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iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $0 Upfront (or 128GB $79) on Telstra 12 Month $99/Month Plan with 150GB (New & Port-in Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


Greetings everyone, just spotted this via email and seems like quite a good deal.

Considering the RRP is $1199 (but usually on sale for less), seems like quite a good deal and $299 better than a few weeks ago with the $900 off offer.

Extra $79 for the 128GB version also as sighted here in the banner.

Plan terms and conditions here.

Note: This offer is only available in-store.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Load of BS from the store rep in Doncaster, Vic.

    He says I can't sign a new plan, and neither can I port over since I'm on boost. I have to port out for 30 days before I can get on the Telstra network.

    Off to another store to try my luck

    • Rep is correct. Boost (on Telstra network) not eligible

    • Buy a $2 throw away prepaid sim and port over…

      • I am not on any contract with Telstra that had ETC. Just signed up a new plan at another branch and the sales rep could even port over the number for me.

        • Technically you are as Boost = Telstra in the eyes of these contract deals, regardless of ETC or not.

    • I'm at Doncaster JB hifi, its gotten even more ridiculous this afternoon.

      I ported from Telstra to Amaysim for over 2 weeks now. And I tried to get this deal, the staff rejected and said I have to be a non-Telstra customer for 28 days in order to qualify for this

      Ridiculous, I think it's a new rule they set. Avoid Doncaster JB hifi!

      • Ridiculous? New rule? It's been like this for a long time, it's just JB staff doing the right thing (they can get in trouble with Telstra if they re-sign up too many recent port-outs). The fact that some of us manage to sneak through every now and then doesn't make it your 'right'. You understand these promotions are to lure new customers, right? I think a month is very reasonable. Just like banks only give you bonus points sing up bonuses when you haven't had one of their cards for 12 months.

        • The official JB hi-fi promotion poster allows new sign up and port over. However, Doncaster branch specifically put up a signboard stating port over only.

          I managed to sign up a new plan and port over my number without any issues at another branch

        • Not sure if you are aware the 12 month wait period for credit card is written clearly in T&Cs? Whereas the JB hifi deal clearly says it's for new business or port in customer?

          In my case, I genuinely left Telstra 2 weeks ago because my plan ended. I left and purchased a long period Amaysim plan and paid a large lump sum for it. I'd like to believe that this makes me a genuine customer with Amaysim?

          I am also in the market for a new phone and this JB hifi deal appears appealing. I read the T&C which suggests that Port in customers are welcomed. I did my due diligence and genuinely look forward to sign up to this JB hifi plan, despite having paid Amaysim a large amount.

          In your words, I have been 'lured' to Telstra.

          Anyway, long story short, I think you need to understand that not everyone in the world are sneaky port in and out customers. The ridiculous part really is the fact that the 28 day term is not stated anywhere, and that the staff in Doncaster came up with this rule which is not clearly disclaimed in advertisement wording

          P/s: I went to another JB hifi few KM away and got the application done with no fuss.

          • @b0b0: They didn't just come up with it at Doncaster mate, and you weren't discriminated against.
            It has been a rule and a box they need to tick in the application process everywhere.
            If they don't then there's the possiblity Telstra deny the new contract is a 'new or ported in' sign up, and the incentives they receive for sign ups goes unpaid leaving them out a new iPhone.

            At the JB you went to a few km away, did they ask you the question, and if so did you answer it truthfully?

            Whether you are a legitimate new port in or not they can't just take peoples word on it to differentiate between the two.

            • @Spiderboy: They asked me a few questions:

              • who am I with: Amaysim
              • Do you currently hold any Telstra account: No
              • Have you been with Telstra recently: Yes, I had a plan cancelled not long ago

              The sales lady input my name against the Telstra front end system, it clearly says I left Telstra contract on the 5/June. There is no way to lie it through because my name is in Telstra system and they can check

              The lady put me through with no further questions

              I guess the 28 day rule is a practice in a few Stores that are more stringent but not the rest? Would suggest JB hifi to put the disclaimer wording in properly. This way it protects themselves and also not waste genuine customer's time (I had to line up with a newborn for a long time just to hear the rejection)

      • 30 days away from telstra/boost has always been a rule, just one that has been very lax up until the last couple of years.
        The switching to the telstra 1st party plans without ETC is also a loophole that is almost impossible to find now.

        You have learnt a lesson, as soon as the 12months is complete, look for the best non Telstra plan to switch in anticipation to sign back up again 30+ days later when the next killer deal is up.
        This is my 4th run around now, the first couple ($500 gc and Hisense TV) I got out of the plans pretty early. 😊

        • I agree with you. I switched out to a long period Amaysim plan but this deal happens to be really appealing and I decided to forgo my Amaysim plan and come back to Telstra

          Lesson learnt: Avoid Doncaster branch as it may have been ozbargained..

  • +4

    I got the mini from 1 store then took it to another store and exchanged it for a regular iPhone 128gb and pricematched with Officeworks for $1377. No questions asked. Total paid on top was $177

    • +1

      Great work Arigato, I've been contemplating in getting this but wasn't sure on the mini. Will definitely do this and upgrade to the 12 with price match.

      • Good luck 👍🏻

        • Well didn’t work for me, they said cause it was with the plan I could only exchange for iPhone 12 mini

          • @innov: How did they know it was with a plan?

            • @Arigato: Honestly no idea, the receipt doesn't show that it's a plan, only thing I can think of is that the receipt also attached was a 4 month apple music.

              Any case, I'll go to another JB store and be more firm with the exchange as I can't see anything in the phone plan that I can only exchange iphone mini

              • @innov: Pretty clear when it's paid for via a gift card for that exact price.

                • @Spiderboy: That’s how it always is when you pay for things with gift cards

                  • @Arigato: Who issues $1200 gift cards though?

                    Thats what the receipt shows, not 2x $500s or 12x $100 that would be standard denomination.

                    When they are used (and trust me I've done it before to buy an Xr) it lists each one and you get a receipt as long as your arm.

                    And you don't think the cashiers in every store haven't seen a dozen or more of them issued from managers over the last couple of days on these killer deals?

                    • @Spiderboy: Can confirm they load up gift card and used it for the transaction

                      • @terroz: Yeah so can I haha, which is why I'm saying when the iPhone mini 12 is paid for with 1 x $1200 gift card, it's pretty obvious how it was 'purchased' making it easy enough for them to question exchanging it.

                        I got the iPhone mini 12 128gb on Thursday, having to wait for the manager to load up a gift card. 😁

                        • @Spiderboy: How about go to 1 store to get the first mini in white, exchange for black at the next store, then exchange for a regular iphone at the third store.

                    • @Spiderboy: True. I didn’t think it through properly, sorry

    • So you went to another JB hi-fi store and exchanged it for a regular iPhone 12. How do you do the price match with Officeworks.

      • While they were sorting it out I asked if I can also get a price match with officeworks, then they checked the ow website and said yes

    • +1

      I got my mini 128gb, jumped onto webuyback and sold it for $920 straight up.
      My $99 plan will now be $28 a month after putting sale proceeds onto the plan.
      On top of that i have some nice work expense deductions to claim.

      • I also plan to claim tax with the plan. Never done this before. Could I ask what is the common percentage to claim for work-related? I am a GP, so occasionally get called by collegues/boss and (rarely) patients.

        • +1

          Couple of different ways, you could keep the phone/plan as a pure work phone, then you can claim 100%.
          Or according to ATO you can keep records of phone calls/phone usage and attribute that to the percentage of work/personal use.
          Easy enough to do the latter with itemised bills and only have to do a month of the year to attribute it on average to the full year.

          Personally I just say the phone and plan is completely work related, as a technician I'm quite often on call for phone support when not on the tools anyway.

      • I don’t get this gamble, so it’s all based on selling the phone to get a plan at $18 for 150gig if you don’t sell phone then what ? Confused bottom line what are people getting cheaper.

        • What gamble? I knew I could get $920 for the 128gb mini before I even signed up.
          Online mobile purchasers are abundant now, and they list the prices offered to buy phones.
          Webuyback. Com.Au were the best price offered for new.

          Sure I could stuff about with Facebook/gumtree/ebay, but with this option I knew what I'd get for the phone with no time wasting and it made the phone plan extremely appealing at $28 a month for the next 12 months and as an added bonus, collect a heap of Telstra points to redeem for whatever and pick up some nice tax deductions in the process.

          Even if I were to need a new phone and this was the phone I wanted, it's still a great plan as it's either a free phone on a 12mth plan, or a free plan while paying the phone off over 12mths.

          • @Spiderboy: Ok for $99, Voda offer mini with $200 bonus trade in. $30 a month..is that better?. Seems this offer works for some not all. Hence gamble

            • @Simhag: No not at all better, and in no way is anything I've said resemble a 'gamble'.

              The Vodafone plans referred to is just device repayments, (for 36 MONTHS!!) that's not a plan that's extra on top.

              That aside, I would not even entertain the thought of having my main phone plan with them and their less than average reception areas. That couple of months while on woolworths mobile (switch out while waiting for deals) I've used an old Vodafone sim for extra data in my 2nd sim spot and there is no way I could continue to work if I relied on that network coverage.

    • Didn't work for me :( Which store did you go to?

    • hey arigato!
      nice work!
      what was your request reason for exchange to iphone 12 128gb? i understand pricematch ow bit!


  • Just got mine yesterday with this deal and this has been my experience:

    • i used the online chat through the app to get the $10 discount. The first person said no, 'but we'll let you know if there is'. If you keep persisting with some of the messaging that members have posted on here, someone eventually responded and gave me the $10 discount per month. So now its down to $89 a month.

    • I went into a Telstra store after I got my iphone to get a hypotheical early exit fee. They quoted me $844 last night. I asked the same question to the online chat and they quoted me a figure under $1100.

    • I've had my eye on the iphone 12 mini since it came out as my xR's screen is too big for me and the tech feels 'very 2018' lol.

    • I would say this is the best deal for the moment, given that the price of the Telstra contract is lower than RRP of the device. However, I do agree it'll probably significantly reduce in price once the new iphone models come out.

    • How many months of $10 discount did telstra give you?

  • Of course my local store doesn't have any in stock. They also won't even offer delivery - that's rough.

  • +1

    For someone who want a cheap case and Screen protector.

    iPhone 12 Mini Silicone Case - Black $1.00

    iPhone 12 Mini Glass Screen Protector $1.00

    • Yes this is the exact case and protector I got immediately too :D

  • Signed and got a 128Gb white one. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP, got the 128gb black this arvo. Just wondering, is the packaging supposed to be a bit loose (there's an opening at the back of the outer plastic)?

    • Yes, if the outer plastic is sealed, this inner plastic is a pull-a-part.

  • now i got the 99 on thursday but i realize price is dropped further. what do i do guys

    • Nothing.
      Welcome to the world of commerce, everything that was once one price will sooner or later be a different price.

      Besides, you're comparing the phone plan that came with an iPhone 12 Mini, with the outright price on an iPhone 12 mini.
      Completely different.

  • I had a pretty decent experience and managed to keep my original number. It takes a bit of effort but this was my experience:

    • Went to local JB and signed up for $99 plan at around 4.30pm - received a new phone number
    • The store didn't have any 64GB mini's in stock so they did the 128GB mini for $40 extra instead of $79.
    • When signing up they also let me chose my new number - you can 're-roll' the new number selection and they did that several times to get a good one (they seemed more keen on this as I had mentioned I planned on 'merging' my old number).
    • I asked about changing to the regular iPhone 12 and they did ask the manager but ultimately said it couldn't be done
    • I also asked about returning the phone for a refund as it was simply paid with a gift card. They said it might be possible but not at their store as the credit card is linked to the phone contract (i.e. it shouldn't be done but might be possible). I was happy with the mini so I kept it.
    • At around 7pm I called Telstra and spoke to cancellations and said I would like to cancel my old plan and move that number onto this $99 plan
    • The CS rep took a while on hold but came back and said no worries. I triple checked that the new $99 plan wouldn't be touched or cancelled, and they said yes, they were simply moving the old number to replace the new number. The only catch was they had to cancel my old plan immediately and my number would go into quarantine for 24-48 hours whilst the old plan was cancelled. Then they arranged a call back for the next day to arrange to move my old number over to the new plan. This made me super nervous about losing my old number, but I figured I'd give it a go.
    • About an hour later ay 8pm my old number was active on the new plan already. I figured the customer service person had managed to move it straight away.
    • The CS rep did call back the next day as promised and advised that she managed to do it all the night before.

    Overall this was a pretty awesome deal and experience with JB and Telstra, thanks OP. I hope others have had success in doing similar things.

  • JB are now selling the phone outright at a $300 discount - $899.00 for the iphone 12 mini 64gb, (No contract or lock)


    Also at Goodguys, but with wireless charger and sanitiser thrown in….


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