Laptop Suggestions around the $1-1.5k mark

I am a in the market for a decent laptop around the $1k-1.5k mark that is a bit of an all rounder - able to play games with no issue, for browsing, watching videos, etc.

Any suggestions? Or what specs I should look out for ?

Thanks for the help in advance, I have no idea what to look out for

Edit: to be more specific, games like CoD, Witcher, Csgo, LoL, northgard, AoE


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    able to play games

    Solitaire or CoD


      CoD haha

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    Lenovo Legion 5 with Ryzen 7 4800H, GTX1650ti, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, 100% sRGB 60Hz 300nits 15.6" screen. Use code "SAVAGEINSIDE" to drop it down to $1,253 delivered. The build quality is good and if you're okay with average performance in gaming (since the 1650ti was a budget-midrange card on release a few years ago), I think this is a great deal. I think you can still play semi-recent AAA games at above 30 FPS on higher quality settings (do your research first on how this laptop will run the games you want to play). Plus, you get 12 free Domino's pizzas on registration at and don't forget to roll the dice on 7% cashback at Cashrewards (the code is not listed on Cashrewards so they might reject the cashback but it doesn't hurt to try).

    If you don't want to roll the dice, use code PFYS20 on Ebay Lenovo Store for $1,219.


      What's the weight? Is it really 4.34 kg (amazon's specs)

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        Lenovo's page states it starts at 2.3kg, so it's a heavy system for sure, but not over 4kg, which would be crazy!


          lol yes thanks for the info


    able to play games with no issue, for browsing, watching videos, etc.

    Laptops aren't my area, so I can't really help you specifically with laptops, but I'm going to say one thing. For the browsing, watching videos, pretty much any laptop is going to do that (not including those hideously cheap machines, like $200 or so).

    Games is a very broad thing. The less specific you are with the games, the better machine you'll need to handle the wide range. The games both my wife and I play can easily run on one of our spare 6+ year old i5 laptop. Our desktops mostly idle when playing games we play with very few games pushing either the CPU or the video card to needing the cooling fans to turn on. If that transfers over to you, then you'll be able to play on anything.

    If not, the more specific you are about what games you'll play what modes you expect them (eg, high/mid/low quality etc) will help people give you their suggestions.

    PS. There is a big difference to spend more. The more you spend, (generally speaking) the better the machine you get and the more and better it will handle.


    RTX 3060 + 144hz display laptop for $1.3k

    Contact your local store to redeem $150 worth of Logitech G, Astro or Blue Mic products with every purchase.

    Downside: it needs more RAM but I'm sure you know how to pop an extra 8GB stick in it.