Where to Get an Unlock Code for Oppo?

Ebay yields no results when I search for an unlock code for Oppo A53s, and Bagman doesn't do it anymore. Any leads?



    Unlock? Aren't they locked to a phone carrier?


      Yes but you can buy unlock codes


        If it's locked to Optus, see my comment here;



          Locked to Telstra 😔


            @CryssieJade: Telstra sells them for Telstra locked phones. From memory, they're about $80 to unlock and get cheaper if the phone has been on the network for a particular time. Other than that, I've only seen dodgy dudes selling unlock codes. YMMV.

            The solution I went with: Buy an unlocked phone.

            Good luck in your search.

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    Plenty here, the only question is how much are you willing to pay.