can you buy this and sell parts for net profit?

  • I was going to order three with my friends I work with. But do I have to order separately because I can't apply 1 coupon? I thought the delivery would be cheaper together, but it's the same. Is there any way? Coupons, too.

    • Yep, you would just need to order separately. The shipping is charged by weight so combining isn't doable because it wouldn't change anything.

  • +3

    Can anyone recommend any of the upgrades? E.g. RAM or cooler upgrades worth it for gaming?

  • Great stuff. Good pricing, easy to change options and responsive staff. I'm not buying a new system just now, but have bookmarked Techfast and it will be the first place I look when I do :)

  • Order placed, cheers Luke

    • Thanks!

      • Hi Luke, just saw the new Intel deal, is it possible to cancel the Ryzen order and jump on the Intel deal?

  • edit: didn't see the coupon :/

  • Hi Luke

    Are there any plans for a 6800XT system in the near future? I have no idea what stock levels are like so it might be a dumb question, but any indication would be great.


    • +1

      Not a dumb question but stock still suxxors

      • Thanks for the response. Cheers

  • Place my order, but no email with order ID to actually pay… how long do the emails take to send?

    edit: Nevermind it's in my spam folder.

  • Hi guys, for more work stuff like Adobe Photoshop, illustrator some video editing in premier and the odd game which rig would you go for. The Intel or the AMD , I'm trying to stay as close to 2k with 32 gig of ram and nvme drive.

    Thanks for any input

    • AMD is a better option for just about everything these days.

      • Thanks mate, with AMD would you upgrade to 5600 ?

  • +1

    Hi Luke, great deal. I was just wondering if most will be shipped with the P750GM. I have read that it doesn't have overpower protection and have read a large amount of reviews saying that it is a fire hazard and there are instances where they blow up.

  • What liquid coolers will be used on these?

    • Mostly Corsair and Deepcool for 120, and Deepcool for 240

  • When does this deal end because I am keen to buy this. My funds will be ready this Monday lol.

    • +1

      Yep will still be there monday

      • Scratch that not to worry, just ordered and very excited! 😊

  • any chance this is still available?
    coupon is not working

    • Just checked, code is still valid. Make sure you're using this link (same as the deal) not a similar system on the site. The code only works for the system at that link.

  • +2

    Hi Luke, might want to know that NOD32 is currently triggering the following alert on your website:

    Threat found
    This web page contains potentially dangerous content.
    Threat: JS/Agent.OFY trojan
    Access to it has been blocked. Your computer is safe.

    • Thanks - have let the web team know and it doesn't show up in anything they can find. Will keep monitoring.

  • +1

    How soon will these be shipping out? have you guys built most of these already or much more to go?

    • +2

      These systems will start shipping end of this week!

      • Awesome, does this mean the 3070 systems from May will be shipped soon as well Luke? Thank you!

        • Yes indeedy, shipping every day.

      • Hi Luke, just checking to see if shipping has started on these ones? Will people receive an email update?

        • +1

          Yep they have, and will continue this week as we have cleared 3070 and 2700X orders. You will get email/SMS shipping notification with tracking.

  • Hey Luke, this will only go on until 30th of June right?

    • Most likely yep!

  • +2

    Hi, just wandering if this deal is still available, just checking since it said shipping end of june and its now july.
    Thank you

    • Not all their orders have shipped yet.

      • +2

        After enquiring at the end of June, I got told my order wouldn't ship until mid July…
        Wouldn't buy from these guys again…

        • +4

          Yeah that's pretty shitty tbh when the deal says end of June.

          • +5

            @Clear: I just don't get it, I ordered and paid for it on the day Luke posted it… but am still waiting for the PC to ship… I am sure Luke will post some BS about it being a popular deal that's why there is such a delay in shipping…
            I got told to buy from a reputable shop front… next time I will… Avoid TechFast!

            • +1

              @Explorer1: I ordered and paid on the day it was posted and my order was posted yesterday.

              • +2

                @brotos: I ordered the 3080 deal on the 8th June and still hasn't been shipped…

        • Omg.. I paid 23th ofn june..
          When Can I get…it

  • Same here Explorer 1

  • Just received my PC after ordering on day 1 of the deal. We must have different definitions of late June.

  • Yeah more like mid to end of July, my mistake I suppose, wont be going this route again.

  • Still have'nt recieved mine

    • I also haven't received it yet, and The techfast website 3080deal doesn't seem to have a difference in price from mine. I've got a few options.

  • @luketechfast, I didn't look at the expiry date for this, I've been saving up and just got enough funds in the account but it expired before I could purchase, will you have any more 3070 deals coming out or am I still able to use this one?

    • +1

      This one has ended unfortunately. We might have some more for august but are concentrating fulfilling existing orders atm.

      • No worries, thanks for the response

  • Now on the 22nd business day and as per their dispatch information they are now behind both the claimed June shipping and 14-21 business day dispatch window… Ordered on the 19th June still no idea what date to expect for dispatch…

    • We'll have an update out for all customers with 3070 Ti within the next day or so. Not far off but there have been some delays with importation, which will push it out by about a week. Sincere apologies.

      • Thanks for the update Luke.

      • +1

        I paid on June 23rd. Of course I haven't received it yet. It's the day you're supposed to ship it. it will be the worst online purchase experience I have experienced in 36 years of my life. I think I should tell my friends to other communities. Don't buy yours….

  • Has anyone received their PC yet? If so, what brands did you get on your parts (GPU, PSU, SSD) and thoughts on the build and performance so far?

    • +1

      Yeap received mine.

      Parts are:
      CPU: AMD 3600 + cooler
      Mobo: Gigabyte B550M DS3H
      RAM: Crucial Ballistix 2x8GB 3200 CL16
      Storage: Crucial BX500 240GB SSD
      GPU: Gainward Phoenix 3070 TI
      PSU: Gigabyte GM 750W 80+ Gold
      Case: Lance-V RGB with 4 fans (3 RGB at front and 1 rear).

      I only wanted the GPU and rest of the parts were for someone elses office PC so can't really comment on the performance of the overall system.
      Only slight issue is the case switch for controlling the RGB isn't working so I can't cycle through the modes.

      I am pretty happy with the GPU though, works great.

      • Thanks for your response! It's good to know your happy with the GPU since that is the most expensive part in the build.

        • Was hoping for something like a Gigabyte or MSI card but the Gainward works great.